So today we got the moving truck to load out stuff and go.. so we thought. First all the truck is a 22 footer.. and diesel. Yes, the dream of being a truck driver will come true this week. We’re also towing our 11 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee.. because it wouldn’t make the drive. Once we started loading the truck, we realized that we had down sized so much, we could have damn near driven the Subaru into the truck and moved twice. The truck may have been a little tooooo biggg! Okay so it took us no tine to get a couple of beds, drums, desks, clothes and boxes of things I don’t remember packing. We thought.. “hey we can get a jump on the trip.. let’s go!”

Our first stop was Dallas.. only a 5 hour drive. Now there are a couple of things that you can depend on in Houston.. great people, BBQ, Rodeo, freeways.. and traffic. Yes TRAFFIC! our 5 hour drive turned into almost 9 hours.. it took us almost 3 hours just to get out of Houston.. What The Hell?!?! I love Houston, but hate traffic.. can’t have one without the other… so we’re off. Kind of.. sitting in traffic.. shit!

We also HAD to make a stop at Buc-ees!! “power to the Beaver!!”

Power to the Beaver..

Today we head for Santa Rosa New Mexico.. off Route 66.. should be fun… and not so much traffic…



more later..