Christmas 2010 has come and gone… thankfully. I have always disliked Christmas. Not sure why.. maybe it’s the focus on being unconditional and “happy” for a couple of days, and then exchange gifts.. just because.. or maybe it’s that I’ve never liked the whole gift thing (receiving).. I don’t really know why I don’t like Christmas.. I guess I always have. As far back as I can remember.. just an odd, awkward time of the year for me. Hmmm.. I have come to the conclusion that it’s really a holiday geared more for girls than boys. As we all know, girls are suckers for gifts.. and even bigger suckers for sales on gifts. Think about it, most women have an uncontrollable urge to nurture and make things okay. Every holiday or celebration.. it’s about the romance of childhood, or making people feel good.. Do we really have that power over other people? Can we really make them feel better with gifts and food gatherings? Of course we can’t, that’s ridiculous.. But we sure try to do it over and over again,  with birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentines,  New Year’s Eve… All chick and Hallmark celebrations. AND look at all the time and money spent on baby stuff.. really!? Birth announcements, showers, couple get together’s to see the new bundle of joy.. again, all chick ideas. Now, don’t get me wrong.. I’m all for celebrating certain things, but come on!! Besides, I’m smart enough to realize that I benefit from all these things in a small way.. like all the free food without any clean up (when going to someone else’s house to “celebrate”), getting the opportunity to hear subtle hints about what they want for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas.. or whatever. Smart dudes realize this early in the courtship process and fall into line.. or get “trained” as I have heard many a girl refer to “their man”. I am convinced that Christmas was engineered by a woman. Think of all sales that attract women versus men? Or the TV commercials… Case closed..

Christmas is complex and confusing… are we celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus, or continuing the tradition of Santa Claus, or both. You see? Complex! If you Google it, you’ll see that Christmas as we know it is actually a combination of several celebrations all thrown into one. Winter Solstice, Hanukkah,  Christ’s birth and a few other pagan rites that happened all at the same time. Many religious scholars argue that Jesus was actually born in the Spring, but that would totally screw up the Easter celebration with the Easter Bunny, Easter Mass/church, and Little Spring dresses complete with bonnets (do you see a theme here?).  But that’s another rant for another time.. in about 3-4 months from now. Just curious, if this is the season of joy.. why are there so many unhappy people during this time of year?!?!?

Just saying.. or asking..

Anyway, Christmas was fine for us this year. I got a couple of sweaters and 2 warm Carhartt coats from Lelani/Santa. The girls got clothes, candy, Snuggies and more girl stuff. I gave Lelani a neck massager and snow flake earrings. I think Lelani was a little bummed that Christian didn’t call from Peru, but hell.. he didn’t call from college until he was threatened to do so.. why would the mission be any different. Besides, I’m sure he’s doing something really important there, like playing soccer with the other missionary’s or in the middle of a chess tournament.. He also warned us that he might not be able to call.. hmm, why didn’t I think of that when I was out on a mission?!?!?

We went skiing on Christmas day again. We do it every year.. kind of our tradition. We skied hard too. All black or double-black diamond runs. (Black diamond is the most difficult) Alyssa got better as the day went on, Emi tried hard to go faster than all of us.. including me. Emphasis on tried.. I told her that if she wants to go faster she’ll need to learn how to carve, she said, “how is it possible then that I’m staying up with you if I’m NOT carving?” I said, “I’m going slow..” she laughed and gave me one of those disbelieving sneers, so I said, “alright, stay on my tails and see if you can keep up”.. you can guess what happened… I was picking up my skis at the bottom of the hill and  putting them away when she pulled up… not a word was spoken.. until I looked at her and said, “carving”… silence….

All in all, “the girls” stayed with it all day, with a minimal amount of whining.. yes there was some of that. But far less than previous years. Alyssa mentioned that she didn’t realize how slow she was, because she would always challenge Christian down the hill.. with Christian being gone this year, she struggled to keep up, until the end. At the end of the day, Emi was slow and Alyssa was fast. Funny turn actually.

This is one of the things I have always enjoyed about Christmas. Going out and doing something, not sitting around and lounging, eating and God forbid.. listen to the endless Christmas music on the radio (especially FM100 or KOSY).

The snow has been such an amazing blessing this year. I have missed it so much, while in Houston. Sure it snowed a couple of times while we were there, but THIS is snow. Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without snow..

So with that in mind, Thank you Santa.. or Baby Jesus, for the snow this year!! Which ever one of you is responsible for the soft, deep powder this year… thank you!

I was walking to the employee parking lot this afternoon and stopped and looked at the huge walls of snow that the plows have cut through along the roads.

Currently snowing!!!! I guess nit will feel like Christmas now for at least a few more months… I’ll try to enjoy every minute I have left before it melts…..

Then what? Guess I’ll have to find a “real” job… no possible takers there yet.

Busy ski instruction week ahead, I’ll try to update if I can during the week…