The view from the back of the Snake Creek lift at Brighton

With views like this one, I find it hard NOT to take personal inventory occasionally.  This is the view from the top of the Snake Creek lift looking back toward Heber and Midway… way down there about 5000 feet lower.. (picture courtesy of Don Gale.. I stole it from your Facebook page)

This new adventure has presented a lot of challenges and opportunities, most of which I have and will continue to share. For the last couple of days i have been thinking about things I’m grateful for, people who have left a deep influence on my life (both good and better), and of course the differences in culture and lifestyle from Texas to Utah..

First and foremost..

Why is everyone here in such a hurry? I am continually amazed at how careless and disrespectful these Utah drivers seem to be. Maybe it’s my Texas plates I still have on my car.. Yes, there are traffic slow downs here, but nothing like what we have been dealing with for the past 4+ years in Houston. Perspective is everything.. so..


— I have learned/decided that I won’t be an impatient, rude driver, hence:

“drive like Hawaii…” Drive with Aloha! You know.. drive with care/love. BE NICE..  call it driving Karma..

— Next, being nice isn’t very hard. I don’t mean being nice to the people you “love” that’s easy, or maybe they don’t deserve it.. you decide.. But the general public. I find it interesting, that in a community that boasts Christ-like principles and religious overviews at every turn in conversation, doesn’t for the most part, treat people people with the same unconditional kindness they profess.. Am I wrong? Remember the experiment i suggested in an earlier post? The one about going out of your way to greet people and watch their response? I have noticed that most people here in the “Beehive” are skeptical or suspicious of another’s kindness. Why?? Is it because we’ve all been duped by a close friend or neighbor or family member trying to sell us the “opportunity to be our own boss”? Amway, Melaleuca, New Skin… the list goes on and on.. or are we just too damn self-absorbed? Either way, we need to stop this kids!

Snap out of it!

I have also learned again.. for me, nothing feels better than riding a ski lift and gazing at the fresh snow.. then planning your descent through it. Yes it’s cold.. yes it’s hard.. yes it takes effort… But I always finish my run and the day with a smile on my face.  My challenge is to continue to remember this… skiing is just one of many activities I use to unplug/disconnect. Great therapy and cheat too.. at least cheaper than counseling.

This year has been an interesting ride, working in a top-10 market doing a morning show (Houston is #6), working with amazing people.. to losing that job to a format change, saying good-bye to close friends and doggies that passed away, finishing a big goal to finish a commercial pilots license, to moving into a condo and teaching skiing…  Hang on.. the ride is just beginning!!!

Radio is my passion… and I’m not through with that chapter yet.. won’t be for a while. I’ll keep you posted. Radio is going through the proverbial “4th quarter” cutbacks.. Everyone claims that big things will happen in the new year.. we’ll see.

So for now.. positive thoughts, ski like you mean it…

and drive like Hawaii… be friendly like Texas…

BTW.. big thanks to the Murray snowplow drives who actually slowed down or stopped the other day to let me jog past, before throwing snow all over the sidewalk I was running on. You see simple… karma..

Oh and a big NO THANKS to the dumb asses that plowed our parking lot and pushed a 6 foot pile of snow up against the fence (instead of just removing it) and breaking the fence… AND piling it right behind the Subaru with the Texas plates!! No worries.. it’s a Subaru, this just presents another challenge to drive over/through…