The Jon Schmidt show on Saturday was absolutely magical… seriously, it all came together. music is such a cool thing..

Backstage at Kingsbury Hall before the Jon Schmidt show

I really love playing music… my soul needed it!! Now I need to find a way to keep doing it.. We played 2 shows Saturday, both were sold out. Emi wanted to sit backstage for the second show…. Every time I looked at her she was a sleep. Of course she denies it, but her head was down and her eyes were closed. Guess I should have played louder.

There is such a rush performing live music… Some say it’s better than sex, I have no comment, but it’s damn good. Yes, both.

Sunday I vegged on the couch, did some shopping and went for a run. Running is such a good way to clear the cobwebs. I’m really thankful my knees haven’t started hurting. Losing that weight a year ago has made a ton of difference, in so many ways.

Skiing was epic on Monday… holy crap!!! The deepest, softest, friendliest powder I have ever skied. It was amazing!!! I don’t usually work on Monday, but the snow was so good I had to go. I went out on my own for most of the day.. looping the double-black diamonds Brighton has to offer. Rein’s Run is the ‘Holy Grail’ of black diamonds at Brighton. Very steep and challenging.. Monday the snow was so good, I found myself jumping into the run from the cat track… it was so damn awesome!! I did however find one rock… I later realized that it tore off one of my boot buckles.. not so awesome.

I feel like this extra time on skis has really helped my overall skiing… not to mention the therapeutic benefits . Again, I take a moment to be thankful for good health and a strong body. This is another reason coming back to Utah right now was needed.

Tuesday night we went to dinner with my Dad and step-mom.. I have missed seeing these guys. Being away from family was harder than I thought it would be… I’ll let you know again after Christmas how I feel.. I get ‘family overload’ real fast.

I haven’t been sleeping very good lately.. not sure why. Could be the thyroid, could be thinner air here, stress of being unemployed.. who knows. I resist Benadryl as long as possible.. hate the hangover the next morning. The reality of no work (besides ski school) does take it’s toll. This year will be a lot slimmer in the present category than years past. That’s not a bad thing.. just different. I think the stress of being close to each other in this small apartment is causing a bit of stress too. Lelani never speaks a negative word about it, or about anything for that matter.. Emi on the other hand seems to continue to try to work her always annoying magic.. which doesn’t seem to be working like it used to. Years ago, when she was in 3rd or 4 th grade, I remember telling her teacher that she was a “sneaky-charmer” and to be careful not to fall into her sticky web. Her teacher laughed.. I didn’t. I still don’t. She’s still at it though.. like I said, It doesn’t work on me, just annoying and energy sucking.. Hmmm.. maybe that’s the reason for no sleep..  nah..

Today I got a “show-up-to-work-late-pass”.. The guys at Brighton let me miss the morning lessons so we could volunteer at The Road Home family homeless shelter. over 15 years ago I did the first broadcast from the Road Home (back then it was called ‘Traveler’s aid’). Peggy and I did our morning show from there, trying to raise money and gather coats and gloves for the homeless in Salt Lake City. I’m very proud of what we started there. Probably the one and only thing I feel I did or contributed to, that made a difference for someone, while in radio. This event always re-focused the meaning of Christmas for me.. over the years the tradition has continued, as they added more radio stations and made more money. This year, they hope to raise a million dollars.. a big difference from our $5000 the first year.

I have to admit, I was disappointed to hear how petty the stations have become. FM100 and Arrow, originally owned by Simmons.. now owned by a Bonneville holding company, both decided that they didn’t want to be there when the Simmons group was there, Clear Channel actually showed up the week before… WTF?!?!? Isn’t this all about creating change? Helping the homeless? Doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do?!?! I am saddened that the original idea has become a source of contention and ratings, or jealousy here in the Beehive State.. Bonneville (owned by the LDS church) can only afford one day to help.. Really? I’m sure that the big guys on Temple Square have no idea that there is such bickering among the “faithful” when it comes to clothing the naked and feeding the hungry.

X96 continues to lead the charge. A Simmons station that plays Alternative Rock, now gets the biggest donations from their audience annually. I must say, these guys.. and girls.. have totally embraced this idea. I remember when I was at FM100 and we would pit our listeners against them to raise more than our “little snot-nosed brother”.. and we did.. Now our little brother is kicking ass and taking names.

As we walked into the Road Home today, X96 (Kerry, Bill and Gina) were sitting near the front door. I waved to them as we came in, Bill and Kerry jumped up to say hello and give me a “bro hug”.. The mics were on and they asked me to sit down and go on the air with them. I love these guys.. always have. In fact, probably a little jealous.. okay, a lot jealous. They get to do the show they believe in without a lot of corporate dictates and bullshit.. virtually unheard of in this fascinating world of radio these days. Anyway, good people.. and again leading all the stations in donations. They were there 2 full days… the other stations (Bonneville) could only squeeze one day out of their busy money making schedules.

Seeing my old pals at the shelter was cool. Matt, the director, reminded me that I need to come back and finish out my term on the board of directors.. “I’d liike that I said”.. “We’ll work on it”, he replied. That would be cool.

We went in to the back and sorted clothes and other donated items for a couple of hours. A few things caught me by surprise.. first, the absolute junk people donate. Broke bikes, dirty worn out clothes.. food??? wow.. then there are the companies that get it, cases of new unused gloves and coats. All the beat up worn clothes and broken toys, or trash I like to think of it, will go to Deseret Industries.. another non-profit “thrift” store here in Utah.

The second thing that I saw today that was odd, was all the companies that strolled back to our area to “work” all wearing the company logo, waiting for the photographer to take pictures of them “helping”. They were in the way, so I went up to them as I was carrying a big bag of donations to the sort pile, and said “wow, there sure are a lot of you just standing around looking like you want to help..” Some dumb looking blonde, with her hand on her hip, and head cocked back, you know the look.. too much lip gloss and wearing her daughter’s jeans.. she snarled back “we’re waiting for our truck to deliver OUR donation..” I said, “cool, maybe you can actually help us before the truck gets here.. or are you too into your photo shoot..??” (maybe it didn’t come out quit that way) The rest of the day, all I got were a series of stares and nasty looks.. and as if on cue. When the photographer left.. so did they. I think their jackets all said “Neways” on it.. I wasn’t the only one who noticed this.. one guy said, “who the hell are those guys..” someone in the back said, “it’s like new skin.. multi-level company.. they travel in packs” we all laughed.. ( I may have had a snide comment in there too.. can’t remember.. officially)

I had to say a hasty good-bye to Santa and the crew at the Road Home, because Brighton called and needed me to come up and teach in the afternoon. So I did…

I see all this as “paying it forward” or “Karma”… helping people is just the right thing to do. And yes.. Emi was there too. I hope she sees the value in service someday.. it’s not just in word, or photo alone… it does something to you also. On may levels.. if you’re lucky. For me, teaching skiing is in this category too.

Yup.. I’m a pretty lucky dude…. Now if I can just hold onto this feeling and stay positive through the whole “beach sitting thing” looking for a job/possibly new career…..