It’s amazing how fast this gone by.. I mean, 4 weeks ago I was so distraught and lost.. hmm.. okay, now I’m distraught, lost, sad, packed and ready to move.. on. We have spent the last 4 weeks getting ready to move back to Utah.. or to the “Zion Curtain”.. this will be good therapy for for us all. Christian leaves on a mission next week, Alyssa graduates from USU in the spring, I have 5 concerts I’ll be playing with Schmidt at Christmas… oh AND teaching skiing at Brighton. Lelani has her office there in SLC with a ton of new contracts  that will need her personal touch and Emi.. well she’s decided that she is so damn smart that she’ll be valedictorian of her graduating class.. “cuz she’s been to a Texas school…” We keep reminding her that she’ll have to get better grades than she has now to even come close.. But there’s no stopping a 15 year old ego, so I say.. “give em hell Emi.. kick some ass”.

Today was a really tough day. We met as a family last night and decided that it was time to put our old friend Dax down. Dax was a rescue dog that had been abused. I met Dax 11 years ago, exactly at the same time I met everyone else. You see Dax was part of the package…  But I’m a dog person. I knew Dax and I would get along just fine. I was right.. hell Dax has been easier to deal with than the kids most days.. uh, everyday. He was a great dog. Quiet, protective when needed to be, hated cats (a strong character trait for any dog.. and dog lover), hated squirrels.. but loved to go on walks, and boy coud he jump. That damn dog could jump 10 feet straight up if he wanted to. Crazy.. we later learned that he was a catahoola from Louisiana. They were bred to hunt raccoons. They can jump high so they can get the raccoons out of the trees… no shit! That explained a ton about our little puppy Dax.. no raccoons by the way in our yard! Yes, he was a great dog, and when our next dog Sassy came in to the picture, old Dax perked up.. literally. I used to joke that he was in college again.. man he would try to hump her 24/7.. it was great entertainment. I think Alyssa was always embarrassed, but the rest of us always had a nice laugh.. and since they were both ‘fixed’… go for it!!

Thanksgiving 2007

Right after Sassy died suddenly of lymphoma, Dax seemed to take a turn for the worse. We all did that day. Sassy was also a rescue dog that brought new life to our home and to Dax! Weeks later, we would learn that Dax had kidney failure and wasn’t going to last much longer… so they said. Dax slowed down.. very gradually. In fact every time we took him to the Vet for a check up, the Vet would chuckle and tell how amazed he was that this little dog was hanging there in for so long… that was two years ago.

Dax got to the point where we couldn’t walk him anymore. He didn’t have the energy to bark or hate squirrels or cats and he started relieving himself at will and without notice… yup.. pee and poo. Sometimes in the middle of the night. So we put a special diaper on him at night.. that only helped with one of the problems. Despite that, we all seemed to pay more attention to him, not that he noticed, because he had also become completely blind and deaf.. this was also a big set back.

Anyway, today was the day that we finally made the decision to let him go.. free him from this slow deadly illness. We had him put down, which seems so calculating and cold in a way. But it had to be done. He wasn’t Dax anymore. He couldn’t stand up very well, and not for very long. He would get tired and just slump until he fell to the ground. Yes it was time.. again the Vet told us that this was like watching a 115 year grandpa slowly fade away….

I will miss you Dax.. I know now, that if there aren’t dogs in heaven.. that’s not where I wanna be. I believe that God gives us these little friends to teach us the things we can’t learn on our own. I know I’ve learned that the more I know people.. The more I love dogs even more. And I still don’t like cats.

R.I.P Dax.. Oh and Sassy, if you’re reading this, look over your shoulder.. you’re about to get humped!! But I know you always enjoyed too.

Sooo, tomorrow we pack the moving truck and head to Utah in the first of two moves. I’ll try to update the blog from the road, but who knows where I’ll be able to find a signal. Holy hell… here we go. No job to go to.. except skiing of course.. and no super tight schedule to keep. Just me and the misses.. headed out on another adventure. Taking our favorite tunes on the Ipod, a few cool drinks in the cooler and a (as my flight instructor says) “a shit-ton” of fond Texas memories to savor.

BTW.. I postponed my check ride until I get back to Texas for move #2… I’ll keep you posted.