On the way up to Brighton Ski resort

So this was the view from the Subaru the other day… fresh snow!! Driving to Brighton to do training will be the first true test for the Subaru and it’s “Texas” tires. Not a problem.. it climbed the mountain like… well… a Subaru. In fact, the canyon police were at the mouth of the canyon stopping cars that weren’t 4X4 AND chained up… I pulled up and they waved me on.. All Subaru’s never stop.. In fact I got a big thumbs up and a wave.. pretty cool. So weird being in the land of Subaru again.. I am reminded that this is also the land of over-size SUV’s and Suburbans too. “Mormon” buses, that’s what I call them. This is a funny place, lots of BIG 4×4’s with baby seats driven by mainly women. Going to movies or better yet grocery shopping, you’ll always see a mom with every child in the family, plus what looks like half the soccer team too!! I forgot how loud this state is, maybe that’s why I prefer the mountains…

Take the other day, Emi and I were doing some errands and stopped by the store for some supplies. On the next isle over, there was this kid screaming! Not just a small, tired cry… yelling and screaming. Mom was trying to quiet this little brat, but to no avail.. he was yelling at mom for something or other.. Emi looked at me and said, “yup.. we’re back in Utah..” I looked at her laughing and said, “no shit, right?” Then an older man behind me spoke and said.. “what the hell is that damn kid screaming about?..” We laughed, he continued “My kids never acted that way, in fact I never took them to the store in the first place, takes too long.. makes me want to go over there slap the mom for bringing him..” we laughed.. I said, “need me to hold her for you?” As we came around the corner, we saw that this mom was one of those “hey, I take my kid everywhere” looking mom’s that doesn’t believe in discipline. Obviously!!! oh, and the screaming child that was yelling demands was probably 3 years old!!! Yup.. welcome back…

One of the cool things that happened to me this week so far, was actually skiing with a group of former instructors that want to be hired at Brighton… I was their trainer.. One of the dudes was on the US ski team. He was a jumper, so these skiing demos were foreign to him. Things like wedge turns, wedge christies, open parallel turns, hockey stops… hell I was thrilled that I could remember how to do them again, let alone demonstrate them.

It was a cold windy day too….

windy day at Brighton

wind and powder day

I still believe that a bad day skiing beats the hell out of a great day doing anything else… ANYTHING!

Today the forecasters are calling for a blizzard statewide. In fact some are calling it a “deadly” blizzard.. now, i mean to mock.. alright, sure I do.. but the news industry has a bad reputation of over dramatizing the news.. So I expect wind, but not a deadly storm.. but in case we do get a really deadly storm… you’ll find me at the top of the mountain looking for fresh lines to cut through the fresh powder, so if I don’t return… what a way to go, right?!?!?

Oooh.. think I just saw some wind…

BTW.. I ate one of the oranges we brought from Houston. We had an orange tree in our backyard that made THE best oranges!!! Funny, now we grow icicles… in fact i have a few i grew on the back of the car.. they look a little brown from salt and dirt from the road… hmmmm, maybe i can get Emi to try one. She won’t fall for it, but Christian and Alyssa would have.

I’ll update you about the “deadly storm” and how thanksgiving goes this year next time. We’ll heading to my dad’s house.. yes, in Utah County. I have a pass….