Looking toward Alta from Great Western

The weather has been amazing this Winter.. that is if you love great snow, mild temps and great snow (did I mention the great snow?). My skiing has improved a ton this year. Just what I needed too, cheap therapy. I have always seen skiing as an incredible release for stress and the re-energization (is that a word?) of my soul. This year I have also developed new knee pain.. go figure. No complaints though, except that It will all come to an end way too fast for me. I have already started to feel the deep sadness I always experience at the end of the season. It’s weird right? The very sport that I have struggled with over the years has become such a huge part of my life and soul.

Today our eldest child Alyssa, the only college graduate  in the house (as she pointed out to us last night), came down to spend the weekend.. anyway, she asked if I wished we had stayed in Houston since we’re still trying to sell the house there. I paused for about a half second and said; “no.. we came here to ski..” and it’s true. As I look back over the last 6 months of my life, I have come to realize that coming to Utah was a multi-faceted decision. We had this condo that wasn’t being rented, we have family here and of course skiing in the mountains. The latter being the real constant reason. Being close to family is a nice idea, but  truth be told.. we haven’t really seen them that much more than when we lived 2000 miles away. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing family members to a degree… in small doses..  and I’m not THAT obsessed with skiing.. but living in the deep South didn’t allow us to experience cold temperatures (for more than a week) and season changes… so with that in mind, I guess we found what we were looking for. I didn’t really expect to find a radio job here, I was hopeful that something big would open up.. but it hasn’t. In fact, nothing small has opened up either. Not even weekend DJ slots.. hmmm… Thank God for skiing, Nag Champa, Dave Matthews, good friends and Cafe Rio. (notice I didn’t mention In-n-Out Burger? Now that they’re in Utah I can’t go.. just seems wrong.)

Bucee's on the tips.. yes my name is on there too...

Bill Tatar (my old friend and marketing genius-wanna-be from Houston) saw this picture and pointed out what a nerd I am for putting my name on my skis… truth is I am a dork! BUT, we also realized a couple of years ago, that ski thieves don’t usually want to steal things with someones name on them. Too easy to identify I guess, plus these were one of the most stolen skis a couple of years ago. Now the Bucee’s stickers just add a level of cool to offset the dork-like name on there.


The Beach

Sitting here “on the beach” has been much more of a process than I expected it to be. The level of ‘suck’ gets harder every couple of weeks. The most common question I hear now is “so, what are you going to do this Summer?” I have to honestly reply.. “uh, I don’t know”. For the first time in my career/life, I don’t have a plan. Wow, I need to figure this thing out. What if my old friend Radio leaves me behind? Then what?? Do I even have an skills or abilities that I can earn a living with?? Holy-Shit!!! Does this mean I might have to go get a “REAL JOB!!”” AWWWWW!! Every radio persons biggest nightmare (expect for that dream where the song is running out and you can’t find the log or the next song or commercial to play), which in reality seems like the same thing! As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I looked back to see how many resumes I have sent out in the last 6 months… the numbers is approaching 60+. With a handful of responses, manly “sorry, you’re not our choice” letters.

If going to the beach is filled with sand, surf and sunny blue skies.. why do we call being unemployed sitting “on the Beach”? I guess it’s a visual to try to stay positive about the future and possible “better” outcomes to come.. in the future, from now, to come later… if not sooner. HUH?!? The beach seems a little grey…

Alyssa asked some good questions this morning, which made me think. Basically, what did I hope to accomplish by coming back to Salt Lake City? Hmm.. really just to ski and teach skiing until something comes along or I figure out the next plan of attack. I guess I thought that leaving this market for a top-10 major market would make me more valuable as a talent, programmer and a management/market leader… I believe that. BUT some of the feedback  I’ve received, at least locally is a sense that I’m now over qualified or a threat to existing management folks. Funny really.. I hear nothing but positive up front and then behind the conversation I hear later that “we could never afford Dain” … try me.


Look.. radio/advertising/performing is where my heart is. I’m a fighter and a survivor.. this is a challenge I’m up for. I’ll find a way to make it work for me. So if could find a job that combined all my passions I’d be set.. skiing/flying/biking/radio/playing music/travel…. and get paid for it.


Life goes on. So I continue to try to live in the present and appreciate all the goodness I have around me, and soak in the support and guidance I get from sometimes unexpected places.. like random comments from ski instructors, or movies, or family (yes even Emi.. the hormonal 15 year old) that spark a thought or as my friend Carolyn said yesterday about something completely different.. she said, “age has the advantage of hearing what we need to hear over and over, until it finally brings a change… the difference is that sometimes we forget until we hear it again and realize we already knew what to do.. we just temporarily forgot. Remembering not to forget is the tough part..” She is truly a Zen Master and Sensei to all see comes in contact with. (Carolyn is the training director at Brighton ski school)


That is my new mantra.. “Remember not to forget the stuff you already know..” or something like that.