The holidays have come and gone, the tree has been put back in it’s box for another 11 months, no more Christmas commercials about last minute shopping (all replaced by “after Christmas sales”) AND no more Christmas music on the radio!!! After programming that stuff for so many years, I know now that I don’t really like Christmas music that much.. hmmm.. wonder why? Utah is the only place on the planet that plays Christmas music this early every year.. not just one station, but several! I know, I know.. I was part of that Christmas imaging race once, not proud of it, but there were fewer of us battling it out for perceived dominance/ownership on ‘Christmas’. The battle will never be completely owned by one station again..

I have to be honest, it was so nice to have cold air and snow for Christmas. It just felt more like the holidays, being bundled up and feeling the bite in the air. Utah does have a tendency of over doing Christmas, but the scenery sure is amazing. I think it’s always funny to walk around the mall and see the clothing choices here versus Texas. In the South it gets cold.. especially when you add in the humidity, but in Texas, people, mainly women, can’t wait to wear their expensive ‘Ugg’ boots, furs, frilly scarves, fluffy jackets… it’s truly fashion over function. Here in Utah, it’s function all the way, in fact you can spot outsiders right away. Or the “wanna-be” outsiders or post-35-mommies-that don’t-want-to-look-frumpy types. The ones that should stop trying to fit into the skin tight jeans, 30 pounds ago or so, tucking their bulging quasi designer jeans tucked into their fake/’Ugg’ copy (which is short for ugly) boots they bought at Target for $10 on sale,  pushing a stroller with a bag of snacks loaded into the hidden basket underneath their SUV looking  “cool” baby carrier.. Here in Utah, the rule of thumb is.. if you go anywhere for anything, expect to see kids. Movies, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, car dealerships.. here the traffic jams aren’t on the roads, it’s in the checkout lines or aisles of stores.. jammed with one mom and 6 kids. Seriously, that’s why the teachers here joke about “stacking ’em deep and teaching them cheap”… the kid capitol of the world..

Bottom line? You’re never really alone… really. Kind of funny.

Brighton temp and time

The temperature has been brutal for the last couple of days. -4 at the ski resort, warming up to -1… with wind? -20!! No frostbite, but it felt like it. At those temps, the snow starts to take on the consistency chalk or corn starch. It’s so cold, that the wax on your skis don’t create friction anymore to melt that microscopic cushion of water.. you are simply skiing on dry ice crystals.. BUT, that of course never stops us. We still teach in it and have a blast. At night, I found myself sleeping in two t-shirts, wool socks and a hat.. not even joking. I have been a little sick though, so that might be part of it.

Top of Snake creek lift looking Northwest..

This year I have kind of committed to trying to get closer to that ever elusive “Cert III” badge. Cert III  is the highest level of ski instruction proficiency. It involves a ton of exams written and practical. A couple of years ago, the failure rate was right around 90%.. this is a hard one. I’m a Cert II, and would love to be about ski at the Cert III level.. the badge isn’t important, but to have the skills would be cool. SOoooo, I have started looking at the clinics and schedules for the written tests and assessments through the end of April 2011… (deep breath) Might as well go for it… what else am I going to do?  So today I bought the books and study guides from the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) office.. $75 worth. Now I need to actually read and study the theory and definitions for the test. This will be one of my next adventures, like most.. it’s been going on now for a couple of years. I need to finish this.

The only that will get in my way would be a nice job offer… in or out of market. I saw this last week a posting for a PD and air talent opening in Seattle with a group I’ve been in touch with for years. So I sent a resume off to the right people, including the consultants in charge of the project to see if I get a nibble. The format pretty close to the format I programmed in Houston on the main frequency and the HD2 signal. Kind of an adult alternative… we shall see. This would be a cool move. Seattle is one of the markets I’ve tried to break into for about 15+ years.. I’ve been there many times, and love it! I’ll let you know.

Emi overheard this conversation the other night and gave us the standard grimace look.. so I said, “hey, ya know there’s a DCI corp from the Seattle area, and the colleges there are fantastic..” she relaxed a bit and continued to be silent. The other day while skiing, she blurted out.. “the snow really scares me..” we looked at each other and of course said, “what? Are you serious?” I said, “not sure where this is headed, but we’re not buying it, or stopping to negotiate.. we’re here to ski, so let’s ski see how slow you can go cuz you’re scared”… needless to say, she tried to haul-ass down the run and beat us to the bottom… so as I was waiting at the bottom for Emi, she skied up amazed and commented that she didn’t even see me go by… I just grinned.. I actually took another trail to head her off, but the effect was the same. She wasn’t scared anymore apparently…

Again, skiing has played a big part in our lives. Not just from a personal stand point, but from an extra-sensory, physical and basic reason to spend time together… skiing, what a great invention.

More Beach sitting —

As much as I try to remain positive, it does get tough at times. Never in my 25 years have I had less interest in any of my inquiries for employment.  I told lelani last night, it’s like we have been on this train having a bunch of new adventures in unknown places with lots of cool new friends, food, fun and music…. all of a sudden, the train comes to a screeching stop, out in the middle on nowhere..  We are asked to get off and “good luck”.. “thanks for your hard work and wisdom..” now the train rolls out of sight without us, and we’re left in the middle of an unknown place with no directions or idea as to where to go to find the next train or a dirt road… now all we can do is survive. This I can do. It just seems so lonely here on the beach. Many of the people I have known over the years to depend on for info, advice and insight aren’t returning any interest or info. It’s like moving and wondering if the post office is going to forward your mail, or it just gets lost somewhere between here and there. Beaches are a lonely place… but beautiful too. I’m trying to enjoy the change and peace that comes with it… “trying” to embrace it..

This week I ran into my friend Emily. She’s been out of work here in ‘Zion’ for over a year now.. she’s been a highly sought after sales manager for many years. Very good at what she does. She seems to be experiencing some of the same things.. so at least I’m not “totally” alone here..

I also heard from old morning show partner Peggy Ijams.. her mom had a heart attack and went into a coma the other day. Peg said her mom wasn’t expected to make it, back she had a chance to talk with her earlier that day. Very sad…. If you know Peggy.. send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

I am not as alone as I think I guess.. this week like all the others has taught me some subtle lessons again. Funny how life/the universe continues to teach… especially when you least expect it to…