This was another one of those surreal weeks that we never anticipate. First of all I actually had two, yes TWO job interviews. Still not sure how those went.. I don’t think that’s a good sign. One was a broadcasting opportunity, the other a related field.. but not certain of the outcome.  hmmmm…

One of the cool things was that I got to spend some time with one of my oldest (she’s younger than me) radio friends. Great to catch up with her and hear about her baby, who is 5 now. Catching up with all of the news about common friends and just talk about life. We didn’t even talk about her job or my search. It was just nice to see an old friend and share life experiences.

This week was a weird one for us as well… Alyssa (the oldest child) graduated from USU. Time is such an amazing thing. Lelani and I spend a lot of time this week talking about trips, hikes, experiences and other Alyssa related experiences. Saturday we drove to USU to see the parade of the graduates, or as my Mom calls it, “the march of the penguins.

March of the penguins USU 2011

I felt a familiar twinge of emotion as I walked around campus. I heard myself sounding very much like an old guy.. “that’s where I played a ton of concerts.. over there I took my first radio class… look there’s my dad’s old office.. this place had the best chocolate chip cookies.. played pool in there.. got an “A” in that class room..” It was a funny experience.. Yes it’s true.. ANOTHER CIRCLE!!

Lelani even got into it with comment like.. “this is where my drill team practiced.. and we ate over there..” To which I responded.. “I know, we watched you all Summer long.. just didn’t know you then”

Alyssa was feeling those mixed emotions too. Happy to be graduating, yet that deep dark place of.. “now what-ville”.

yes those are lei's...

If you look closely, you can see that she got lei’d about 6 times that morning… she wouldn’t talk about it.

At the big event, My Dad & his wife Shauna, Mom & her husband Doug and my in-laws, Bob & Manuca Pickett.. oh and Lelani’s sister Angenette who flew in from Seattle. These people have been Alyssa’s support group. After the ceremony, we went to a park for an after-party picnic… My brothers’ Jon, Aric and their families came over as well. It was nice to see everyone and celebrate Alyssa’s accomplishment.

Ya know, it’s funny. I realized.. as I do a lot lately, just how much I have missed family and friends since we moved to Houston. Reconnecting is such a great feeling. Sharing each others accomplishments and laughing together is such a fast flashback to so many experiences we all share… more circles… Time goes by so fast. I find it hard to see the aging process in the faces of my family and friends.. I know it’s part of life, but for just a split second in time, these moments are cool way to erase time and live vicariously through each other. I remember my time in college and still can’t answer question in my mind, of  “why didn’t I just stick it out and finish my degree?” I was a senior at the UofU when I dropped out to pursue a glamorous career in radio/broadcasting… can’t complain though, it’s been really good to me. After all, we are the sum total of our past… and here I am. No regrets…

Mother’s Day was interesting too. We both got to see our Mother’s… My Mom flew up from Thatcher Arizona to celebrate this graduation.. Lelani’s parents stayed down for the day too. So we got to see and do it all this year. What a change from a year ago in Texas. Sunday was also Christian’s birthday (he’s serving an LDS mission in Bolivia) and we got to call him and pass the phone around for him to chat with everybody. So a pretty full week…

Oh I also started running 6 miles 3-4 times a week. Why does 6 feel sooooo much farther than 5 miles? Running is painful.. but I have to do it. Skiing is done and the trails are too wet to ride a mountain bike. Plus it’s great to “free my mind” and exercise… right?

That’s about it… Oh one more circle.. this morning I did the “Mountain Morning Show” at PCTV as I do every weekday morning, but this morning I got to do it with my old friend Nadine Wimmer from KSL channel 5. She’s the evening news anchor.. we’ve known each other for years, plus she lives in Park City, so it was a natural to have her fill-in while Jenn, my co-host, is on vacation. “Deanie” is a real pro and a blast to perform with. TV would be a cool transition for me…. hmmmm… never know??!?!

Raining today in the valley…. 12-24 inches of snow in the mountains. Spring in Utah….