Leaving Moab was pretty.. and cold. I guess I’m a true Texan.. meaning 50 degrees feels like 30. Frost on all the cars this morning. Great scenery as always.. Arches.. all the red rocks.. so cool. Texas seems so far away from here. Then I got an email telling me that Point.. the station that no longer expects/wants my daily attention to.. just had it’s biggest ratings in years.. go figure. Hehehehe.. guess I do know what I’m doing…. funny how a moment of bliss, admiring Gods handy work can be shot to hell with a single email..  Oh well.. it’s all good. Actually makes me laugh.. with a bit of darkness deep inside. It still stings I suppose.

I also found out today that a fellow PD with the same company was let go in Jacksonville… I was the format captain for his station for a while.. Good luck Andy!

We came down Spanish Fork canyon into Utah county. I have to tell you.. of all the years I’ve spent in Texas, and the thousands of miles driven.. THE worst drivers AND road condition is on I-15 from Springville to the Point of the mountain.. again Provo sucks! And Utah drivers are serious idiots with no driving skills.. more close calls in 20 minutes of drive than I’ve had in 5 years!! WTF?!?!?

Welcome back to Utah..

We moved the contents of our truck into our little apartment/condo in literally 45 minutes.. Lelani’s brother Paul and my dad came to help us. The help was greatly appreciated. Now we’re trying to find the boxes with things like dishes, utinsels, soap. toilet paper.. what no TP? Add it to the list.. guess we’re headed to the store. Funny thing was, at the store.. the check out girl looked up and said, “you guys just moving in?” I said, “is it that obvious..”  “YES” she said laughing.. I guess the garbage can, broom, shampoo and toilet paper gave it away.

Damn I hate this feeling. I know it will all work out.. but damn it sucks. A great job in middle management, doing a morning show in a top-10 market, a great house with a pool, blah.. blah.. blah..

Sorry.. easy to slip back into self-pity. I have decide to take a look at one of my fail-safe methods to moving on and making progress.

It’s easy, make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do….

This deserves a new blog.. tomorrow maybe.

Anyway, we’re in Utah.. woo.. doesn’t feel quite as fun from the chair I’m sitting in.. maybe it will tomorrow, or the next day.. but for sure, the day I head to Brighton for training, which just happens to be Saturday… probably just tired from the long haul from Texas…

Now for some pictures..


Living the dream..

cleaning off the bugs

Route 66.. very cool.

GPS adventure.. tiny road in the middle of no where..

Mountains of Colorado

More Colorado..

Rock outside Moab..

Colorado River outside Moab

old school house outside of Moab

Wilson arch

Must be in Utah..road construction

Living room full of boxes in SLC

Home sweet home…

We’ll talk again tomorrow.