Navajo blanket

New Mexico is a great place to see all things native American. Reservations pretty much domination the drive today. Our first stop was Farmington New Mexico, on our way to Moab.. with a cool stop at Mesa Verde..


One thing I’ve learned today:

The ‘Green Chili’ burger at Lotaburger… not great!

Green Chili Burger

We were told by friends in Texas that this is a “must have” local food item…. just okay. (It’s no In-N-Out Burger) But we had to try it just to have the experience… pretty spicy.. not bad, not great.

This obviously wasn’t going to be our choice for lunch… So I of course said, “let’s find some real local food…..” So we did.

Navajo Tacos!!!!

Real Navajo Taco

This a basically a slab of bread dough.. not a scone like the fakers in Utah try to make.. deep fried and covered with spiced beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and chili verde….. Mmmm greasy goodness. And it was made by a real Navajo dude…

Another thing I’ve learned:

Navajo Tacos are made different in Utah… they basically made a scone and cover it with taco meat.. or whatever. Not to unlike the “Hawaiian Haystack”.. WTF is that! If you are ever offered a ‘Hawaiian Haystack’.. PASS!! It’s a pile of rice, chow mein noodles, cream of mushroom soup and pineapple… It’s really BAD Mormon food… and NOT Hawaiian!!! I guess the Pineapple makes it Hawaiian.. gives me the shivers..


On the way to the freeway, we saw this funny sight… look closely..

Jesus is watching!

Hahahahaha… had to get a picture of this!!


One the way to Colorado, I learned that the Holy Ghost has a place to go on the weekends. Hey, he needs a break too!!

Holy Ghost hidden/secret retreat

Apparently the Holy ghost likes to picnic and fish on the weekends….. yes I know, I’m going to hell.


state line.. on the reservation..

Okay.. we headed up the road to Colorado. Cortez is the closet city to the Cliff ruins… these are so cool. The scenery is amazing and we saw a deer and coyote along the way… These ruins are 1000’s of years old.

Mesa Verde cliff dwellers

Mesa verde

See the snow… this short hike was cold…. so cool to learn about other cultures, especially from the past. This was so worth the extra time to find.


So I’ve also learned that traveling with two females, cross country.. well.. careful how I word this, Can be a little frustrating and confusing. First of all, Emi (the 15 year old) is sometimes moody and other times actually a lot of fun. I don’t trust her.. it’s a ploy. She’s sneaky and a charmer… Just like one of the “man rules”.. never trust a chick that knows too much about sports, they’re spies..

Another thing I’ve learned, one can never travel with too many containers of lotion. My wife has this love, or obsession with lotion. We have several things of lotion in the car and probably 10 in her luggage… I have been informed that moisturizer isn’t lotion… I so wish i had purchased stock in any of the “fountain of youth” companies years ago. Women will buy anything that helps them feel like they’re slowing the natural process of aging…. moisturizer is NOT lotion.. remember that.

I have also learned that when you focus on the moment and enjoy the ride, the other stuff seems to fade. I haven’t thought about being unemployed for days.. except for the occasional email or voice mail from former PD’s or coworkers. I am actually having fun on this road trip.. It’s a hell of a ride to lose a job, sell a house (or at least put it on the market), move cross country (twice) and move into a small condo to downsize… big changes, bring big changes.. it’s actually kind of fun.

I have also learned that there are incredible people around us all the time. family, neighbors, friends, random strangers.. all there to say the right things we need to hear at the right time. We just need to slow down and listen. So,,

THANK YOU, thank you for being my friend. Reading my rambles and rants and always being my friends and family, no matter who you are. I’m learning to slow down and let you in… just don’t call asking to stop by the house for the holidays. We’ll never be that close.. just so you know.

Oh, BTW.. I have been a little out of touch too. So I must say sorry to Ed Scarborough.. Ed and I have been playing phone tag for the last couple of weeks. Sorry Ed, but thanks for your friendship and support. Ed was a former PD with Cox in Houston that got fired too, a couple of years ago. He’s a smart programmer and a good guy..


Anyway.. time to eat and hit the road for Salt lake City…

We’ll talk soon.