As I sit here in my warm, humble domicile.. I reflect on the past fews days and all lessons I’ve learned. Sometimes the very things that seem the least obvious, in fact become the most pivotal life lessons learned.

Today Mother Nature is playing her typical role here in Utah. Yesterday the high temp was over 70 degrees. Today it’s dumping.. lots of heavy snow….

I have battled this morning as to whether I should put on my gear and go skiing in what may be the last powder day.. that just sounds weird to say. Where has the season gone, and yet I’m still sitting here gazing out the window, watching the snow fall… no face shots for me today.

All this snow will of course be gone by tomorrow morning, with temps hitting the 60’s. This will also no doubt bring more water to the local streams and rivers, causing flooding in the valley. This is two edge sword of Spring in Utah… but it sure is amazing!!!

This week I got an email from Park City TV.. (I auditioned for the co-host position there many weeks ago) I had pretty much written off the audition as just another in a long list of unsuccessful attempts at a new job. I was wrong… they actually wanted me to come up and start doing the morning show everyday with the co-host I auditioned with. Cool!! I had, and still have.. many questions about this new chapter. Now I had a bunch of things to get in order, like basically going to a part-time position at Brighton so I can continue to do both jobs for the rest of the season. So I started on Thursday morning. It felt rough, but refreshing to be performing again. I soon realized that I have a lot to learn. Luckily, my co-host and director are both very patient and professional. They are trying to lead me along this thing called TV.. little things like, which camera to look at, what a “wide shot” means, stand in frame when doing weather… radio and TV have a lot of similarities, AND a lot of differences. So thank you Jennifer and Jason.. a shameless, grateful shout out for your guidance and understanding in this transition. The staff is very small, but passionate about the job and with the few tools they have, the product is pretty damn good. I was impressed with what they do everyday with little or no help… again, a SMALL staff. in fact.. there are now three of us doing the morning show everyday Monday through Friday. I am humbled once again by the challenge, but love the idea of following this path.

Hey, the universe opened this door.. the least I can do is walk through and jump in with both feet. Even though there isn’t much money attached to the project, the education and adventure will be worth it..

As the TV stuff now swirls in my head, much like radio always did too.. I remember the feeling of constantly filing ideas away in my head for future content to put on the air and prepare for. The difference is that I don’t have ratings, management meetings or a budget to answer to. So it’s just performance this time. Kind of refreshing, but familiar..

One day last week, I went from the TV station to Brighton for an afternoon of lessons. What a difference! I had the great realization of why I love the ski industry so much. Broadcasting, at any level, always manages to attract a variety of personalities as does the ski industry. I think it’s funny that I can fit into both worlds comfortably. Skiing is so relaxed and “chill”… broadcasting is not relaxed at all. It’s an adrenaline ride from start to finish.. with a few misguided types that always think they know more than the rest or that everyone is stupid but them.. it’s a true principle in every broadcasting group. Just funny to see this again…

The lesson I learned from my skiing life this week is that I still have a long way to go with my personal skiing and even more important, how people perceive me. We had our end of year ski school party. It’s always a very mixed emotion event. Saying goodbye to some, chatting and hugging others and hearing opinions from even others that have had plenty of “truth serum”. This happen last night, one of my ski buddies came up to me and thanked me for being the one that “inspired” him to work harder on his personal skiing. This person is a skier that I have always looked up to. I went into the back country once and could barely keep up.. so when he said those words, that I had inspired him to do anything, I  was touched. Now the truth serum part… as I turned to speak with another instructor about Summer jobs and the new TV show I’m stumbling through, instructor #1 started talking to Lelani and told her in the beginning of the season, I was rude and abrasive.. “a boy scout” as he put it… but then finally loosened up and became a loyal member of “the cove” (a small self proclaimed club of instructors that have lockers in a small poorly lit section of the locker room, an exclusive group).

Rude and Abrasive?!? I didn’t know what to think.. I’m sure he wasn’t being mean, just honest.. truth serum does that to you. I then took a minute and looked around at all my beloved instructors, my Brighton family. I saw several that I remembered having to apologize to during the season for misunderstandings.  A couple were in tears from the experience, and I saw how my insensitivity had left them with a negative impression of who I think I am… Holy Shit.. there it was.. rude and abrasive. Yup.. guilty as charged.. Not the image I had held of myself. Hence, a lot to still learn. Had radio made me even more cynical? Was I so filled with self-doubt and disappointment that I was projecting that onto others?? Probably.. These little glimpses into someone’s soul, when it reflects your image is painful and telling.. another subtle lesson.

One of the really cool things this week, was spending time with my Dad. I have missed those moments while we were in Texas. We went to their house with sandwiches in hand, and sat on the deck. Chatting about life, school, new job opportunities, more life and kids. My dad and Shauna have this great house that over looks Utah county. I need to spend more time listening to my Dad.. even as a child (which still feel I am), I have always loved to listen to how he thinks… I also learned that he knows a ton about weather. Wish i would have figured this out when I was passing off one of my many pilot certifications.

This morning I got an email from an old friend I met in Houston at one of our Radiothon’s we held to raise money for Texas Children’s cancer center. He is a film maker and member of the CMN (Children’s Miracle Network) team. He is making a documentary about our efforts there and documenting a lot of what Kevin Kline (founder of Snowdrop Foundation) has done with his passion to create change.. anyway, Everett asked me if I had a picture of a little boy named Austin. Austin and I became fast friends one year at the Radiothon. Austin was there to get his weekly dose of chemo. Austin sat by my side through the whole broadcast, then again the next day. Later I would learn that Austin went into remission, and as fate would reveal itself.. a relapse and later cancer took his little life. As I attended his funeral, I realized what a lasting impression he had left on me. A strong, energetic, funny, very faithful little boy, fighting for his life.. literally. His mother told me how over those short years of our friendship, Austin loved to get my emails with pictures of skiing, playing the drums and keeping up with my radio life. I never knew this…

Austin several years ago, when we first met at Radioton

Today I reflect on what kind of an impression I have left on those around me.. some intentionally, many unintentionally. Reflection is a powerful thing sometime…

I guess the positive outcome of being unemployed and “on the beach” so far, has been that I have a lot of extra time to take a lot of personal inventory…..

New direction needs to also include changes. I hope I have learned my lesson, if not I’ll be reminded again.

This week will be filled with TV morning shows, job interviews and skiing (i’m going to take the Cert III skiing assessment in a couple of weeks.. ugh!).

Subtle lessons of improvement… the more things change, the more they remain the same. (or do they?)