Let’s start out with my favorite…. ski and snow pictures!!!

Great western... my office view

Looking West from Great Western

Trees in saw Buck....

Nice huh???

Every year there is this brief warm spell that passes through Utah.. we call it “the January thaw”. It’s always funny how the locals get excited that it might warm up… PEOPLE, IT’S JANUARY!! There are 3 months of Winter left… always a good laugh to hear how people can’t wait for Spring.. then in July, these same people complain that it’s too hot and that they can’t wait for Fall and Winter. I love the cold.. change in seasons is very energizing. After spending almost 5 years in south Texas, I really appreciate and enjoy the seasons even more. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate Texas weather (minus hurricane Ike), actually like the humidity… BUT, in Texas.. the seasons seem to be cool, hot and hot as hell with humidity. Never getting cold enough to kill off mosquitoes and cockroaches. Here in Utah, it gets cold.. in fact the news just reported that today is the first time in like 20 days straight that we’re NOT below 32 degrees.

This week I also went to an audition for a Nordictrack TV commercial…. didn’t get it. Also heard that one of the radio stations I applied for didn’t want me (apparently they wanted someone with a ratings track record in their specific format.. which is odd, the exact format doesn’t really exist.) I have to be honest, that one did sting a bit, but I have learned over the years of radio experience, that things happen in life for a reason. So it wasn’t the right fit.

I do have to take a small step back and realize that this is a strange new world for the radio industry. I know many radio dudes like me in the same situation. Some have jumped too soon into a bad situation and regretted it. Others just finding a different path to follow… I’m in the middle.

I still believe in radio and am very passionate about its success and fun.. besides, no one REALLY wants to go get a “real” job.. right?!? So I’ve decided to keep all options open..

Does that make me  a radio/occupation agnostic? I believe all things can work but refuse to define myself by any one specific idea??!? Woow.. Deep.. that actually hurt my little brain to write that sentence..

I have been talking to an old radio friend about another possible opportunity in a beautiful smaller market.. yes there is a ski resort close.. yes there is an airport and yes, it’s a very real possibility. If all the right pieces fall into place.. not going to mention where.. don’t want to jinx it.

The other slow thing in our lives is the sale of our house in Sugar Land. We have had 15 viewings since mid-September. That seems low to me.. but our agent seems to think that’s actually pretty good. We have heard feedback that runs the spectrum.. floor plan too big, needs updating, perfect but too big, love the backyard, old carpet… blah, blah, blah.. nothing comes back as a big bad deal breaker, just too many other homes on the market to choose from, so buyers can afford to be picky.

Yesterday we celebrated our 11th anniversary. NOT A THAW HERE!!! Still amazed that we found each other.. I’m have to say, I am so luck to have Lelani in my life. She is an amazing balance for me. Her basic attitude is, “well let’s see what this next adventure holds for us”.. I joke that in a previous life I was the one that totally did it right and she is the reward, BUT she screwed up. Karma.. I win!! I am very blessed….

And she skis!!

Lelani in the tree.. double black diamond run..

Yup.. I’m a pretty lucky dude….

As with every thaw, things are about to change. I expect this is true for me soon too. for example, tomorrow i have an audition for a Disney movie. I didn’t expect to get it, but what a cool experience to go try for it. All good fun, right?!?

Today I continue to study for the Cert. III written test for my PSIA stuff…. again, I’m neutral, but hopeful.

That’s it for now… just remember.. skiing is life. Keep moving down the hill and constant motion keeps you happy and safer. Oh.. and skiing is like sex, we all think we’re better than we really are… WHATEVER!!.. just ask Lelani.. hehehe…

ABOUT THE SKIING! or whatever…