Being unemployed has taught me a lot of things about myself, life and perspective… mainly that being unemployed sucks.. kind of.. The worry or anxiety over bills and future plans is a given, but the freedom that comes with it is weird. I have the incredible opportunity to change my direction or try to continue down the same path. The problem I’ve encountered is that the economy has changed the game significantly. Budgets are tight or non-existent. Many of my former co-workers or broadcasting associates that lost jobs before me are still looking as well. I know of a few that have gotten out of radio altogether and completely started over. These are uncertain times in broadcasting… hell most industries are feeling the pinch.. still!

Since the end of the ski season I have started running. Partly to burn stress and partly to continue to exercise. I started running 3 miles or so during the ski season and lately building that up to 5 and 6 miles.. my typical run will take me an hour, including traffic stops at intersections. The other day I was doing my 6 mile route with the focus of increasing my pace overall. I was making great time, so as I rounded the last turn.. with the finish line in sight (the parking lot to our condo), I started to go even faster.. I felt great! The wind in my short, Summer-do haircut, my legs felt strong.. man this is cool.. finally, maybe I can start to think about long distances I hear about from my friends Mindee Munk McKee and Kevin Kline.. both marathon runners.. then it happens. The most incredible sharp pain in my right knee I’ve ever felt. I damn near fell to the sidewalk. What the hell??? I stopped and felt my knee.. hmmm, not painful to the touch. No rush of heat or throbbing like other knee injuries.. maybe it wasn’t what I thought. So I started running again.. dammit!! there it was again.. this time even stronger. Wow.. really!?!?!? I spent the whole ski season jumping into steep, deep, gnarly snow without an injury.. now a brisk run around the neighborhood and I hurt myself. A cold shiver ran up my spine.. could this really be happening? I know it all sound over dramatized, but this could be serious… So I walked home, took a shower and put ice on it. The funny thing is that it doesn’t hurt to touch, just a funny sharp pain when I push against it. I hope it’s only cartilage and not bone-on-bone… I’ll find out tomorrow. I have an appointment with a sports medicine Orthopedist that’s suppose to be really good. So there’s that… This also gave me the incentive to go to our storage unit and dig out my mountain bike. This will be my exercise for now.. In doing so I realized that maybe it was finally time to put the skis away for the Summer. So I loaded them on the car and made the drive…

Skis on the Subaru.. headed for Summer storage

Yeah.. it’s weird I know. But I always feel sad to see them put in the storage unit for Summer… I’m over it now.

So with the skis put away and my bike out ready to go.. why not take a ride?!? So I headed up to Little Cottonwood Canyon to ride the “Quarry Trail”.. this is the area that the pioneers used to cut all granite rock for the Salt Lake Temple in downtown SLC. It’s a pretty area and the stream runs right next to the trail. This years’ run off from all the snow has just started to happen. The melting snow is expected to cause widespread flooding.. which explains why the trail was closed about a mile up the trail… So I just took the exit and started riding up the canyon road. Little Cottonwood is steeper than Big Cottonwood. Needless to say, it was a hell of a workout. I turned around about 40 minutes up the road. What felt like a 20 mile ride was probably only 4.. but it felt good. I found muscles (mainly in my butt region) that I had forgotten about.. but felt them the rest of the day. As I left the canyon I realized how lucky I was to have all this time to do some of these activities. It dawned on me how hard it will be when I get “a real” job sitting in an office, remembering my complaints about trails being closed, knee pain from too much running, powder up to your armpits.. wait, that last one wasn’t a complaint.. I joke about it, but if I could find a job that would allow me to keep doing this outdoor stuff I’d have the perfect situation.. oh, and one that paid an outrageous salary to boot.. I know, nice dream…

After the bike ride i decided to eat some Lau Lau.. this is a traditional Hawaiian dish made with taro leaves, pork and usually fish. These had only pork… man was it good. Lelani bought them from the hula halau that she dances with. It was a fundraiser.. it was so kine ono bruddah..

Lau Lau

We really do live in a beautiful place. Right next to Murray park and a couple of miles from the mountains. The Canadian geese are here as part of their migration to give birth to their baby honkers… check this out..

Momma and baby Canadian geese

The weather gurus are telling us the expect Murray Park to flood any day now with all run off. When and if that happens I’ll take pictures and post them.. here and on Facebook.

On the job front..

Still doing the Park City TV morning show. My co-host has been on vacation all this week and next. She went to China.. seriously. I have had some old radio/TV pals come up and fill-in. Nadine Wimmer, Jill Atwood, Candace Peterson and Karilyn Frazer… it’s been nice to catch and re-connect with them. All pros and great broadcasters. Peggy Ijams was invited, she had some lame excuse.. she was getting married.. IN HAWAII!! bitch.. kidding. I’m happy for her and we’ll no doubt catch up soon and I’ll hear all the details.. well, not all  the details I hope.

I had an interview scheduled with a major player in the broadcast world this week.. He got sick and cancelled the meeting. This is a real important contact, but he is so busy that it’s really hard to stay on his  schedule. I’ve had two meetings with him so far, and this one got moved to next week because he got sick. So.. I’m still very much interested in where this potential contact might go. Getting bumped is becoming more common with this guy than getting together. It will happen though.. and when I can talk freely about it I will let y’all in on it. But until then.. just know it could be good.. real good.

I’ll end my ramblings with a picture of a sunset I took from a park Lelani and I call “our” park. This park overlooks the Salt lake Valley, and it was the place we first kissed almost 12 years ago… kind of romantic really. We go there as often as we can to watch sunsets….

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake..

Like I said.. I live in a beautiful place….

Yes.. ‘Today I am Rich”… still…