Brighton Ski resort

Before I explain how I’m living the dream.. let me catch you up. We pulled into the Salt lake Valley on Thursday afternoon. This was quite surreal.. like everything else. I was feeling a little sad that the road trip was over. We actually had fun. Yes, even Emi seemed to enjoy the ride in her own way.  she’s a good kid, and I have learned a few new facets of  her personality.. she is complex, but what 15 year girl isn’t. She reminded me that as we drove through Utah county, her allergies got worse.. in fact, she explained that she could barely breathe through her nose.. She went on to say that she knew it all along… she’s allergic to Utah county. Yup.. she’s one of mine. You see, for those of you that understand this reference.. Provo and BYU are located in Utah county. This university has never been allowed to be spoken in our home. The local jokes are many about BYU.. all good and all true. Utah county has the reputation of being the a high concentration of “extreme” Mormons (sometimes called ‘Nazi’ Mormons).. not just in thought, but known far and wide for making up their own ideas about religion and reality… yes those are two different things, but not in Utah county. The joke goes that you must have a special passport to cross the county line into Utah county… strange things happen there are their are many tales to back up the odd urban legends.. again, all true and all bizarre! Yes I do have relatives there, and yes… well you know..

Nuf said…

So we unloaded the Subaru and unpacked.. that took us about 20 minutes. Emi said, “hey, this place isn’t as small as you said it would be..” She’s up to something.. I don’t trust her. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted. Sitting on our little couch.. okay, two of us sat on the couch..

Friday I headed to Brighton for Trainer training.. the new apprentice instructors start on Saturday and I get to run them through their training… yo know, to see if they’re “good enough”. We look for a minimum skiing standard and attitude. It’s very interesting and based in an environment of learning, passion and skill building. I’m honored to have been selected to be part of this select team of trainers.

That night Lelani and I went on our weekly date. We went to dinner and a movie at the Gateway… The Jazz were playing that night and parking was a challenge. Again I was reminded that Utah drivers don’t get the “drive with Karma” concept.. always in a hurry and NOT polite at all. It’s kill or be killed “cuz the Jazz are playing by God.. and I need to find a place to park.” We found a spot and went to see the movie RED.. it was decent.. just what we expected and just what we needed.

Saturday.. (today) I headed back to Brighton to start teaching the apprentice instructors. My assignment today was to teach a non-skiing skill. I chose one of my favorites… pat your head and rub your stomach while running in place and I call out the change.. this means you switch hands on demand. I was a hit and they all got it… Then we spent the rest of the day on the hill going over skills and demo expectations. The weather was cold, windy and snowing.. high 20’s and 30+ mile an hour winds… damn cold! the storm is suppose to drop up to 3 feet of additional snow for the next 2-3 days in the mountains.

The funny thing is that my old friends at ski school keep asking, “so, what’s your real job?” I of course say, this… for now. They look at me and chuckle.. “right”. It is a mind trip to have taken such a big turn… I ask myself constantly, where will this all take me? Not the skiing part, but life now.. where will I get back on the media/broadcasting train.. or will I??

I still check the trades everyday and think how empty it feels that not one contact or application that I’ve submitted has called me back. Then I think.. holy shit, what would do if they did call back. I can’t back out of ski school now… Besides, Emi just registered for school.. she still thinks she has a good chance at being valedictorian.. haha.. funny girl.

I’ll take some pictures up at Brighton and pass those along soon. I am beat after only one day on the snow… Tomorrow, I do it all over again… this time with more snow. Just may have to take the new instructors into the fresh powder to play… hey that’s part of ski school.. right???

Thanksgiving is coming next week and we plan to head over to my Dad’s place… in Utah county. (I believe that you are immune to the dark powers of Utah county during the holidays only.. but that’s officially from Thanksgiving thru Christmas Day 3pm ONLY!

Science has proven it….

Gonna take an Ibuprofen and wind down…

We’ll talk again soon.