As I look back over the past week and reflect over the things I’ve learned, I see a few common threads. Easter started out the week. The time of year that we talk about the example the Saviour’s life for us all. regardless of your religious path, the story is the same. Committed, loving examples of following an idea that focused his life, and eventually took his life. Never deviating, swaying or giving in to the popular philosophy of the time.

We ended up at my Dad’s house for the annual easter egg hunt for the grand kids. My step-mom Shauna always does such a great job making everyone feel important and wanted. Seeing my siblings was cool too. It was a full house, but lots of laughter and hugs were shared by everyone.

Years ago, when I was going through a rough patch in my life, some of the advise I was given was to reconnect with family. My parents were at the top of the list, followed by siblings and then friends. I followed that advise and realized that when all else fails around you, these are the only people at times that will be there to help sure you up and give you strength. I now see the wisdom in that advise. I have always been an independent soul. Being the oldest of 5 kids, I was the leader with first child expectations. When it was time to leave the nest I took flight and didn’t look back to often. This month I turned 48.. Birthdays have a way of making us all reflect and take inventory. 48!! Two years away from 50. The irony is that when i went through the “rough patch” mentioned earlier, my Dad was almost my age.. weird. But wait.. I also heard myself giving this advise to our oldest this week. She’s going through life changing experiences right now too. In a week she graduates from USU, with all the emotions that go along with it. The week also brought some other personal drama as well…. my advise? Come to Salt Lake for a day and blow off some steam. I related parts of my story to her and how important family will always be, friends are there as temporary shoulders.. but your family will always help carry your weight. She came down and we all of course shared some laughs and lots of hugs… yes even Emi. Although I can’t understand why these girls ALWAYS end up arguing about who has the bigger butt.. really? That’s a girl thing I guess..

Putting things in order is a funny thing. For me it always starts with the present and moves to examples from my past. For example, I now have a pile of ski gear in the living room of our little 2 room condo, waiting to be delivered to the storage unit for the Summer. As I look at my beloved skis, boots and pole I get a little emotional reflecting on the incredible season it’s been. My mind is filled all the runs I took, the great students and of course my family at ski school. So with this I flashback to a year ago and compare. A year ago my thoughts were mainly about how my job in Houston was coming to an end, slowly but surely. This year I lived one of my fantasies.. to teach skiing for an entire season. It really was a dream come true. My feet now have 8 toes… each! 2 more on the sides and one on the back of my heel.. boots are a bit too tight.

This putting things in order concept is a strange one. In reality we are really only putting together a possible plan to follow based on our past experiences. I truly believe that we can’t control the future, but instead we navigate it.. using the maps or advise from those who have traveled these waters before. With common sense and direction from all sources, including spiritual ones, we find our way. This Independence has taught me many things.. first and foremost, that I don’t have as many answers as I thought I did. That sucks.. but it is circle of our lives.

Emi has seen some circles this week too. The school year is coming to an end, she went on her first date and is now working a job trying to juggle school, social, church and work responsibilities. All things we cautioned her about for the last year… now she’s living them. Funny to see how all three kids have chosen to manage this phase of life differently. Emi also got her scores back from the ACT test this week. She did great… but beating Alyssa and Christian’s score seemed to be the most important factor… of course. She got a 30. She’s a smart kid. But as with all kids, not as smart as she thinks sometimes…. and there it is.. another circle. We were all there once too.

So here’s what I have decided my next order of events needs to be.. (in no particular order)

– A job (one that has all the growth opportunities and challenges I need.. one that pays more than just gas money)

– Sell the house in Texas, followed by finding another one here.

– Music. I really need this element back in my life. Playing with a band again..

Years ago I made a similar list that included things like; pilots license, SCUBA diving, Program Director, morning show personality, more skiing… live in another city (preferably major market) doing radio. I have accomplished all these, but the toughest is to find balance and true accomplishment with all these “things”.. my order of things to come next are smaller and seemingly more basic this time. Focus on the basics is a good place to start.. which by the way is the same recipe for success in the radio business too. So.. first things first. Then we can start to expand to more exotic plans.. like getting more endorsements in flying, traveling, maybe even running a marathon before my knees completely give out.. who knows.. maybe I’ll take this TV experience I’m getting at PCTV and turn it into something cool.

On the job front, I have interviewed in a couple of possible paths that could turn into something. One is a broadcasting thing, the other would head me down the advertising path.. The “other side” as we put it in the industry. We’ll see.. both would be good. This week might shed some light on the possibilities.

This week will be filled with all those concepts of finding order in the chaos. For us and as well as watching Alyssa (our oldest) walk the graduation walk from college. Family will be in town, so the drama of circles continues.. does it really ever end? Nah…

My focus this week, is to continue to follow some of the suggestions I’m reading about in Tim Sander’s book “Today We Are Rich”.. basically taking a step back and being grateful. Not just gratitude, but appreciating all the richness we have around us all the time.

My mother-in-law as well as others have made note that my attitude has changed a bit since I started this blog.. that’s good to hear.. cuz that’s why I started it in the first place, as a bit of therapy. But I warn you….

I could still snap at any time!!!


kind of..

Oh.. my phone died this week.. random thought I know, so I have tried to get used to an iPhone.. not crazy about it. Thinking about taking the damn thing back and getting another Droid. Emi came home last night and saw the new phones.. hahaha.. she got this “pouty” look on her face and slumped into the couch, then said, “not fair”… she won’t be getting a cell phone for a couple of years. We both laughed…

I will leave you with some pictures of the last snow storm mother nature hit us with this week.

Of course it’s all melted now……

Spring will be here “fer reals” this week…