Che Guevara

No, I’m not suggesting a revolution or over-throwing a small communist government in the middle of the Caribbean. I’m talking about life, and finding your “place” in it. Your energy, passion… life force. Hmmm..

Earlier this week I went to lunch with couple of old friends.. not old, old.. former co-workers. Yes in radio. It was great to see them an hear about all the changes/gossip that has occurred in the last almost 5 years since I left. What did I learn? Nothing has changed.. Except me and them.. the same people that were having affairs, are still having affairs in the office, ego based managers are still running things. What i did learn though, is how these two have survived the incredible mundane-lack-luster  career we all chose.. The Salt Lake market has a lot of talented people in it. Like most radio towns, you need a score card to keep track of where they are now and who they work for now…. oh and who the new owners of the stations are.. or the format. Hearing them talk and analyze their position in life and how it’s changed or stayed the same, made me reflect on how my life has changed… or has it?!? I have been searching most of my life for my chee or is it che.. either way, it IS a revolution of sorts. Maybe an evolution.. life is funny that way.

So for the last couple of days, I’ve made my way up to Brighton to teach. But this time of year is slow until Christmas, so we spend the down time training and improving our person skiing and teaching techniques. That’s one of my responsibilities at the ski school.. training other ski instructors. I taught some really upper level skiers the other day, like Cert 3’s.. That’s the highest level. I’m a Cert 2.. working on getting a Cert 3… Anyway, we watched each other ski and then crafted observations and suggestions for each other. This is always a telling moment for skiers… when you mention improvement options, it’s like called their baby ugly.. and it can sometimes get intense. Not this time.. these guys were professional all the way. But I learned again, everyone is learning and seeking improvement. Today I did the same thing, but the level of skiing was much lower.. BUT the same conclusion was reached.. we all do little things that impede our position, hopeful outcome. Sounds a little philosophical doesn’t it.. that’s cuz it is. Chi.. Skiing IS life.. the things I’ve learned from it are subtle but universal.. Little movements that are out of balance, turn into big movements that can hurt you or force you to make even bigger moves to over correct the first little move… make sense??

Anyway, I think that is why I have become so interested in skiing…. it forces me to constantly re-evaluate my place in the crazy process.. For me it all comes down to facing fear and challenging the “demons” that hold me back. When I was 12, I broke my leg skiing.. My bindings didn’t release and my leg twisted and cracked from my ankle to just below my knee, where it finally broke apart. This injury put me in a cast for almost a year. The recovery was slow, but the scars are still there deep inside. This is in fact, the reason I got back into skiing all those years ago. To face one of my biggest fears.. pain and failure. Yup.. those clinics that I taught in the last couple of days brought it all out again. I’m STILL favoring my left side sub-consciencely. Every year I hear this and realize that I have more work to do on my skiing. One careless moment all those years ago, still haunts me.. crazy right? This is only one of my challenges, in fact I have realized that I  get a lot of energy from facing my demons. This has been a huge motivator for me over the years. The fear of failure and pain or visa versa. This.. is all we do as ski instructors. Help people have fun doing a sport that will challenge them and bring out a few fears and insecurities at some level, then face them and show them how to push through it and face it.. winning the battle. At the end of the day, knowing that knowledge comes from the very thing we fear most..

I could go on and on.. Today I have found my Chi… or is it Che?? Both work for me, and both will bring change, life’s only constant.






The trick is holding onto it.. My dad shared a lot of deep meaning advise as I was growing up, like the time he told me to keep my pecker in my pocket.. good advise but the way.. No, seriously, but one that stayed with me was the advise he gave me during a rough patch I was going through.. he said, “when you find something that makes you feel good or happy.. hold onto it with both hands”, so I of course replied, “until you choke the life out of it and then make it look like an accident??” He gave me one of his famous “damn you Dain” looks..

So here’s you advise for the day..

Find your Chi or Che.. hold onto it, embrace it (with your pecker in your pocket), and don’t ever believe it was an accident. Things happen for a reason..

Sorry for the preaching.. I’ll try to be more cynical and angry next time.. dammit!!

Happy Hanukkah.. off to make latkes.