I’m looking for a job for the first time in 20+ years.. Crazy! More on this later.. I wanted to write my thoughts and use this as a form of therapy.. there will be expletives and brutal honesty.. the weak of heart or prude short stop here!

I grew up in a small northern Utah town. My dad a university professor, my mom was a stay at home mom until I was 16 and then went back to school to get her nursing degree. I’m the oldest of 5 kids (4 boys and one girl) I was raised with a deep commitment of honesty and integrity.. probably due the religious training we all received, seemed like we were always in church, or some church activity.. I was raised Mormon.
Anyway, music and performing was a huge part of my younger years. I played the violin until the age of 12, then switched over to percussion. Ya see, I was also playing little league football and getting teased by the older boys about carrying a violin to school and playing a “pussy” instrument. I still can’t believe that I gave in to their taunting.. but I have had no regrets.. everyone knows that chicks dig drummers.. right? So I hoped.
I was lucky enough to have a family that supported music. My dad had visions of me playing professional sports, he was an all-american candidate in college. My mom just wanted to have music in the home.. she played piano and sang. So I went to football camps and then off to private lessons.
In high school, our marching band was nationally ranked. Later I would receive the “Outstanding Drummer'” award for the state of Utah.. this let to a music scholarship at USU. At this point I had obviously seen the opportunities in music as a lifetime of fun.. and chicks… versus football.
I remember one trip the band took to California to march at Disneyland and the 49’s/Dallas halftime show in Candlestick park.. I had a couple good buddies that negotiated our way onto the Aggiettes bus for the trip… this was the drill team at USU.. yes my dream had come true.. a bus full of HOT girls and just me and my two buddies there to help them with what ever they needed. Holy Shit.. these girls never stopped talking, about their hair, their dumb boyfriends, religion, their hair, the other bitches in the drill team… I couldn’t wait to get off that hair spray, over perfumed hell hole of a bus ride..
Long story short.. I took a radio copy writing class at USU and was hooked. I went to the university radio station (on the advise of my friend Wayne Manning, who to this day claims he was the one that got me into radio).. NPR affiliate, what ever that meant.. and applied for a job. They offered me the chance to read the local newspaper to the blind. WTF?? Really? I want to be a big radio star, like Don Shelline, or Hawkeye… or Wayne Richards (all local DJ’s that I idolized).
So I’d give this reading to the blind thing a try.. I learned right way, that if you screw it up and make a mistake, how will they know? They’re blind!! it’s not like they’re following along.. This became a HUGE learning opportunity. I had started to develop the ability to adlib my ass off!! Awesome! This was actually one of the valuable skills that I needed to become a radio god… and get chicks.. or make money doing radio.
After doing this for at least 3 months.. I was ready.. ready for the big time. I had a friend that worked at the local radio station that also happened to be in marching band with me.. I applied, and got the job!! Finally.. I made it!! My shift was from 12m-3am.. running Casey Kasem’s Top-40 count down, on vinyl. Okay this wasn’t what I wanted.. but it beat the hell out of switching the satellite from “All Thing Considered” to some lame political show on NPR at the university station.
Over the years I worked different shifts and eventually got the opportunity to do the night shift. The cool thing was, I am now actually working with those same DJ’s that I idolized (mentioned earlier) and got to glean some of their greatness.. Hawkeye was my PD (program director). One day he pulled me into his office and told me that I should study harder in school.. radio isn’t the place for people like us.. (dude, who the hell are ‘us’.. I’m ready to be a star..) His advice was to smoke a pack of unfiltered cigarettes a day and drink a 5th of Whiskey daily.. and THEN my voice might cut it in this business. Seriously?? Wow.. there’s some brutal honesty.. dammit! what an ass!! Then I thought.. maybe he has a point (about 5 years later those words would come back to haunt him as he contacted me for a job.. I was now a PD.. no I never took his advice of getting out of radio or smoking and drinking).
I moved to Salt Lake City and worked at a bunch of radio stations doing weekends and part-time fill-in while attending the university of Utah.. working on a physics degree… you it’s true.. science nerd. Lou Simon was the PD at KCPX.. he offered me the job of production director that would also be responsible for filling in for vacations and sick leave… Cool!!
During my time there, I won several awards for my writing and production of commercials. I also won some national awards. I was on my way… so I thought. Then the station got sold and I had to interview for my existing job.. weird huh? I kept it, but for much less then I was making before, but hey.. it was a job.
I eventually got hired away by a very wise PD by the name of John Dimick, at KISN. I was hired to do middays and production.. this was cool. After three years there, John left to work in Seattle.. (bastard, always jealous of that move.. but happy for him.. mainly jealous) When John left, guess who got the PD job? ME!! Now I’m ready for the big time…. no. One month after that move the competition called and offered me a job.. I turned it down and said, call me when you have the PD and AM drive slot open.. then we’ll talk. One week later Alan Hague called me and said.. hey, wanna be PD and do AM drive for us?? Holy crap! This was the #1 station in the market.. and they want me!!!
I took it.. of course. And I got to do mornings with a long time friend Peggy Ijams.. we had natural chemistry from the start. We were number 1 in every demo! This was amazing.. we did broadcasts from Mexico, Disneyland, on boats, homeless shelters…. man this was the life!! And i was the PD too!!! #1 station and #1 morning show… I have found my dream job!!! So I thought…
After almost 9 years with the Simmons family (owners), the station was sold to Bonneville.. the big competition in town. Things were about to change again.. first of all Peggy wasn’t interested in moving to the new ownership, so she quit.. I found a new partner (Jill Atwood), and we kept moving along. Things just didn’t feel right, and the upper management kept telling me that I made too much money.. based on what they were paying their current morning show on KSL-am.. So the writing on the wall was clear, conform to the lower pay, KSL way of life or start looking.. so I did.
I found and was offered a job in Houston Texas with Cox Radio, programming an 80’s rock station. Cox is a well known group with stations throughout the country, mainly in the East. I loved working for these guys. I was rubbing shoulders with some of the industry icons here.. Jack the Whack (now cactus Jack), Johnny Chiang (from KOST fame), Ron Parker, Ed Scarborough, Caroline Devine, Kim Guthrie, Mark Krieschen, and Bob Neil (the big kahuna).
Which brings me to my current situation… changes came to the station 4 1/2 years after I took over the reins and I was one of the changes. Ironically, the station has the best ratings it’s seen in many years. The market is soft and the economy forces these changes.. and it’s a business first. I’m not going to be negative about this, because.. after all shit happens.. when you least expect it.
So now what? moving? Finding a job?? Holy Hell… here we go.