First of all, yesterday I alluded to my “list theory”.. it’s actually really easy..

Step one:

Think about all the things you used to do. Things before kids, school, marriage… weight gain.. Fear.. It was a time when you still lived with childlike confidence, a time when everything was possible. Now, I’m not talking about being an astronaut, or a fireman or a princess.. or am I?

Step two:

Write it down!! A goal not written, is only a wish..

Step three:

Take action!! This part is easy.. Start at with the first item and set your plan in motion. Call the local business that might provide that service or information. Search the internet for more info. What you will find is that it’s actually easier than you think to get started, BUT.. it takes commitment! Don’t be a afraid.. just try it.

Here’s an example.. One of the things on my list was to learn to SCUBA dive. So I called a SCUBA shop and asked about lessons. it started the following week.. so I committed to the lessons and started down a path that has since given me years of unbelievable joy and fun.

Step Four:

“jump off the cliff”

Sometimes the scariest moment is just to take the first step.. go for it! Seriously, you spent how many years getting to this place in your life? Some of it good, some of it better. If you think about it, we can’t really make mistakes.. only better choices.

Live by the mantra, “what the hell.. I’ll try it” you might even like it..

Here are some examples that I’ve tried over the years.. some not so good, some have become lifetime passions that I really just forgot about or found..

Radio — I was a smart-ass at heart.. still am.. Really?? I was majoring in music at USU at the time, later transfered to the U of U in Physics.. anyway, I called the USU station and asked about “DJ-ing”.. they laughed and said “you can read to the blind twice a week.” So I did, and 25 years later, i’m still in love with the radio business (just taking a little time off right now to regroup).

Skiing — This was an activity that i loved as a kid. Then when I was 12, I took a hard fall on skis and broke my leg. It was a long spiral break of the left tibia… nasty break. I was in a cast for almost a year. Needless to say, I didn’t go skiing much after that. BUT I remembered how much fun it was. I was always one of those once or twice a year skiers. One day when I was going through my “list” I added this to it.. (you will add and take away things as you go) I wanted to face my demons of skiing and try it again. So I called Brighton Ski resort and asked about being a ski instructor.. I had heard about this from an old friend who did it for a season or two. I committed to take the training and then trying out… Phew!! I made it! Now the work began. I spend more damn time training and passing things off than I did spent time with my “real job” radio.

That was 12 season ago… I’m now a PSIA Cert. II, ACE II, trainer and working on Cert III (Cert III is the highest level of ski instruction certification.. really hard)

Flying — As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to fly. Again.. deep inside me there was this fear of flying.. you guessed it.. just go for it. I started about 15+ years ago with this one. On and off.. this one is an expensive hobby, so you need to plan.  Long story short.. I got my private license, instrument rating and now finishing a commercial rating.. hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have that one.

Oh I also bought a plane. Nothing fancy, a little 1973 Piper Cherokee 180. (4-seater)

Astronaut — After moving to Houston, the home of NASA, I saw an ad for the astronaut program for th last shuttle mission… hehehe.. yup. I thought, “hey what the hell..” I knew didn’t have a chance, but why let that stop me. I filled out the application and waited… I got a letter from NASA thanking me for my interest in the space program… but that they were looking for candidates “with more math and science backgrounds”.. dammit! I know I should have stayed with physics.. rejected by NASA.

But i got a cool rejection letter with the NASA logo on it.

My point today? Face your fears. Like skiing, sometimes the very thing you fear most is exactly what you need. Listen to your heart.. pursue your dreams. I remeber a quote from the 80’s “Flashdance”.. (I thought Jennifer Beals was hot)

“if you lose your dreams you die..” That has stuck with me. First step, find your dreams again. Live for the future and make a list.. It’s an amazing path and mind set. You will be amazed at the people you will find.. or find you, along the way. Inspiring people. One that I’m proud to call a friend is a guy by the name of Kevin Kline.. no not that Kevin Kline, the movie start, his nephew actually.  Kevin was touched by a little girl he met at a radiothon that we all did in Houston once a year for Texas Children’s hospital. Kevin became friends with this little girl that was dying of cancer. She and Kevin became fast friends. He would visit her in the hospital, call her on the phone.. just became pals. One of their conversations, as I recall was about how she wanted to run again, and some how that she loved the flower Snowdrop.. Kevin knows the story better.. As you guessed, she sadly passed away.. but not without inspiring Kevin and his wife Trish to change their lives forever.

They have started a non-profit foundation that raises money for TCH all year long. It’s call “Snowdrop Foundation” ( Chelsey’s dream of running has become Kevin’s new passion. His goal is to run a marathon on every continent before he turn 40.. he’s almost done it. Since then he has also run from Dallas-Austin-Houston in about 10 days… that’s like two marathons a day. Chelsey inspired Kevin and Trish.. they in turn have inspired thousands to get involved and help Texas Children’s Hospital find a cure for pediatric cancer.

These are the kind of people I will miss most from Texas.

BTW.. Kevin does a morning show in Houston on KKBQ. The top country station in town and one of the top rated stations and morning shows in Houston as well… We worked together every morning, but I’m not sure I ever told him how much of an affect he had on me.. I need to do that.

My thought is, look around a let yourself be touch by people that have the intent to do nothing but help or improve life. these are the true stars.. the ones that don’t do it for glory or fame. Like Kevin and Trish.. no fanfare, no self promotion.. just a deep true desire to live by Christian principles and affect change, quietly.. but affectively.


Write down all the things you have always wanted to do.. stuff that doesn’t involve anyone but you. Being a mom or a better daddy doesn’t count.. that’s called doing your job as a parent. look inside yourself.. you know what these things are.. then start the process to explore them. You may not succeed at a professional level, But I will promise you this..

You will have experiences that will change your life.. because you decided to change your direction.. AND you challenged yourself to try something new and scary.

Try it..

You won’t be sorry. And it works.. I’m actually doing one of my list items right now. Writing.. this was always a passion that I never took further than writing :30 and :60  commercials for TV and radio (actually won some awards for some of my commercials).

Just my thoughts.. I must say that my “list” has enriched my life beyond explanation.  And one of the biggest things i have learned, is that everyone is searching for a sense of self.

Be grateful for what you have and the people that are around you building you up, especially if you’re like me and spend way too much time tearing yourself down.. look around, the answers might be right in front of you.

Don’t let you, stop you.. from experiencing the things you want and deserve.

That’s it.. sorry if this got a little preachy. Didn’t mean to be.. really just me taking personal inventory and talking out loud to remind myself to pull out “the list” again and get started at step one…..