Leaving Dallas was nice. Dallas is really pretty, lots of rolling hills and trees that are actually changing colors!! We headed West and thank god we have a GPS.. the highways are many and changing frequently. About 2 hours into our adventure, there was a light on the truck panel that I hadn’t seen before. We couldn’t find a explanation anywhere, so we called the 800 number for information. They seemed pretty concerned and asked us to turn around and head to their repair facility that was behind us about 10 miles. That was lucky… so we pulled into the Penske truck lot and there was not a soul to be found. I walked around inside the shop, yell to see if anyone was there.. but no. We waited about an hour and finally a mechanic showed up and looked at the truck. The diagnosis?? “umm.. that’s what the truck is suppose to do.. it’s normal.” Nice guy, he asked us where we were coming from, we told him Houston, he looked up and said 9in real thick Texas small town drawl).. “why the hell would anyone ever want to live there.. too many people. I went to Galveston a couple of months ago and couldn’t believe the traffic and people…” We laughed and said, “we’re moving West.. to the mountains of Utah..” He laughed and agreed that was a much better choice than Houston.

Rollin rollin rollin....

While traveling through Amarillo, we saw a little kitten struggling to cross the road, cars were swerving to miss the little guy.. now I’m not a cat person, but I don’t want to see animal in distress or possible deadly position. Keep in mind this was a 4 lane highway with vehicles traveling at 70 MPH…. first of all, how did he get there?? anyway.. he made it across the freeway safely.. manly luck and really fast running.

So we got back on the road. The terrain is amazing in North West Texas.. REAL flat!! Lots of small towns.. but super friendly people.. like most of Texas. We saw cotton fields, dirt fields and several trains pulling huge loads of coal.

We stopped for lunch at this little locals place in Quanah, Texas. Nice people again… not great food, but the atomsphere was worth it. Back on the road again…

The terrain started to get hilly again, with actual canyons.. okay, more like gulches or dry stream beds. But sage brush and cactus! We past into New Mexico and noticed right away some subtle changes. More signs along the road advertising candidates and an amazing variety of Mexican food restaurants. Oh.. and one Thai restaurant.. weird. The Land of Enchantment..

The Land of Enchantment

This morning we turned the TV to watch the news and notice that there is a hurricane in the Caribbean, ‘Tomas” now a cat. 2 hurricane. Oh great! We’ll get back to Houston just in time to clean up out house after a hurricane passes through. This is exactly one of the reasons we’re not unhappy to leave… hurricanes SUCK hard!! we’ll be watching this one closely.

Alright.. need to get back on the road.. headed for one of my favorite places on earth.. Moab. Our next stop. It’s always a little emotional for me to go there.. you see my great grandfathers family settled that area like a million years ago. I am a Lyman.. from my mothers side. Blanding and Monticello still have many Lymans that I’m sure I have some relation to.


Talk to you soon….