This week was filled with some cool experiences…

On The Job Front

Nothing too serious yet. I am talking to a couple of people, but not seriously… more like “what if” scenarios. Some radio, some not.. but I know something will fall into place soon. I still get questions about what radio station I’m working for or plan to be working for… like the other day. Grant & Amanda from the KSL morning show (we worked in the same building once and were competitors for many years… I usually beat the crap out of them) were at Brighton doing a “KSL Ski Day” broadcast. I of course went to see them between my lessons to say Hi… they were nice and inviting. They asked if I would be available to be interviewed with them.. I said “sure.. we can talk about Brighton and the ski season in general or basic ski tips”.. they said “great, let’s do that next hour”.. we then talked about what my life is all about these days. They asked where am I working.. I said ‘Brighton’.. they laughed and said no really.. I laughed and said.. “no really”.. If you know Amanda, you know that everything she says and does is always WAY over the top.. one of those people that’s always bubbly and happy.. ALL THE DAMN TIME.. but I love her, and so does everyone else.

BTW.. still waiting for that interview.. they blew me off. Still bitter about the past ratings I guess.

Starting to wonder what my next move will be if I don’t land a radio job.. flying? construction? Greeter at WalMart? Not ready to jump into just ‘any job’ yet… But those thoughts are starting to make my head hurt…

Family dinner with Grandpa

My Mom and 93 year old Grandpa at family dinner


My grandpa is a one-of-a-kind guy. He herded sheep as a kid, served in WWII in the Pacific (as a radio operator.. that’s where I must get it), owned several businesses including a very successful plumbing business in Southern Utah, served several humanitarian missions around the world helping villages and communities build water supplies and buildings, raised 4 kids (my mom being the only girl), recently lost his wife.. my grandmother, mostly blind now from macular degeneration.. AND still walks 10 miles a day… ALONE! This guy is absolutely one of my lifelong heroes. It was so good to see him. My Mom and her husband Doug picked him up in St. George to attend the funeral of my Grandmother’s remaining sister that passed away. We had dinner at Chuck-A-Rama.. of course. Some of my brothers came down so we could have a small get together… I have missed these little sit and gorge  meals with the family…

Grandpa, Mom, Doug and the Craig boys...

mi familia

Skiing this week was sooooo nice… fresh snow and cold temps meant lots of big stupid grins all week.

I taught several private lessons this week. Teaching skiing is such a cool thing. Watching people catch onto the skills and movements that creates the passion that we all have for the sport… most of the time. There are those lessons that don’t always go that way.. like the lady from Austin who took a lesson from Solitude and hated it.. I spoke with her as she was watching her friends ski and snowboard down the hill.. she told me that she was charged for a private lesson because she was the only person in her group lesson at Solitude.. WHAT?? We never do that at Brighton.. if you take a group lesson (which is super cheap) and you’re the only one in there because it’s a slow day.. you get a private lesson for the price of a group lesson. I talked her into taking another lesson from Brighton and compare.. she agreed and came back the next day. She requested me, but I was already on a private lesson at the time.. I did catch up with her later. She was grinning ear-to-ear.. so I said, “I take it you had a good time” she smiled and said, “ya’ll DO have a better lesson experience here… but…. I’m just not cut out for skiing.. maybe I’ll try snowshoeing..” Hey, you can’t convert everyone.. right??

Yesterday was an interesting day at the resort.. at the end of the lesson we always summarize the lesson and give the students our feedback for future lessons and tasks to continue with their improvement and fun… at the end of one of these lessons, one of the students (not one of mine) said he felt funny and sat down, he started complaining about his chest… they called Ski Patrol over and realized that this guy might be having a heart attack.. wow.. so they worked on him with the portable defibrillator and oxygen. He was transported to the hospital immediately.. Life Flight couldn’t make it in, so they sent him by ambulance… well to make matters worse, his 6 year old child was in a lesson waiting to be picked up. I believe the  canyon police took the child down the canyon to mom who was waiting for him… no word on the condition of the father.. but how weird. It reminded me of the time that I was teaching a powder lesson on one of those “big dump” days.. a snowboard had collapsed a few yards from my class, his buddy was shaking him and say, “Jim.. buddy, come back.. Jim” I realized that this wasn’t a good sign. I told my class to stay where they were and that I would be right back, I skied over there and asked what was wrong and if I could help.. I quickly realized that the fallen snowboarder had stopped breathing and was turning blue, I asked the other guy if he hit something, he said no.. he just fell down. It was then that I heard the “death rattle”.. it’s the sound the body makes as it relaxes and releases that last bit of air in the lungs.. it usually means that the person just died. I knew what we needed to do.. start CPR immediately, I asked the other guy if he knew CPR.. he said yes, i’m doctor.. WHAT The what?? I said, okay.. I’m going to start compressions if you’ll do rescue breaths.. he just gazed at me.. so I started without him. After about two cycles, a Ski Patrolman showed up and took over. They had a snowmobile and a doctor on the scene almost immediately. I was told to stop by the Patrol shack later to fill out some paperwork after my lesson… so I continued down the hill with my class in the deep powder.. feeling numb and distracted by the events. Later that afternoon it hit me what had happened and the emotion flooded over me. several days later i ran into a patrolman on the lift and asked about the patient.. he was not willing to talk about it until I told them I was the one that started CPR and never heard of the outcome… the patient was a doctor on vacation, he was told not to snowboard the first day of the trip by his cardiologist. He of course didn’t follow his instructions and died that day on the hill… they were never able to get him restarted.

This was several years ago, but I remember every detail clearly… I was grateful that I had taken that CPR class. I’ve always done that.. don’t know why.. and yes, still current and certified even today.

Shout out to an old friend

This week we went to dinner at one of the many Hawaiian ‘plate’ places here in SLC… we went to “Mo Bettah Steaks”. We have heard that this is suppose to be… well.. Mo Bettah… It was ok. I prefer Moki’s though.. I like the Lau Lau and chicken long rice there..

Anyway, we went to the Gateway shopping center to walk around after… We stopped by the fountain thing to warm up next to one of the fire pit things.. and there I saw my old buddy Blake McIntosh. He was there with his little dog Tiny.. Blake and I go way back. I worked with Blake at FM100 a couple of times, but I used to listen to Blake on K96 way back in the 80’s.. It’s true.. when i was in Logan, I had a PD named Mark Roman who used to take me in his car and find a spot down the street from the station where we could pick K96.. there we would listen to Blake and he’d give me pointers on how to improve… small world right? Years later I hired Blake as a production director and have been friends ever since.. Mark is in Albuquerque now and we keep in touch too. Anyway, we spend an hour or so chatting with Blake and catching up… so good to hear his stories and hear about what he’s been up to.

If you Blake.. and he reads this blog by the way.. don’t mention Jagermeister… or maybe do mention it and watch his face..  It goes back.. Blake can tell you the story, but basically he apparently got real sick once.. hehehe….

Sorry Blake.. next time I’ll just bring water 7-Up to the party….