This week has been filled with lots of stress an anxiety. Let me go on record saying.. “I hate moving!” So much to do… and the longer it takes, the more I see things I’ll be missing. Like HUGE sunsets, Real BBQ, great grocery stores (HEB), cool people (they have those in Utah too.. mainly all at 10,000 feet though), nice warm winter weather.. I know, sounds almost blasphemous, right?? When Utah was getting ‘dumped on’, we were sitting outside in 80 degrees.

Anyway, this is a nice place. Sugar Land.. we will miss you a ton!!!! “The olde land-o-sugar” as my former GM calls it. Of course you know we’ll have to stop at Buc-ees again on the way out of town.. “Power to the Beaver!”


I have also been stressing about this Commercial pilots license….

I did it! I’m a Commercial pilot now!

Birthday gift.... I wish!

Right.. more like.. Besse.. the little Cherokee 180,

Little Besse

but now I can get paid to fly.. But it’s not what you think. A Commercial pilot ISN’T an airline pilot. It’s just another step that has more responsibility… Like now I can go on and be an instructor, or CFI (after more training and another check ride) Maybe someday.. for now just a personal accomplishment. Phew.. glad that’s finally done. It’s been a couple of years since I started it. Special thanks to the cool people at Dutchwings Flight school.. especially Sandra, Wim, Steve and Bobby.. thanks guys for helping me through this.

The station that I used to work for changed format this week.. I mentioned that in the last blog post. Seems to be getting mixed reviews… honestly I haven’t even listen to it for more than a couple songs at a time. From what I have heard, sounds pretty good. I wish them the best with this new project… no really I do…. no really..

I will do more posting next week as we head out on the road again, this time with (music:… dun, dun, dun..) Emi. This should be entertaining. The movers show up on Monday morning and we hit the road there after… a Subaru and just the bare essentials. Looks like we’ll miss most of the nasty weather…. but again I say.. we have the Subaru.

BTW.. if you are a big time advertising exec, say for Subaru international.. I’m available to your spokesman! I’m also a ski instructor.. seriously.. We have lived the “Subaru love story..” I actually cry when I see your commercials. But, lately I cry at beer commercials too, and sometimes for no reason at all… Emotions are close to the surface I suppose..

Utah ski resorts

Brighton opened today.. The ski resort? I don’t start until next Friday… I’ll be training new instructors. Should be fun.

Anyway, gotta look through a couple of boxes to find some cooking utensils so we can eat tonight. Grilling ‘real’ Texas beef..

Talk to you soon….