Lots of skiing means a couple of things..  tons of cool people from all over the world and, well of course.. skiing. I had a bunch of great student this week. Ranging in age from 5 to 60 years old. Beginner to advanced… several from Texas too.. go figure. That’s the funny thing, I haven’t had a week yet that I didn’t teach someone from either San Antonio, Austin or Houston. They all ask, “why did you leave..?” I look at them and say, “look around”, they usually smile and say something like.. “I get it now.. what took you so long?” I then tell them that I’m a radio guy that experienced a format change and the rest is history.. they always laugh and want to talk about all the radio stations they think have changed for no apparent reason. It’s always interesting for me to hear the opinions of radio listeners.

Oh I also ran into my old (she’s younger than me) morning show partner, Jill Atwood… she looked great. Jill was dropping off her son for lessons and getting some skiing in for herself. She promised to find time for lunch some day so we can catch up. Jill is now some big manager or something at the VA hospital… good for her. A big girl job… I need me one of those.

The weather has been great. Cold, little flurries here and there.. and basically cold. That always translated to numb feet, wind burn and possible frostbite. I have to say, I can’t get enough of this cold weather… it’s been a nice change from the heat of Houston. Don’t get me wrong, I still well up and get emotional at times when I think about Houston and our adventure. I really do miss our friends and extended family there.. oh and Besse (our Cherokee 180). We need to get her back here asap.. need to fly again soon.

Trip to Dallas

This past weekend, we planned to go back to Texas Speedway for Lelani’s NASCAR driving school adventure… two days before the trip, they cancelled. Said it was because the track was still wet from the snow. I call BS.. it was in the 70’s and almost no snow in sight. I think they didn’t have a full class and had to cut their loses… we went anyway. Dallas is a great city. We’ve been there before… the last time the NASCAR thing cancelled.. yup, twice now. We decided to make the most of the time away and maybe go to Six Flags, the Zoo, Fort Worth.. whatever..

So we dropped Emi (the mean 15 year old) off at her cousin’s house for the weekend. Ahhhh… now we can relax without constant verbal challenges (in both English and Spanish now.. yeah, she’s going for valedictorian multi-lingual). The flight was a short 2 1/2 hours, so i studied my PSIA books to prepare for my written test on Wednesday night. If I blow this, the Cert III stuff comes to a stop until that first detail is taken care of.

Landing in Dallas was uneventful, the weather was warm but brisk. As we pulled up to the hotel (which we chose because it is located right next to Six Flags) we saw the huge Six Flags sign, promoting the park opening…… March 6th!! Really?!? Figures… there was no mention of that on the website. Oh well, it’s a big city.. right?

We had a blast just exploring the city. We went to Fort Worth, we went to the zoo, we found a lake on the North side of Dallas…  Oh pictures…


White Rock lake in North Dallas


This is such a beautiful lake.. one of many in the Dallas area. We walked around one small part of this huge lake and fell in love with the area… so cool. We also found a Central Market in the area… this is an amazing store!! Salt lake needs one.

So we HAD to have “real Texas food”, so we ate at Salt Grass and Pappasito’s…


Salt Grass inside... "real" Texas food


Animals on the walls…. it’s a southern thing..


Pappasito's Tex-Mex.. goat on the wall..


And.. we ate at the House of Blues….


House of Blues art... this i miss...


The Texas pride is awesome.. it’s not an arrogance, just a true pride in where they live and how they live… you see it everywhere…


Texas pride


Love this shot…..


Oh.. we went to the Dallas zoo… sure we saw animals. AND snow!!!

Real Texas snow.. really!!!


Yes… snow…..



Mmmmmm.. Texas waffle.....



Finally, here is what I ate for breakfast this morning….. a Texas waffle…

That’s about it for now. I have a clinic at Alta tomorrow to prepare for the Cert III teaching assessment.

Dallas was a great trip… to all my radio peeps… it was a personal trip, not a radio interview. Although, I would consider it. Wouldn’t that be a weird twist?!?!?


Stay tuned……


Yeah, it’s about time to get back on the radio…. soon.