I have noticed that reflection sometimes turns to deep thought or “analysis paralysis” .. meaning, too much deep thought creates more deep thought, which turns to nothing but deep thought.. What?!? Yeah.. So I’m going to try not to do so much reflection from now on. Instead look at the actual reality or ironies of my situation.. wow, even that sounded deepish..

Here we go.. weather (an easy topic to have fun with)

Our house in Texas is still on the market, with no end in sight. The weather has been funky there. Cold air has gripped the South. This time it was for real… kind of. We got an email from our real estate agent informing us of the “hard freeze” about to take down the Houston area… So we got in touch with our neighbors to help us keep an eye on the house and to let some taps drip overnight. I then got online to really look at the possible “hard freeze”… turns out it was forecast to hit 28 degrees for a couple of hours that night. Not really a HARD freeze.. more like a slushy freeze. If you’re from anywhere but the south, a “hard freeze” usually starts at temperatures below zero for an extended time, OR with strong winds to intensify the wind chill.

So we hear that Houston was actually shut down for a couple of days… You know… just to be safe. To be fair, there were isolated reports of freezing rain in some parts of the city, mainly North of town. In the 5 years we lived there, we did see snow and a little ice… and yes, the city was literally shut down at times. The General Manager was from Chicago, so we always had a good laugh over those “scary” reports of the pending ice age coming to Houston. The ironical thing, was that Utah had warmer temps for a fews than Houston this week.. but it was unseasonably warm here. Dallas on the other hand actually got snow and ice.. BUT Dallas usually does this time of year…. but not Houston. Some times the jealous little brother to Dallas..

Other ironies..

This week I had an interview/information gathering meeting, with a station here in town. This situation would be a fun change of direction for me, but a big challenge at the same time. I obviously can’t go into much detail, cuz it ain’t happening yet. If and when it does, I will share it all. The irony is, again I get a sense that I may be over qualified or under experienced with this particular format/nitch. We shall see..  Still no word from any other local stations. Guess they don’t have a need or budget for someone like me.. ironical.. too much experience, not enough experience. I have also been given the advice to maybe “dumb-down” my resume a bit. I don’t say that in an arrogant way, just in the sense of not mentioning everything I’ve done. This doesn’t feel right.. but it’s all about the marketing, right? Hmm, need to give this more thought.

I have probably sent out 5-7 resumes this week. All industry postings, that may or may not be real. With EEO rules, all postings are legal, but not always actual. So it is less affective than it used to be in the past.. sending out a resume, demo and cover letter doesn’t always go to the job/person that is potentially listing a job opening.. or not. All postings are not always actual postings. That’s the business of business. So, the battle goes on, and I remain hopeful that the right situation is just around the corner (whatever that cliche means).

This week I took a clinic at Sundance resort from PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America), which I am a member. It was a prep clinic for Cert 3. The highest level ski instructors attain. During the clinic I found a bunch of things that I need to work on. Hop Turns.. not my friend (It kills my knees).  Pivot Slips.. total balance drill. We also did one-footed skiing, inside outside edge turns, High edge engagement turns, carving, hockey stops…. all at a high end and intensity. This was on Thursday, my knees still hurt.. BUT I learned a lot about my skiing and where I need to work. The irony here is, the harder i work on improving my skiing, the worse my body feels… sore back and knees mainly. Lelani likes to tease me that it’s old age, as she complains in the next breath about her neck and hips…. is it age? Or are we just feeling finally pushing our bodies to new places.. and pain.

Today we/I, are/am planning to watch the Superbowl. This is also the first year in at least 15 that I won’t be talking about it on the air the next day. Feels odd… and ironic.  Next week we travel back to Texas. Dallas this time, so Lelani can do a driving school for NASCAR.. this is her true calling… race car driver. This is a gift I gave her many years ago that got postponed due to moving to Texas, then from bad weather at the Dallas track two years ago and now the week after the Superbowl that brought snow and ice… ironic, that we’re in Utah traveling back to Texas and winter weather may in fact postpone this event again… I’ll keep you posted.

Skiing this week…

All good there. I taught several private lessons and a ton of general group lessons. beginner to advanced and a few clinics for the instructors too. Maybe that’s why my knees are talking back.. I’m using them all day in the cold! I should treat them the same way I treat Emi when she talks back… timeout and ignore them. Like Emi, neither of those methods work to well until the punishment phase comes into play… hmm.. maybe a bad comparison. Need to think about this a bit more. Maybe just Ibuprofen and rest…  I like that better.

Besides.. today is the day of rest, right!?!? at least until the game starts…..