This past weekend was interesting.. Friday I returned to the station to pick up my final check. I walked into the lobby and asked to see the HR person, she came out.. hugged me and asked how I was doing. This all felt so surreal.. I then asked if it would be okay if I went back to say hi to my buddy Bill.. our marketing director.. she laughed and said..”umm sure, that shouldn’t be a problem..”

Seeing Bill was cool. We became friends instantly almost 5 years ago. The first day I started at KHPT, Bill, the GM and I sat in my office and laughed for literally 2 hours… we actually did the same thing on my last day the week before.. all three of us.. only not for 2 hours, more like 20 minutes.

Walking around the station on Friday was a great opportunity for closure. i got to say goodbye to some close friends and co-workers. Lots of hugs, pats on the back and promises to “do lunch” some time in the future. I realized at this moment how much I really have grown to love this incredible group of mismatched, diverse, quirky “family” members.. I am really going to miss them all a ton…

Driving away from the station with my final check.. minus about 30% in taxes.. it hit me. NOW WHAT??? Holy shit.. those words continue to pass through my brain, again and again. Lunch was probably the next important issue to deal with at that moment.. first things first.

Another really cool thing that happened on Friday, was an email from none other than Bob Neil!! Bob is the ‘Big Guy’ at Cox Radio. He oversees everything. He’s the guy that some call a genius, yet others call a lunatic… I simply saw him as a very focused former Program Director that rose to a lofty position and maintained his passion for the business with certain processes and protocol that we all followed. And by the way, it works…  Anyway, I like him, he was always fair and upfront with me. I wasn’t one of the many PD’s that got reamed by Bob.. I felt a mutual respect from  him. Anyway, his note wished me luck and mention that I should feel free to use him as a reference for my future endeavors. This is huge.. the president of Cox radio is now a professional reference of mine. That was nice. My respect for Bob has grown..

Another thing that happened this weekend was the outpouring of support from friends and family. Thank you all for your love, prayers and positive thoughts. I have been amazed at the support group we have around us. The most interesting part is to hear about all the shit that is happening in their lives.. family members who have also lost jobs, a pending divorce, illnesses, pending bankruptcy… all from our close family and friends. It occurs to me that we are pretty blessed. There is some serious bad stuff around us affecting our “tribe”.. I hope we have given the same support that we have received.

In the course of looking through our house and literally making a list of what stays and what goes, we got an email from our friends at the Snowdrop foundation and their upcoming ‘garage sale’ to benefit Texas Children’s Hospital. Snowdrop was started by Kevin and Trish Kline.. Kevin works at the country station owned by the same company i worked for. We became friends early on as well. Kevin was touched by a little girl that passed away from cancer years ago and inspired the formation of the snowdrop foundation. Kevin and Trish are truly amazing people. This foundation raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for Texas Children’s hospital each year. www.snowdrop.org … anyway, was are going to donate all our stuff that won’t make the trip to Utah to be sold at the garage sale… couches, sports gear, clothes, games, movies, random stuff that we’ve out grown or forgotten about.


This weekend I also decided to finish up a personal project. I’ve been trying to finish a commercial pilots license. I only have a few flights left to get the damn thing done… So I want to get this out of the way before we make the big move. My new instructor was very precise. I liked that. Steep turns, lazy-eights, eights on pylons, stalls, soft & short field landings, engine out 180 emergency landings… the whole thing. I should get this done in the next couple of weeks.. fingers crossed. No this isn’t a new career path. You see I have this problem.. I can’t be satisfied with “just enough” When I decided to start skiing again, about 13 years ago, I heard about the ski school needing instructors. I tried out and made it.. but not just an instructor, a trainer too (that was 12 years ago). This is in fact what I plan to do while looking for a new job from Utah.

I also couldn’t just be satisfied with being a SCUBA diver.. I had to get deep certified and and now a rescue diver (why? why not?!?)

With flying, I got my private ticket and went right into the instrument training. My final goal isn’t to fly for the airlines.. maybe just CFI. Certified flight Instructor… That’s what the commercial license leads to.

We’re also trying to decide if we will need to drive a Uhaul back to Utah twice or do it in one big move.. lots of stuff to decide this week.

We are also trying to decide what to do with Dax, our 17+ year old doggy that is blind, deaf and weak. We can’t take him with us, but we can’t just ‘put him down’. This is a hard one we try not to talk about.

I have to say, this has been a very ‘soul searching’ kind of look inside week. I have to say that I am so lucky to be married to THE nicest, kindest, caring, great-kissing, smart, wise, sexy (probably should have made this the first one), best friend I have ever leaned on. I am so grateful and humbled by her strength.. that’s all.

Anyway… more later.