Murray Park

So we left Utah this week for one more move… The picture above was taken in Murray Park, which is our new backyard, the day before we flew back to Texas.

I see not many of you took the challenge.. (previous blog) or at least posted your results. Does this prove my point? Most people don’t want to be bothered? Are you one of those?

So Saturday I went to Brighton for my first round of training for the season. It was like a family reunion.. so cool to see those dysfunctional adrenalin junkies.. I have missed them sooo much!  Hard to decide which I’ve missed more the mountains or the “mountain people”.. I also got my season pass and a locker to stow my gear. Oh and a uniform.. it feels a little more official. While I was training, Lelani had to sit in the condo/apartment as our new security system gets installed. We took a minute to think about this… most of our good stuff is headed for a MUCH less secure storage unit.. hmm.. Anyway, this guy took a long time to install a couple of contacts and a motion detector. BUT, now it’s in and active! Now if we could just figure out how to cook anything in the 2 foot by 2 foot kitchen, without stinking up the place.. downsizing has it’s disadvantages too.

Sunday morning we caught a shuttle to fly back to Texas. The alarm went off at 4 am.. yes, we had the time right.. and a couple of back-ups on cellphones. The shuttle came at 5a (our flight was at 7:25..). Funny really, the airport is literally 20 minutes away.. but we’re 2 1/2 hours early, just in case. I know.. we’re a little anal.

The flight was uneventful and about an hour to Denver, where we had a 2 1/2 hour layover. As we landed, I did what every adult does now… check Facebook.. To my surprise, my old friend Lindsey Vonn had posted that she had just landed in Denver on her way to Minnesota.. yes THAT Lindsey Vonn..

Lindsey Vonn

I of course immediately comment on her post that we were there too. I suppose she was just too busy to answer, or was probably on the next plane, or exercising, or training for the Olympics, or.. or.. hmmm.. yeah, my pretend friend was obviously busy..

The funny thing was, as I was reading her post we were walking past a gate that said Minnesota, Minneapolis.. so we walked real slow looking at all the passengers. Hoping for a glimpse or opportunity for a picture… no dice! But what if?!?!

We continued to our gate, stopping briefly for a quick lunch (it’s now 10 am) at Wolfgang Pucks. WOW!! a small pizza, chicken sandwich and one water… $30.. no shit?!? Where are we? I would expect to pay that much at an isolated ski resort.. not an airport.. phew.. oh well, it was food and we were hungry. 30 bucks though..

We headed to our gate, checking the departures for Lindsey all the way.. still no response. Our gate was all the way at the end of the terminal.. thank goodness we stopped to refuel along the way. We sat and waited, watching the other passengers as they gradually gathered. We always try to guess where they’re coming from, relationship status, and where they’re headed to. This kills a little time, and reminds us that we still have Facebook to check.. HEY, maybe Lindsey responded.. hmmm.. nope, not yet.

The climb out from the Denver was bumpy. I like bumpy.. and of course I take the time like always to explain to Lelani why everything is fine, and the physics behind the bumps/turbulence, as she starts to relax her death grip on my right bicep (i know she humors me into thinking that she’s scared so i can go through this diatribe again as we fly, she probably has it memorized by now) .. eventually it smooths out and we head for the Houston approach fixes, starting over Dallas. We look at the ground to try to see if we recognize anything below us.. as we just traveled that same route a week or so ago.. and will be doing again in a week. Nope, it looks different at 30,000 feet then it does on the ground.

Landing in Houston was uneventful. I spend a good portion of the flight studying my commercial stuff.. got to get ready to pass it all off, hopefully this week. After landing, we did what all adults do these days… turned on our phones and checked Facebook again… still no Lindsey.. hmm she’s probably busy.

Driving back to Sugar Land, it’s obvious that we had already started to become used to the idea of everything being within a 20 minute drive…. not an hour drive like it is in Houston.

An hour later……

We pulled up into our driveway and felt the emotion of what we are leaving here in Texas. Walking in the house and making sure everything was as we left it felt sad… a hollow, empty feeling. Maybe because our home is now virtually empty, with a few remaining items to be packed and moved. This we already miss..

Emi came back from the neighbors. I think she’s dreading the next week. Can’t blame her, we’ve been consumed with dealing with the loss of a job, a family pet (Dax) dying, her older brother moving to Bolivia for 2 years, driving to Utah with a big-ass truck, setting up the apartment… ski school.. and she has been thinking about missing friends. Emi by the way has decided that she has become so smart here in Texas, that she will no doubt be valedictorian of her class in Utah. She’s not kidding.. not as a goal, she really thinks that Texas has prepared her for this. Ahhh, to be 15 again and believe that you really do have “it” all figured out. No lack of confidence there, just a lack of reality sometimes.. can’t blame her, and I really do hope she does that well in the new school. There are certainly worse things to focus on… like Lindsey Vonn…  wait.. no response yet.

This morning the station I used to work for changed format.. kind of. They are now “106-9 the Zone.. real alternative from the 80’s and 90’s”… I used to program an HD-2 station as part of my responsibilities here in Houston that sounded very similar to the new station… oh well.. onward and upward. It does sting a bit though.. I heard the station flip to the new/evolved format this morning… felt very strange to hear it.

Good-bye Point…

HEY!! Lindsey responded!!! I knew she would.. and she mentioned me by name.. she was on the Today show this morning talking about.. who cares.. she responded. Take that bitches!! you doubters.. now I’ll probably be “de-friended” like I was with Sandy Bullock… but she was just too busy to answer hard questions too. Hey they have lives, right?

Today I will start my short list of all the things we need to get done…..

But first, a run down my favorite levee trails.. I will miss this, a lot.

Now.. where did I put my running shorts….