The last couple of days have brought some odd surrealisms… is that a word?  First of all  I went to the dermatologist for an annual check up, and heard the words.. “oooh, look at that… hmmm let’s take that off and biopsy it..” so of course I said, “what?” ..”an atypical mole..” she said.. okay, so now I have cancer??? My brain races to the obvious worst scenario.  I’ll find out if it’s deadly this week… cross fingers….

All this past week we have been cleaning and boxing our stuff  for either one of the two moves we have planned, storage, or garbage. donations being the biggest pile. it’s always funny how much crap we collect and never use. I found old airchecks, autographs fro people I didn’t even know, news articles from the glory days, old high school band recordings, mission memorabilia and just general crap.. you know pieces of things and loose pages from somewhere. I have more damn wires and speakers than I remember… why?? i also found 4 pair of headphones.. again.. why??

Anyway, with that said, we had the real estate agent come over and finally take pictures of the house to post it on the market. when we got the pictures back, it was amazing how cool this house looks!! We really do have a nice house and neighborhood. Moving sometimes help you realize the stuff you should have seen all along. House is now officially on the market..

Another surrealism happen yesterday on my 5 mile run, or as I call it.. “the long levee”.. I was trotting along, thinking about all the things we need to do in the next couple of weeks and noticed this golfer that looked familiar.. (the levee goes past the golf course that the rich guys play on) as he turned, i saw that it was my old GM, the one that let me go. I called out his name, he turned and came toward me. We chatted briefly about the nice day, how many miles I had run and how things were going.. this took all of about 3 minutes. He’s a nice guy, and despite what happen with my job, I like him. He was always fair and direct with me. No bullshit.. that’s exactly what I asked from him in the beginning.. and in the end he lived up to that request. But surreal still the same.

One more surreal moment.. making final arrangements for moving trucks and boxes.. last minute runs to Lowes for supplies.. which BTW, they have an amazing moving section.. just saying.

Today I called the insurance company that I’m trying to get my COBRA started through.. I asked where we are in the process and the lady says, “sir, by law we have 60 days to process your request..” I says, I says..(Texan) “you told me last week the info would be send then” she said, “no, we show that it will go out sometime this week, you then need to fill out the form, send a check and we have 2-3 more weeks to process it…” REALLY?

The reality of being unemployed sucks… I keep forgetting I don’t have a job.

Holy Shit! When did this happen!!! How come nobody is calling to offer me an amazing job for lots of money?? Don’t they know who I used to be….?

This experience or experiment.. is a humbling one.