I can’t complain, the snow has been epic. As professional ski instructor, snow is the one variable we all deal with every year. This year has been unusually amazing and deep.

Brighton Ski Resort







12/31/10, 05:18 AM





6″ on 12/31

100% of our terrain is now open


See? amazing!! I have had so many face shots in the last week, I lost count. (face shots are the experience of snow being so deep, that when you turn in the powder, it flies up in your face so thick that you can’t see or breathe for a second or two.)
Once again, Brighton has been a life saver for me. Years ago when I was hired there.. wow almost 13 years ago, Mary Wittke, the ski school director at the time, told me that I was one of those “lifers”, the kind that would be around as long as I could physically keep up…. she was right, oh wise and zen-like friend. There is something magical about the feeling of not just skiing and pushing yourself to new limits, but teaching this skill to others and seeing their absolute joy from the new sport. I have yet to see unhappy faces at the ski resort. Most people are grinning ear to ear. My old friend Don Gale summed it up best the other day, “how blessed we are to have the coolest job ever in such a beautiful place”.. I second that Don. The cool thing about this winter sport is that everyone can do it at their own pace. Young and old alike, out of shape, in shape, tall, short…. The funny thing is that I seem to be the only one in my immediate family that enjoys the sport… except for Tyler, my nephew. Yes.. he’s a Craig in every sense of the word.. good looking, smart, likes adventure, musician, smart-ass… he’s my brother Jon’s son.. Tyler definitely has some of my genes in him some how.
Anyway, a great week in the snow. Funny.. Houston hasn’t even crossed my mind.. except for a few emails from old friends and the occasional house showing alert. This is one of our big stresses… No serious takers, but plenty of lookers.
On the job front this week, it seems everyone is pushing their opportunities back a bit.. after the first of the year. I have had several contacts with potential employers in everything from sales/marketing to radio here in Salt Lake City and abroad. After spending so much time in the mountains lately, I’m not sure leaving again is the best option. But we’ll end up going where the money is in the end. Luckily we have been thrifty and have been saving money over the years knowing this radio “dry spell” would happen some day, so we’re not panicking yet.. at some point we will need to kick it into high gear.
Everyone asks, “what are you going to do in April??” (the end of ski season) I tell them, “after a good cry.. I’ll have to get a job”.. duh. Most of my fellow ski instructors have others jobs, during or after the season.. you see.. no one REALLY does this for the money, there isn’t any. Some of the jobs they do are; river guides, landscaping, motivational speaking, forest service work, remodeling houses, finance, real estate, nursing, EMT, and just college students.. of all ages. Some even do the endless winter tour around the world and never stop teaching. Traveling to South America, New Zealand and Europe… hmmmm, maybe they’re on to something. I keep telling Lelani we need to open a Commgap office in Aosta, Italy.. at the foot of the Alps!! She doesn’t disagree, but chuckles…

Aosta, Italy

Maybe someday… Lelani says, “hey why don’t you get me some clients there and we can do it…” Hmmmm, maybe a trip back is what she’s really asking about or suggesting, and run it through the company.. I like the way she thinks. I also tell her she needs to open an office in Hawaii.. I get the same response.
Today I’m a little sick. Spent the last two nights puking and feeling crappy. i am starting to feel better though.. Tomorrow I’ll make it back up to Brighton to ski and teach.
Aways surreal when the new year comes around.. 2011 tomorrow. I wonder what new adventures will come my way in the new year.
All in all, this has been an interesting year. Starting the year in Texas, ending the year in the mountains of Utah… can’t complain.
My life doesn’t suck…