Man.. just re-read my post yesterday.. started to sound like a “pity-party”. Okay, my smart-ass self is back. Took a Pamprin and ate some chocolate.. I’m over it now, for now.




I didn’t mention that out of the blue, I was talking a guy that we’ve known for a while. We chatted about Houston weather, hurricanes, cockroaches, mild humidity.. and as usual it turned to skiing. I of course turned the conversation to snow in Utah and how nice it is there in the Winter. He said, “oh we have a house in Midway”.. How funny, he then went on to ask me about my past experience in radio. So as most conversations go, we got around to talking about his line of work.. you see the people out here don’t really like to “chat” about their professional life.. turns out he owns hotels.. not just any hotel, but it’s one of the big ones in the area.. I laughed and invited him to come over to Brighton and take a ski lesson.. he laughed and said that his “group” was buying some other hotels and that I should take a break from skiing and come talk to their marketing director about marketing ideas… Wha??? Re-invention? Sounds interesting right??

This journey is a funny one. This morning an another friend emailed to cut a voice over for one of his TV spots that are going to be airing soon.  So I had to dig trough our packed boxes to find my recording gear and mic.. never a dull moment. There are many turns just around the next corner.. good thing I have my GPS. I have also been asked by one of the local stations here on Houston if I would ever come back.. my answer.. “yes of course, especially if we can’t sell our house.. just let me ski a little first.. how about after April?”

So, sorry if the last post was a little mambi pambi.. it seems this ride has a lot of ups and downs. This blog is my way of exercising all those demons.. good, bad and ugly.

Thanks again for all your support.. It means a lot to me.

We’ll talk again soon… maybe from the road. The LOOONNGGGG road to Utah in a moving truck..