The moving truck driver called us on Monday and asked if he could deliver our things over that afternoon. We said, yes! Come on over.. He drove the truck over to our storage unit first so we could drop off most of our belongings. This guy was a master at backing that huge truck between boats, cars, fences and unusually tight turns to get the truck right next to our storage unit. Amazing.. We spend a couple of hours there loading the unit full of things like, a refrigerator, washer & dryer, motorcycles, drums, bikes, boxes of books, pictures…. basically everything that didn’t fit into the condo….

Storage unit totally jammed full...

“Deadly Blizzard!!

well.. I called it!! That ‘storm of the season’.. the “deadly blizzard” never materialized. Kind of funny how the next day all the news reporters and weather people were so defensive about the storm that never was. Those weather kids were so pissed… so funny how they built this up and it was nothing.. They were all so excited too… hahaha. Dan Pope from KSL, I know you read this, admit it.. you were all a little disappointed, and then defensive because it didn’t do much damage. I know, the definition of a blizzard isn’t always the amount of snow, it’s wind and blah, blah, blah.. it was funny though.

(always fun to tease or harass the weather/news people)

Although Brighton was really cold that morning!

Brighton zero degrees

One of the truly cool things that happened this week was a wedding reception. Follow me on this.. This illustrates just what a small world this is. One of our good friends from Houston invited us to a reception for his daughter in Utah.. We knew that there would be a few Houston people that we were friends with planning to attend, but we saw a ton of people we didn’t expect to see. It was like a Sugar Land reunion.. IN UTAH!! Actually just down the street from our new humble abode. Such nice people, and such a nice party. Wow.. brought back all those thoughts of how I wished I had spent more time trying to get to know these people. While at the reception, Emi recognized her seminary teacher she just met the day before at school. Turns out, he’s a cousin to the bride or groom.. I forget.. but how weird is that? THEN a guy that we met right after we moved to Houston, this guy mentioned to Lelani right after we got there that he recognized this guys voice and name from a Utah radio station and wondered if it was the same guy.. ME! He was a fan in Salt Lake City and heard me in Houston… and he was at the reception too!! So surreal. It has always amazed me how people come into your life and continue to cross your path throughout the years.. I believe this is the way it’s suppose to happen. Brought back a little of home sickness for Sugar Land that night..


THANKSGIVING.. redeeming myself (from getting reamed)

It has come to my attention that I may have made a derogatory statement or two about Utah county and it’s residents. Apparently my relatives, who will remain nameless for now, read this blog and didn’t find it to be very funny. I was reminded of this the split second I walked into my dad’s house for Thanksgiving.. Holy Crap!!

Let me clarify…

All references to ‘Nazi Mormons’ , crazy/crappy drivers, dorks, dumb asses, narrow mindedness, Zion curtain or any other slanderous comments made or implied by me in this blog DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY FAMILY MEMBERS THAT LIVE IN UTAH COUNTY OR LOVE BYU.

Jeez!! Now can we come back down during Christmas??

Black Friday was more like White Friday for me… I taught skiing all day. Including a private lesson of 5 family members. This was a great lesson. During the lesson, one of the student, a young boy, told me that he plays the piano and cello. Some how local artists came up and I asked him if he knew Jon Schmidt . He said, “yes I know him”.. i told him that I play drums for Jon in his Christmas concerts (which are a pretty big deal). Jon has a lot of fans, and I offered to get him backstage if comes to the one of the concerts this year.. he looked at me and said.. “no, I know him, know him.. he lives in my neighborhood”.. funny, here i am dropping names and this kid was so NOT impressed… his mom laughed too. But he did say it would be cool to go backstage.. so we’ll see.

After skiing today we decided to go check out one of our old favorite Indian restaurants. Royal India on 13th south. It was good, and one of the owners actually remembered us. Good food feels so good… until you realize you ate too much… yup.. I’m a pig.

On the way home we thought we’d drive down this street where for years this local guy has decorated his house with billions of Christmas lights and synchronized them to music AND broadcasts it on an FM frequency so the cars driving through the neighborhood can hear the music and commentary. Pretty amazing.. Imagine the electricity bill.

Christmas house in Murray

The scenery is pretty amazing here… I’ll share just a couple of pictures with you…

Murray park behind our house

Sunset across the valley

the Wasatch Glow

More later.. (need some Tums.. starting to feel the Indian food)