Here it is, the second week of beach sitting. I was once a physics major.. should have stayed with that.. so relative time concepts are not foreign to me, so why does time seem to drag! Only 2 weeks and it feels like 2 months. Shit! or as they say in Texas.. “she-it” (2 syllable word here).

Today is also an anniversary of sorts.. 11 years ago today I proposed to my wife.. this is the thing that makes it all worth it. This adventure wouldn’t be an adventure at all without her…. btw.. she said yes. duh.

This week has been filled with some ups and downs. Found out that I wasn’t going to be selected for a job in Atlanta or Denver. I was hoping for at least an interview… maybe even just a phone interview.. but nothing. So the hunt continues. I applied for a job with the “Anti-Christ” of radio this week…  no not Arbitron, Sirius satellite radio. This would be a PD overall the classic rock formats, out of Washington DC. Not holding my breath, but sounds interesting.

This week I finally went to lunch one of my long time friends here in Houston, AND in the business.. Marc Sherman.

Back Story on Marc..

A couple of years ago, I got a call while in SLC doing mornings at FM100, from a guy in Houston looking for a morning guy to fill their opening. The voice on the other end of the phone was Marc Sherman. I wasn’t interested at the time in moving from Salt lake City… then about 6 or 7 years ago I got another call from the same guy, this time it was for a Music Director and PM drive position. I again turned it down without much thought…. you probably know where I’m going with this. Then in 2006 i answered an ad in the trades for a PD and AM drive position for the job I just left. Marc and I have been friends the whole time.. even though I never accepted his job offers.. big mistake.

Last week i met Marc at the Clear Channel studios for the first time. We would normally meet for lunch in a more neutral spot to eat and chat. Anyway, I was blown away by everything there. These guys make a shit pile of money, but the studios.. the lobby, the offices, conference rooms… everything looked like a scene right out a movie. Guitars on the walls and in cases.. we had them too, but not like this. These guys came to play.

As I walked around with Marc to see what I had been missing from across the street.. I realized how happy all the people there seemed. Laughing, playing around.. all while taking their particular job serious. Let’s just say i was really expecting something completely different.

Let me just say that Marc Sherman is truly one of the unsung superstars in our business, not just in Houston, but nationally.. AND I’m not just saying that because he spoke to me twice and I turned him down both times for a job. Everyone that knows him says the same thing.. super nice, smart, real, grounded… I’ll stop the love fest, cuz frankly it’s starting to feel awkward, and I don’t want to put my “man card” on the line. BTW.. Marc is the OM for Clear Channel Houston. He oversees Sunny, Arrow, Buzz and a couple of AM talks stations. He does a morning and afternoon show AND programs Sunny. Sunny is an AC (one of the top stations in town.. especially at Christmas), Arrow is a classic rock station that dominates its format and Buzz kicks everyone’s ass!! It’s alternative rock and “owns” Houston… Yup, Marc has a hand in all of it.

Let me just say this.. I have huge respect for Marc. He’s a good friend and I will miss him.. (add it to the list of things to miss)..

Which brings me to where I am inside this week. The reality of leaving Texas is really starting to sink in. I find myself seeing the world lately full of “last time” events here in Texas.. I hate that! Dax our little family dog is not doing well and getting weaker by the day. The other night, the weather was incredible.. it’s like that a lot here. Low humidity and a light breeze, sun was setting.. these are huge! Big stars, I could hear a train whistle in the distance and the slight hint of smoke in the air…. it’s like that year round.. someone is always smoking some meat or doing a true southern BBQ which is nothing like a BBQ in Utah… These are BBQ’s!!

Gonna miss a lot about Texas. The people here are amazing too. So open and accepting.. no real concerns about religion or politics like you might see or hear in the media.. our neighborhood is filled with world cultures and faiths from around the globe. It’s really cool.

Which reminds me.. gotta make a Bucee’s run..


It's A Beaver!!


Texas really is an incredible place….

We’re now in the mode of packing and boxing up the house. just got a bid from a moving company… this is for real. We’re taking Christian to the MTC at the end of the month and doing a partial move… yeah.. in a moving van, cross-country… what are we thinking… Then at the end of November, we’ll do the final move.

We’re moving from a 3000 sq. ft. home into a 1000 sq. ft. apartment.. so down sizing doesn’t even start to explain the piles of shit (or shit piles) we’re throwing away and donating.. phew.. in fact I better get back at it. Probably case up the drums today… that’s hard. I have to find a place to rehearse in SLC to get ready for all the Jon Schmidt Christmas shows coning in December… not to mention that ski school starts November and I want to finish my commercial rating before we leave the Lone Star state.. this is hard on so many levels…. so much to do…  deep breath…. go!

BTW.. thank you for reading this blog. The therapy of writing is a great exercise for me, but seeing that so many people have read this is pretty cool too.