It’s Easter Sunday, early.. well early for the girls I live with. Truth is I’ve been awake since 5 am. It’s now 7 ‘ish. Lelani, Alyssa and Emi are still a sleep. The quiet is nice, but in no time we’ll be hearing about school, graduation plans, bragging about this or that… like who’s butt is finally bigger… Lelani and I usually stay out of it, but try not to take sides. Sibling rivalry, we had/have it, but these two talk, and sometime three.. talk and laugh about the DUMBEST things.. being a boy/dude has it’s advantages.. we don’t get, nor do we want to “get” stupid girl talk. I’m happy that they still like to be around each other and spend time together. that’s something that my family did yesterday.. the annual family get together at my Dad’s house. All the grand kids do an Easter egg hunt, while the adult stand around and catch up.. it a ritual that takes place every year. I love to catch up with my brothers. My sister lives in Phoenix, this year she didn’t make it. As we chat, many of the same questions come out.. “How’s the job search?, Are you still skiing?, What are you going to do this Summer?” Life is funny that way.. talking to my family made me look back at the last 6 months and take inventory of my feelings and thoughts. As I recalled all the incredible experiences I have had as a full-time ski instructor, these images passed through my head.. Today is closing day at Brighton.. I cry every year. Friday I turned in my uniform.. reluctantly.. and felt a wave of emotion take over me. As I looked around the locker room, mostly empty now, I saw others in a that same end-of-season-funk.. It went by way too fast. This was an amazing experience.. to be able to spend the last 5 months focusing on skiing and teach the skills and passion for a sport that keeps me grounded and dare I say balanced.. I always leave with so many mixed emotions at the end of the season. This year, I added one more.. gratitude. I’m grateful to have been able to do this finally (it’s always been one of those dreams of mine to take a season and do it full-time), grateful for no injuries, grateful for great friends, grateful for the personal growth and skiing improvement… but mainly, I’m grateful for lessons skiing continues to teach me. I’m starting feel a tear roll down my cheek as I write this now. As crazy as it sounds.. this experience was just what I needed in my life this year. I’m going to miss it, and probably try like hell to find a way to do it again. As the season ends, another starts. The season of continuing to find a “Big Boy” job. Spring and hay fever are in full swing too. The flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing, the schools are planning their final concerts and activities… We have also started to talk about.. “what’s next”. It looks like we may have a buyer or at least someone interested in our house that’s been on the market for 6+ months in Texas. This is a nice relief.. but now we wait to see if it all goes through. In a way, it’s sad too.. I have also been missing Texas lately. The people, old friends, our plane, the house, the memories.. is this what life is becoming? I guess when things get turned upside down, it’s normal to think about the process of life more and take a step back. Even Emi mentioned the other day how fast this school year has gone by. It’s true.. these past 6 months have flown by. This past week I taught a ski lesson to a lady that was from Texas. As the lesson progressed, we realized that not only was she from Texas, but Sugar Land. They lived a couple of blocks from us, and Christian was friends with their son in High School. We made many connections, and talked about how we both missed the area.. Bucee’s, Gringo’s, alligators, amazing sunsets and of course the people. The interesting thing about teaching this lady, was that I wasn’t even rostered to teach that lesson, I just happened to be standing there as we needed another instructor to take an extra person out… things happen for a reason. This idea I have seen more than ever this year at Brighton.. Not just people from Texas that knew me from the radio station or friends of friends, but former students and families I taught years ago.. skiing is a great gathering place I’ve decided. So easter is here. The time of year we celebrate the great Easter bunny, eggs, candy and the new life. I recognize the religious aspects as well.. the time to reflect of all the goodness that God brings to our lives as well. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the resurrection of Jesus in here too. The examples of moving on and new life are all around us this time of year… Only for us, it’s been a season of growth, reflection and wonder. I ran this last week a couple of times. One day, I started out when the clouds were high, the temp was mild and I decided to go for it. 2 miles into the run, the wind kicked up, and rain started to lightly fall. I thought I’ll make it fine, I’ll just keep goign. As I rounded the urn that marks mile 3.. I saw the big black clouds looming in the western sky.. uh oh.. yup.. a squall line, cold front thing.. the wind now picked up intensity.. like 25+ mph. Dirt was flying, small children were crying, cat were living with dogs.. total mayhem! Anyway… at that point HAIL started to slam into me. As I picked up the pace, I realized I couldn’t just head for home, this was something I had to just stay on course and keep moving forward. As I neared the street that would allow me to cut my 5 mile run to a 4 mile sprint.. I noticed how erratic people were driving. They seem frightened.. why? This added another level of awareness.. because they weren’t as concerned with me running through their intersection as they should be… as I watch a little old lady driving an over sized mini van (common in Utah, we call these Mormon buses), she wasn’t watching, so I stopped in the middle of the cross walk as she rolled to a stop 4 feet in front of me, had I been 2 feet forward I would have been hit, I stood there waiting for her to look over at me, as she finally did and I waved. She wasn’t happy, I guess I frightened her.. good! I waved and laughed it off. As I headed for home, the lightning started striking all around me.. whoo, it was time to pick up the pass again.. As I was now sprinting for home, in the rain/hail/hurricane.. I thought.. this is like my life lately. The storms came in unexpectedly, I kept going, damn got hit by someone not paying attention, got wet and made a direction change to get back to a safe place.. I know kind of deep.. it happens when you have extra time to consider your mortality. Constant forward motion, cautious optimism, and confidence seems to be the lessons coming back to me these days. Oh and saying “see you next season” to killer powder turns… Again I say…. TODAY I AM RICH…. **next step, finding a job/career direction that keeps me in this mind-set. Happy Easter.