top of Snake creek looking south

We have been so blessed with tons of powder this week… face shots for everyone!! For you “flat-landers”, a face shot is what happens when you make a turn in powder snow and the snow is so light and fluffy that it literally blows/rolls up over your head and covers your entire body for a brief second with it’s glorious goodness… although aspirating the stuff does suck a little.. I actually found myself chewing the snow after most of these ‘face shots’, leaving me with a mouth full of snow and grins..  In fact, we have all started attending new religion here.. The Church of The Mountain, of Powder Day Saints. New members being accepted everyday!!!

Yes, as you have read.. skiing is my life for now. With such a great snow year, what else would I do?? Bitch and moan like most of the non-skiers and Winter haters? I don’t get it.. If you don’t like the weather where you live, move!?!? While in Houston, we heard non-stop how crappy the weather was.. from native Texans! We never got that point.. Sure it was hot and humid, but so is the entire southern region of the USA! It all has its advantages and disadvantages. In Texas, everything grows. Everything.. including flowers, gecko’s, weeds, cockroaches, citrus, mildew, grass (lawn.. and the other kind of herb.. so I’ve been told), turtles, alligators… BUT, the terrain is so flat. this was my only gripe. So we would travel to places with hills and mountains to get our terrain fix. In Utah, we have lots of terrain and cold Winters that also affects the life span of all insects and plants.. no gecko’s, no citrus, fewer weeds (yes both), very few cockroaches, almost no mildew… BUT dry hot Summer’s.. and lots of skiing and mountain activities year-round.

This week I was asked to teach a multi-day private lesson at Deer Valley.  This is the place where the Rich and Famous folks ski and dine on the finer things. To be asked to go over there and teach temporarily is a lot of fun. All of the instructors are hand chosen to take this assignment.. so I felt very privileged to be one of the few, the proud.. you know. I was asked if I would like to teach Reese Witherspoon.. I of course swallowed hard and said “HELL YES!!!” I thought, wow.. how cool is that! Wait, would I be able to take any group pictures with her? Would she think I was a good teacher or just another creepy guy trying to stop staring and/or drooling.. That would not be me, after all.. she isn’t even on “my list”!? You know what I’m talking about.. we all have one. The list that your spouse or significant other has approved you having a relationship with… For example, My wife has a list that includes;

Brad Pitt,

Brad Pitt

Mr. Pitt










Keith Urban,

Mr. Urban













Harry Connick jr.,

Mr. Connick jr.











Yes, it’s true… even Lelani has a few ‘fantasy lovers’.. I have agreed to be okay with her leaving me if any of these guys come into her life and she wants to leave me for them. Think about it! Most are musicians with amazing partners/wifes… so I win too!!!

But since you’re already thinking, I do have a list too.. I’ll share a partial listing of my top picks..

First of all.. if she has Brad and Keith… I HAVE to put Angelina and Nicole on my list too.. right??




Some of my others include: (in no particular order)

Ms. Roberts

Ms. Grant








Ms. Bullock Umm.. duh.

Ms. Crow







Now we all  know that I will never actually “hook-up” with any of these intelligent, beautifully talented women… BUT I figure I can’t lose either way. If Lelani and I happen to move next door to any of these amazingly talented and seemingly friendly future neighbor types.. HEY, I’m just saying….. Yeah, I’m going to finally play in an amazing band, or work them for a contact for a part in a movie… or just settle for cleaning their pool… or whatever.. It could happen…

I digress, back to my assignment at Deer Valley. I finally got my assignment sheet for my client for the next couple of days… SURPRISE!!!! No Reese Witherspoon.. although one of our other instructors did teach her after all… My client was a Wall Street equity investor, on vacation with his kids. I had a great time and made some new friends in the process. He also gave me a couple of hot investment leads in the market. I skied for 6 hours each day.. almost. What a great experience.. and Deer Valley is such a great place to see famous people.. for example, I was getting a drink of water and bumped into Charlie Gibson.. the news/Good Morning America guy.. I was such a dork.. I said “hey I know you.. and i love your work” he smiled and said “thanks!” I though, ‘Dain.. you asshole… what a stupid thing to say’ (internal dialog) i am such a dork… in retrospect, maybe it was good that I didn’t have Reese after all. Besides, she’s not on my list anyway… for now.

I decided to start my ski days lately by taking the hardest run right off the bat.. so for the last couple of days I jumped into.. yes, jumped into Rein’s Run.. a double black, ass-kicking run. By doing this I have found a new philosophy to live by.  If I just “go for it”.. I have so much more fun and I have a huge snow-eating grin on my face. Yes.. again, I’m a big dork with a big stupid grin on my face every time I do that…

So from now on, I’m going to approach things with an even bigger “go for it” attitude… My biggest fear has always been that i will hurt myself… Fear.. the great paralyzer. So I’m just going to jump right in and turn, adjust my balance at every turn, keep looking ahead, and moving forward… skiing and life.

And so you see… “Skiing IS life”.. at least for me..

This I will take into my continued search for continued career paths as well. I have had far too many friends and friends of friends get their passion cut short by not taking advantage of the moment.. then before you know it.. it’s all over, too late.

I have never been one to hold back, so dammit! It’s time to kick some ass… I will find the right radio/media job and take it to the next level. Who’s with me?

And if Sheryl, Amy or Keith call me to help move their furniture or join their band on the road…. never mind.

Hmmmm.. face shots.

Being flexible, make turns, stay balanced, look forward…. but constant movement.

It is the same stuff..