The week started out with another group of exchange students from Japan. These kids were amazing! We taught them skiing, but they taught us humility and quiet, respectful honor and love. Like the last group, these kids had friends and family affected by the tsunami and earthquake. One of the first conversations i had with my group was them asking me if I had heard about the terrible disaster in their country. I said “yes of course.. very sad..” they said, in their broken English.. “everyone in my family is okay.. no one hurt”. I was just as amazed with these kids as I was with the first group last week. . AND we taught them all to ski, or at least the basics.. stopping and turning.

I also had the opportunity to teach a private lesson at Deer Valley again. This was fun.. I always wonder who the client is going to be. NO.. it wasn’t a movie star.. this time an attorney from Pittsburgh. The snow was marginal, but it was a good day. The snow this year has been feast or famine.. mainly feast. A banner year for great snow all season.

One of the constant questions I have been getting is “what are you planning to do this Summer?”. I hear this from clients, fellow ski instructors and those loud voices inside my head. But never from Lelani. She has had this quiet confidence that everything is going to be okay, and that it will all work out. She is definitely my grounding force. But I still have NO idea what the Summer will bring. I know that I won’t be teaching skiing in New Zealand though. They got back to me and thanked me for my interest and asked me to consider applying for a position next year with them. Well that answers that!

This week I did an audition for the Park City TV station. It’s a small community station with a small budget and run by a group of passionate people who love what they do. I auditioned for the co-host position for “Mountain Morning Show” with Jen Hardman. It was fun. I got to “chat” with Jen, do weather in front of a green screen and interview and pretend guest. This would be fun, but I got the impression that they be looking for someone younger with less broadcasting experience… I could be wrong, but the station has a very “unpolished” approach to their presentation. We’ll see.. not holding my breath. But it did give a chance to feel those butterflies again.. as nervous as I was for this, it actually felt good to be presented with those old familiar feelings of insecurity. Being in front of a camera again was a bit unsettling.. but good. I heard those voices in my head (not really voices.. I’m not crazy.. yet) telling me to “breathe and project, smile, grin, focus, quit squinting.. say something funny..” I could do this. But what about making money.. oh yeah, then there’s that!

So Emi had her 16th birthday this week too. I could tell she was a bit anxious about being 16. We had planned to do a surprise party of some kind, but the timing was odd. She has a track meet and a percussion competition, we had to scramble to get her friends together and get them over to a secret location for the party. To throw Emi off, I asked where she wanted eat on her birthday, without hesitation she said Moki’s. A local Hawaiian food place..


Moki's.. Teri beef, Teri chicken, rice, Hawaiian salad and a side of Samoan chop suey



Years ago she wanted a ham sandwich, slice of lemon, a cheery, Brussel sprouts and chef salad for her birthday. That night one of the other kids asked her why we didn’t go get steak or hamburgers.. Emi didn’t realize that she could pick a restaurant.. she thought she was just supposed to pick her favorite foods. This year she knew what she wanted and we didn’t argue… Moki’s is Ono!! After Moki’s, lelani took Emi to an ice cream shop where her friends were waiting to surprise her.

I didn’t make it to the party. I had scheduled another written test for the cert III skiing certification. This time I passed… but realized that the girl who corrected my last test marked at least 7 answers wrong that were really right.. which means I would have passed the first time too. Oh well, it forced me to study more and fly through the test without hesitation. Now the real work begins. The skiing assessment is the big one most everyone fails. In fact I’m not sure if I’ve heard of anyone passing it on their first try. So I need to either take it this year knowing I won’t be ready or wait until next year and work into it.. gotta give this more thought.

One of the cool things that happened this week was the email I received from The Road Home family homeless shelter asking me to serve on their board of trustees. What a huge honor this is. I did this 6 years ago when we lived here last. Great group of people and an incredible project to help cure homelessness. This is another overwhelming opportunity is fill my soul. The members of this board are the leaders of the community, from bankers to religious leaders to hospital administrators. Phew.. deep breath..

Hey I also find out this week if I got elected to the board of PSIA… hey, if I can’t get a paying job, I might as well serve on a few boards… right?!?! It’s all good, and it will be a lot of fun.. not matter what I end up doing this Summer. I MIGHT even consider crossing the road into media sales… I know… and yes, it’s really that critical. Besides, I know the radio/broadcast business pretty well and I still believe in it… so why not. Maybe this is the place I should have gone to before now… we’ll see. Still no word on the GM gig in town, or the OM job with that smaller radio group, or the PD job in Nashville, Denver, Seattle, San Diego.. and of course nothing here in Salt lake radio…

Yup.. feels like I’ve fallen into a black-hole… I keep sending out resumes and looking at other alternatives for income. This week I literally got $8 from unemployment.. seriously.. the combination of private lessons and regular lesson finally surpassed unemployment. Funny… woow!

Now if we can just get our house in Texas sold.. what a pain. Still on the market, still no serious lookers.

“Life on the beach” is not what it once was… this is tough.

Still listening for answers.. looking for the opportunity and direction.


Oh and welcome to the Vernal Equinox.. astrological first day Spring.