The week started out pretty typical… ski lessons, cold clean air, powder turns.. pretty much perfect. I had a clinic with Joe Waggner from PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America). He came up to Brighton to help several of us that are interested in finishing our Cert III stuff. He’s a great guy, and we all learned a lot.. I was reminded again of just how much I CAN’T do hop turns. Those damn things hurt my knees.. BUT, I also learned that I’ve been doing them wrong. So more work to be done there. I’m still on the fence about going for the skiing assessment this year. This is the one most people fail several times in a row. If i do go for it, I will approach it from a learning experience perspective rather than trying to pass.. I’m not completely ready yet. We’ll see, it’s in a couple of weeks.

dorky smile on a powder day.. it happens a lot.. the stupid smile thing.

I had a funky experience this week in a lesson.. two of my students put it together that I was “that” Dain from Dain & Peggy on FM100.. that was like 9 years ago. They made a big deal out of it to the other students who were from out of town. It was interesting to hear their comments and embarrassing at the same time.

This week I started my position as a board member at the Road Home homeless shelter. Wow, things have changed since I last served on the board. Now there are 30 members, a new permanent housing facility has been built and the other members are all high-powered members of the community. For example, I sat next to the CFO of Energy Solutions. Other members are presidents of banks, CEO’s for major corporations,  Legislators, Senior managers for this or that… my title on my name tag was “community advocate”.. funny. I guess that looks better than “unemployed DJ” or “Ski Instructor”. This is going to be a great opportunity on many levels. I really look forward to it..

I also found out that I was NOT elected to the board at PSIA. That’s fine, I really don’t want to start spending all my time on boards.. you know, when I can do something else like maybe earn a living?!?! More on that later..

My best friends Father passed away this week. Scott Hepner was my best friend in high school. His dad lost his battle with colon cancer. So we went to Preston Idaho (yes, Napoleon Dynamites home town) for the service. I was nice to here the memories, many of which I remembered from my association with his family. I’m glad we went.. and of course it was cool to catch up with Scott.

Driving through Cache Valley brought a flood of memories back from childhood. I even drove past my dad’s old house.. the one I grown up in. It was for sale.. the thought briefly crossed my mind, “what if?” Smithfield is such a pretty town. Right next to the mountains, streams for fishing, trails for exploring… I missed the smell of manure though. I was told that the number of dairy farms has decreased so much, that it’s rare to smell the sweet aroma of cow… I do actually like it. Maybe it’s just a smell from my past that brings those fond memories back faster. We stopped by Alyssa’s apartment (our oldest child.. the one that will be graduating from USU in a couple of months). She of course thought this visit from Mom and Dad meant a free steak dinner.. funny girl.. she then suggested a new Indian Restaurant.. it was just okay. Steak would have been cheaper I think. As we were taking Alyssa back, she saw a kid on a bike and said, “oh that’s Jason” the dude was pretty scrappy looking, so in my best “Dad” voice I said, “is he a hippy?” She replied.. “no, I think he’s from Canada”… Oh Alyssa.. always good for a laugh. She didn’t even realize what we were laughing at. College has been good for her, but she’s still so innocent and naive. Please stay that way… it’s a good thing.

So we had to go get our cheese from Gossner’s Cheese plant and of course Pepperidge Farms. As we left… and left Emi with her.. we headed for home stopping to see my brother Jon. We interrupted their yard work, which I don’t Jon was to unhappy about. They have a great house and a beautiful yard and view of the mountains.

This week on the beach..

I was turned down for a job at DBX here in SLC, XM Sirius in NYC, PCTV in Park City and haven’t heard anything from any of 50+ inquiries I’ve made in the past couple of months. Oh well.. it’s a process right? I did how ever hear from an old friend that has a new radio project locally that I will be looking into soon. Doesn’t sound too big, but it could be fun.

the ski season ends in a couple of weeks.. gotta get me a “big boy” job soon…

Now if we can just sell our house in Texas, we’ll be breathing a little easier financially.