It’s very interesting to be back in Salt lake City. The inversion is in place, the drivers are still in a huge, non-courteous hurry to be somewhere. But the mountains…  WOW!! Snow capped and beautiful. “I have missed you my friends”..

This week has been filled with many new and strange experiences. Moving in was kind of odd.. first of all, driving the big moving truck into this little parking lot was actually a good test to my driving skills.. as we were unloading the truck, several neighbors came out to see who was moving in. One 20’ish, stoner dude came out and walked up to my wife and asked, “you moving in?” She said, “yeah, me and my husband..” he grunted and walked off… Dude, didn’t catch your name. Probably a snowboarder.. They never talk in complete sentences at the resort either.

When we got done, my dad and I got back in the truck to move it.. ya know so the neighbors could use the driveway area. As we were pulling out, this punk driving his mother’s car.. with Mom next to him, pulled up to the front of the truck and stared at us and gestured, like; “you gonna move it or what?”.. I laughed and gestured back that he needed to move so we could leave. Not enough room for both of us and I can’t move because of our size. That little shit threw his hands in the air and gestured again.. so I did too.. this time I clear used the right hand motions that describe my dislike for his lack of foresight and the laws of physics.. his Mom finally spoke up.. shaking her head, told him to back up and park on the other side of the lot. Dumbass..

Welcome Home!!

Later, we called the management office to find out where we are suppose to park. They sent us the “official” park layout.. so we parked our car in that assigned spot.. holy shit.. seriously, no less than 10 minutes later, someone was knocking on our door. It was an irate neighbor, welcoming us to the neighborhood and demanding that we move our car immediately. “That’s my spot and I’ve been there for over 2 years. We explained that we weren’t randomly parking, but we were assigned that spot by the office. She said, “I need you to move.. I leave for work early and i can’t scrape my windows”.. I said, “okay tell you what.. we’ll call the office again and get this figured out..” She explained in her friendly welcoming tone.. “look I’m not moving from that spot..” I said, “okay.. let’s just get the office to figure this out.. no biggie” she stomped off. So we moved our car and called the office.. the office seemed a little confused and less than interested.

So here’s what I have learned in my new housing arrangement.. Big trucks don’t intimidate these people, assigned parking spots don’t matter, If you’re a nurse (the irate neighbor) you shouldn’t get so wound up over a stupid parking spot… you look like you don’t exercise or eat right and might have high blood pressure, or pre-hypertention which can cause a heart attack. You should know this… middle aged-angry-single-mom-that-hates-people-as-much-as-her-job type. I like to call these people.. “stupid bitches..” for lack of better term. So we took the high road and are still waiting for the situation to be resolved.

Yesterday, Christian was headed to the MTC.. (mission training center) This is the Mormon equivalent of religious boot camp. He was suppose to be there at about 12:45.. it’s now 6 am… so we have some time to kill. Breakfast, light conversation, packing… and off to Brighton. yes, that’s always my solution to most things.. head into the mountains. Besides, we haven’t seen it this trip yet. It’s about 40 minutes from the new amazing apartment/condo (trying to be positive).. the leaves are full of color. The stream at the side of the road, moving fast and clean looking.. a nice change from what we’ve been used to in Texas.. (all water outdoors must be brown, state law I think)

Finally at the top of big Cottonwood canyon, there it is… my ‘real’ new home.. Brighton Ski resort (cue trumpet fanfare) Snow on the slopes.. just enough to cover the ground. Ice in the parking lot and cold crisp air. I breathe deep… ahhhh.. the smell of pine trees. I love that smell.. I breathe deep again.. then I cough, because the air is so damn dry, my lungs reject that last inhale.

walking at Brighton with Christian 10-3-10

There are a few local board and ski fanatics hiking the hill and coming down.. hmmm, I think if only I had stopped at the storage unit first to grab my sweet rides and hike the hill too.. but not today. Other things to do today.

After our walk around the resort.. we got in the car and headed to Provo.. ooooo, center of the LDS universe.. well according to some. That’s where the MTC is.. anyway, in true Utah fashion we needed to eat before dropping the boy off for the “best two years of his life”.. So we went to.. wait for it…. Chuck-A-Rama!!! All you can eat grandma food.. with real homemade rolls and margarine (oh and real Utah honey too)!

We got to the MTC early and walked around taking pictures and feeling emotional.. For me it brought back a ton of memories from my own experience (old man voice) “many years ago”.. Lelani and Alyssa were a mess. So they left their sunglasses on so the “pictures would look right”.

So the day was a little crazy.. we went back to the apartment and I decided to take a run. Great weather to run.. little smoggy though (forgot about that).

That’s about it for now…

Next week we’re back in Houston getting ready for our next move across the country.. again. This time with the bitchy 15 year old and our beautiful Subaru.. love that car.

That we will call.. “Phase II”.. cross your fingers. Hoping for another somewhat uneventful move again.