I’ve lost count of how many weeks/months it’s been since I was blown-out of my radio job in Houston. I guess it’s been about 2 1/2 months now… actually funny how the time has flown. We have done a ton of things in the last  70 days or so. We put our house on the market, moved (twice), moved into our condo, Emi into a new high school, Christian left for Bolivia, Lelani had her annual Christmas party, I’ve played in two concerts with Jon Schmidt (3 more to go).. and lots of powder days at Brighton.

Now we’re 7 or 8 days away from Christmas.. wow, it always amazes me how fast things seem to go when you keep busy.

Anyway, this week we have had a couple of interesting experiences. One of our traditions has been to deliver holiday goodies to the neighbors. This year we talked about it and realized that time was slipping by… actually, I’ve become a little obsessive. When we decide to do something, I want it done/finished now.. move on, get it done and over with.. so I baked cookies.. yes.. I did it all by my self. Like a big boy. Now, for you smart-asses thinking that this might put my “man card” in jeopardy,  relax. Think of it as a culinary experiment. Just so you know, there a few things that will make you lose your man card instantly.. things like, looking forward to new “girl movies”.. like Eclipse (Bill), using words like “cute”, “delicious”, “my feeling were hurt..” Making cookies falls into the food/eating category.. survival or Mazlow’s hierarchy of human needs.. look it up.

Here are is the first batch fresh out of the oven..

fresh cookies

Not bad huh??

So we made a “goody bag” for all the neighbors filled with cookies and small chocolate candy bars.. Besides, it gave Emi something to do besides grunt and scowl.. Yeah, the 15 attitude is back. I truly hope she grows out of this someday. Or at least graduate early (as valedictorian.. as she thinks she’ll be), move off to college and maybe find some else to torture.

We went over to George and Riley’s house for breakfast one day. George is my friend that helped me find our plane all those years ago. George is a pilot for Skywest.. he flies the big RJ’s.. (regional jets) he is also the one that kicked my ass snowshoeing a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, George and Riley have a great house in the south end of the valley, with horses!! Cool right? I thought Emi was going to explode.. she couldn’t wait for them to ask her if she wanted to ride one. In fact I think she peed in her pants a little from excitement.. Riley helped her get on and ride for a while. Emi was actually pretty good, a natural as Riley put it. I really love those guys.. we are so lucky to have friends like George and Riley.. truly just nice, friendly, happy, genuine people. True friends..

No Lelani and I didn’t ride.. i was content to just smell the smells of livestock and remember my childhood. We rode the neighbor’s horses and the smell of manure, skunks and other farm smells surrounded the experience.

Skiing has been great! New snow means powder turns and big smiles. This has been a good thing for me. I have always loved the idea of focusing on personal challenge and accomplishment.. skiing is exactly that for me. The ski school has had me doing a lot of clinics teaching the other instructors.. more lessons with instructors than the general public, but that is about to change. The Christmas break is always insane! But today and tomorrow will be the last slows days for a while.

The other day I had a student that was in the military. He’s stationed in Italy with the US Army. We got a chance to chat on the lift rides up the hill. Turns out he’s a commander of 400-500 troops in Europe. I didn’t spend much time trying to get to the root of his assignments (I knew he wouldn’t tell me anyway), I did how ever shake his hand and thank him for his service. Then I paused and said it again… it was a really cool moment. I could see he was emotional too. It occurred to me that I have passed several opportunities in the last month to thank any and all service men and women I see for their service and commitment. Soo..

I now promise to all who read this.. AND challenge  all who read this, to stop for a moment and thank these dedicated service men and women for their service. Especially during the holidays..  I guess for me, this was a life  I always wanted and kind of expected to have when I was younger. If I had to do it all over again, this is one of those decisions I would have made differently. As a pilot of course…

One of the things that has happened since I’ve been back in the city of Salt, is trying to catch up with all my old friends and former co-workers… I have also had a harsh reality check as well. All my former bosses and/or competitors couldn’t care less that I’m here looking for employment… “don’t they know who I used to be..” (as I would hear from one of my former GM’s at Bonneville.. who no longer works in radio). I guess I thought in the back of my mind, I’d get at least a couple of calls asking about my plans, or an option to help consult their station.. or something (that’s ego talking). Truth is, I’m kind of enjoying taking it slow and watching the market, and I’m not convinced that radio in Utah would the right thing for us at this point.. the economy is still bad and recovery is literally inching along.  So for now.. I’m watching, planning and praying for the right situation to come along.. until then, skiing!!

This last week I got to catch up with my old pal Peggy Ijams.. We did a morning show together for over 11 years (#1 ratings for all those years) at FM100 (now known as FM100.3??) Peggy works at the Clear Channel competition with another former employee of mine, Scott Fisher (of Fisher & Todd fame). Peg always has a million things to talk about, mainly about her and then if there’s time.. more things about her.

Lunch with Peggy (the glasses are hers)

Peggy let me use her reading glasses.. I couldn’t read the damn menu.. yeah, it’s come to that. I learned about all her personal stuff in 25 minutes or less.. and then in true Peggy fashion.. she’s off to another appointment for something or someone…

Peggy has been in my life since the mid 80’s.. one of those people that I keep crossing paths with, and I’m a better person for it. She’s been a good friend..(most of the time). Our personalities together made us the top rated morning show here for many years.. and I STILL get people asking how Peggy is, and if we’ll ever get back together again on the air.. who knows. It was a great ride.. and yes, I think I’d give it another go if that opportunity came around again.. maybe.

One thing I have realized this week, time is a hard thing to manage or control. DUH!! right?!? What I mean is, that there isn’t enough time to completely do ALL the things you want or need to do everyday.. so choose wisely how you fill your day, and with whom.

I woke up yesterday with the neighbor ringing our doorbell, at 5:40 am, to let us know our shower was leaking into her unit below us.. and we need to get a plumber over to look at it. Holy crap… really?? Never a dull moment… I swear.. now I’m getting ready to go set up my drums in Kingsbury Hall for the Jon Schmidt concerts.. we have 3 in the next 24 hours.

Again.. I do feel very blessed.. I’m doing the things I love with the people I love.. now if I can just figure out a way to keep all these things and add the element of earning a living to it.. that is my next (continuing) project. Hmmm.. this will be tricky..