It’s now Monday morning.. and cold as hell in Moab.. let me back up. Yesterday we left Santa Rosa New Mexico. Beautiful drive through Albuquerque.. But outside of Albuquerque.. actually 2 miles outside.. you drive into NOTHING! This is where we said a silent prayer.. ‘please travel gods and moving truck gods.. do let our 22 foot truck and trailer with our big dumb Jeep.. break down. We promise to never mock those that can’t drive these big monsters ever again.. again, travels Gods.. no break down.. okay? In the name of Penske.. Amen’

It must’ve worked because we made it out of the desert… eventually. Then the GPS decide to take us on the shortest route… HOLY Shit!! We traveled down a small.. I mean tiny.. 2 lane road that took us through trailer parks, small farms and generally a  locals only road. Remember, we’re driving a monster.. the road seemed to twist and turn forever. My pilot training came back to remind me to trust the instruments… we eventually found the main highway again. It was a scary 25 miles of country driving.. (cue the music to Deliverance here)

We ate in one of those little town diners again… okay, rule number 1.. if the billboard leading up to the hole in the wall restaurant says “homemade”.. ask.. we did and they don’t.. “but it’s all really good”.. the waitress said. I’m officially done with local shit stop diners… So back on the road we go. Traveling through a corner of Colorado was amazing. Snow capped mountains, high mountain lakes.. like 8000 feet high.. then back down the other side with 22,000 lbs pushing us. It was a beautiful adventure.

The 2 hour plus drive, turned into over 3 with our little diversion through “trailer-land”…. then it happened.. we saw red rocks and red dirt… off in the distance we saw it…

Welcome to Utah.. ‘Life elevated’… we made it.. almost. next stop.. MOAB!!

I love Moab. moutain biking meca of the planet. not to mention Bon Jovi filmed their video “Blaze of Glory” here.. along with probably 500 old western movies through the years. The Colorado river runs through it too. Arches, Canyonland and dead horse point national parks are all here too.

So we found our La Quinta.. which has been fantastic!! I’m now a ‘rewards member’ of La Quinta.. If you’r an advertising guru for Hilton/La Quinta.. I’d be happy to be your spokesman/Voice over talent.. Check out my website for demos and resume..

Anyway, we had dinner at the Moab Brewery.. FINALLY good food!!! Have i mentioned how much I love this place? my allergies were out of control all day. So i took 2 Benadryl and zonked out!

Today we leave Moab.. sniff, sniff.. and pull in Salt Lake City this afternoon… there by closing our chapter on the road this time. I’ll continue to update the adventure as we try to maneuver the truck into our little 20X20 apartment parking lot.. that should be fun.. and the move into the new digs.

Have I mentioned how much i love Moab?? oh.. if you’re an advertising guru for Moab.. I’d be happy to be your new spokesman/voice over guy… (see above for demos)

Love Moab… ‘nuf said.