First of all, thanks for all the positive energy about my biopsy…. it was benign!!! They called yesterday and said it looked questionable and that we’ll watch it.. but nothing right now. SWEET!!

No job offers yet, or even callbacks for that matter, but I did apply for some cool possible positions. One in NYC as an OM for a huge cluster. This would be a dream job.. The Big Apple, market #1! And I’m sure 1500 other out-of-work PD’s with qualifications are standing in line too. But we’ll see.

I was contacted last night about a possible opportunity as a GM too. This is a community station that just went commercial and needs someone to help them into the ‘money-making” world. This would be a different, yet very interesting direction for my career. I believe 100% that things either happen or don’t for a reason… so I have opened myself up to what ever comes my way as a possible opportunity.. we’ll see what happens.

I DO know that I will be a trainer at Brighton ski resort this year (I will be happy to teach you a private lesson.. 801-532-4731 ext. 247.. just ask to book Dain for a lesson, log onto They have already set training for the new class of apprentice instructors.. of which I will be training/evaluating starting in November. This is going to be super cool. Very excited about getting back on skis and fighting frostbite..

This week I also had the first hand, first time experience with trying to get the COBRA coverage to happen. I swear.. this is the worst. First of all, the people that you deal with to see if they got the info to start your file, must be the same miserable group of neglected people haters that work at the DMV… where do they find these people. I just wanted to find out why I didn’t get the registration form in the mail that I was promised would arrive “no more than 2 weeks from the date of termination..” (hate that word, ‘termination’) The lady on the other end of the phone informed me that they have 60 days to reply, “that’s a federal law”.. i said, okay, can you at least tell me what I can do to speed this up? I was told “no”.. just follow the program. I said, “yeah, but I have a few Dr. appointments that will require insurance, what do tell them..” her response, “reschedule or keep good records and file form #????? for a reimbursement.. ” Okay, I get it.. these are a lot of questions and you have the answers, but because you hate your job, and it’s not your problem, why try to be nice and helpful…. Kharma!!? What they don’t realize is that if I and others in my situation don’t pay the premium, because I don’t get the right info to do so, the insurance company will not make as much money as they need and will have to make personnel cuts to cover costs.. not to mention the loss of revenue they are already experiencing with all the layoffs and downsizing going on in corporate America.. little miss “I hate people” who doesn’t answer questions nicely and seems disconnected.. will be on the other end of the phone some day. BUT because of the economy, her job, answering easy questions for smart-ass DJ’s out of work, will have been outsourced to India and she’ll be struggling with some guy named “Jeff” with a thick accent that has NO clue what see needs…. You see.. being nice is so much easier.

PEOPLE!! Come on.. call it Kharma, the Golden Rule.. or just being nice. Is it so hard?

This week our 15 year hormonal teenager, got a letter from school informing her that she was receiving an academic letter, you know, as in “letterman’s jacket letter”.. she was so stoked, until she realized that the ceremony was the day we planned to be on the long road back to the “Zion Curtain” (Utah). She’s bummed.. we’re still trying to figure something out there.

I must say, one of the coolest things that happened this week was a little get together my former staff arranged. I love these guys.. okay, truthfully it was all girls except for Bill… and well, you know.. kidding Bill!! Cute outfit mister!?! Had to say that. We met at a local restaurant for drinks and food… and of course they were all dressed in Hawaiian wear!!! Those of you that know me, realize this inside joke. Every Friday I would wear a Hawaiian shirt.. and of  course tried to get others to follow, and they did. This has become a bit of a trademark that I’m proud to say is a catchy expression that everyone can enjoy.. If I ever become a GM.. this will be mandatory.. ANYWAY.. these guys are awesome. Pam, Jennifer, Jamie, Bill, Heather, Edel, Linda and Mo (who was sick that night).. yes “these is my bitches”.. it was emotional and healing at the same time. I will miss you all very much.. yes even Bill. Bill and I have always had a special connection.. funny, creative totally disorganized guy with an incredible twisted wit.. that’s why we’re friends.. he’s totally messed up too. This was cool.. Thank you guys for thinking so highly of me to ask me to spend a couple of hours together with you.. I will always love you all.. and to those that didn’t make it that night.. and there were several, screw you! Never liked you anyway!! I’m kidding.. saying goodbye sucks, but with Facebook and email.. it’s like I’ve never left the office anyway.. still online keeping in touch with my peeps.

Me and my 'bitches'

This coming week will be crazy. The house has boxes everywhere for the up coming 1st move.. the house is being shown to potential buyers and relatives are coming in town to see Christian off, as he leaves next week too. Oh.. not to mention the band competition this weekend with the 15 year old, and commercial pilot flying, ground school and check ride.. maybe.. phew!!

Deep breath.. leaving is going to be really, really tough for us all… we absolutely LOVE Texas.. and it’s NOT the Tex-Mex. So funny, these Texans think that ‘real’ mexican food only exists here in the lone star state.. two words.. Cafe Rio.. that’s all.

Anyway.. thanks again for everyones support and comments this week. We do appreciate them all. I’ll be in touch!!