I can’t believe that it’s almost 10 months since I left radio in Houston, or should I say almost 10 months without a full-time job. Hence the blog about “beach sitting”. The ride has been interesting.. lots of ups and downs. New trails to hike or ski, reconnecting with friends, family and self… and very humbling. I’ve said this before, I thought that my experience and success would have made this process a lot easier and much profitable. WRONG.. It’s a funny little club that seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

Anyway, the worst part of this process for me is the promises to “call you next week” or “let’s put this together and move forward”… uh, yeah.. My personal favorite after a follow-up call or email.. “after looking at our budgets for Q2.. blah, blah, blah.. we’ll get back to you..” this has happened probably 4 or 5 times.. sometimes from the same individuals.. crazy! I know the economy has hit us all hard, but come on.. enough with the employment volleyball/testing the waters already!! This has absolutely taught me again how NOT to treat potential employees in the future.. this is rough.

Alright.. nuff said..

I was doing some easy math the other day (ok, I used a calculator) and realized that I have run/hiked over 98 miles so far since mid-April. That’s cool.. averaging 7 miles a week is all. Some running, some hiking. My knees have held up and I have kept off the weight I lost 2 years ago. This makes me very happy.. but why doesn’t it get any easier to run? I swear it hurts just as much as it did when I started a couple of years ago. Today for example, I ran 5+ miles in 90 degree heat. I tam happy however that he humidity here is a fraction of what it was in Houston.. but still hot enough. The mountains are really green right now. The snow has finally started to leave the trails and roads that we access the peaks from. This has delayed Spring in Summer at altitude. The streams are still high, but receding quickly. This year has been the year for wildlife sightings too. Several bear sightings in the Cottonwood canyons as well as the Park City and Midway trails. No attacks, but spooky enough for residents and hikers. I have seen 4 or 5 beavers, a coyote, deer and tons of moose tracks.. oh and 3 snakes in the trail. I have posted a bunch of pictures in this blog from hikes.. in fact, I took Emi (the pissy 16-year-old) up to Brighton to hike the Lake Mary trail. She was having one of her typical attitude days and so we went hiking. The hike is only about a mile, but the vertical climb is probably 800-900 feet in that mile. The snow was present also at about 9000 feet, so that makes hiking a little slower and wet.. we finally got to Lake Mary.. Emi gasping for air.. and saw that the lake was to capacity, actually flooding around the dam.

Lake Mary dam

This is such a beautiful place.. I love Lake Mary. I’m sure I’ll end up here with a book before the Summer is over.

Lake Mary looking south.. still snow and ice on the lake..

I must say, being able to hike these mountains and feel my senses come alive has been such a huge blessing. Smelling the trees, hearing wind, feeling the brisk cool air…. THIS is what I miss while in Texas. BTW.. we ran down the trail and Emi lagged behind there too. BUT she seemed to enjoy the hike in the end… I think.

I also took Emi on a 6.8 mile run around the neighborhood this week.. It definitely pushed her. She whined most of the way trying to stop or take a shortcut home… hahaha.. how nice to still be able to out perform a hormonal 16-year-old who’s “on the track team”.. in her defense, she is running more and has lately decided that she can now run farther than 2 miles a couple of times a week. She’s now trying 3 miles several times a week. That’s cool.. I know it won’t be long before she kicks my ass on a run… so I’ll enjoy this short-lived moment for now.

Friday night we went to the hula show and concert at the Hawaiian Cultural Center in Midvale. Lelani and Emi  both dance hula with the group. They brought in a Grammy award-winning slack-key guitar player from Hawaii too. The night was awesome! They also served some traditional foods.. it all made me miss the islands more. Lelani and Emi danced great and the nights was super cool…

The next day we decided it was time to sell the Jeep Grand Cherokee to Car Max. They made us a far offer and we too it. It was sad to say goodbye to old friend. We have had that car almost as long as we have been married… why is it hard to get rid of cars?? I swear.. we get so attached to them. The next step.. get another car. We have been looking at this for sometime now and decided this weekend was the time to act. We looked all through the week leading up to Saturday and made our choice to get another Subaru… it’s true. A 2 Subaru family now. We ended up with a 2009 outback in good shape and almost 70,000 miles… this would be a problem for other cars, but not Subaru.. it’s barely mid-life. So there you have it.

I have also decided to update this blog more than once a week. So be looking for that in the future…

Also, as I was running today, I found myself not only cursing the stupid people in this area who continue to stop past the sidewalk and halfway into the lane of traffic.. this causes a lot of close calls and forces me to run behind them… but don’t even look to see if they are about to kill someone (me) on said sidewalk… anyway, besides that.. I was reflecting on where my life is and where I want it to be.. more importantly, who I am and who I want to be. The thought occurred to me that I have been so blessed to be married to such a kind, accepting person. Lelani is a smart, determined, soft, compassionate, confident person… she makes it easy to deal with all the turmoil I think we have in our lives.. she sees it as an adventure. I really appreciate that and wish I could be more like her in my attitude and general demeanor all the time. I am very blessed to have her as a guide, teacher,  partner and friend.

So that’s it for now. One day soon I’ll be telling you all that I have a new “adventure” with my trusty companion and hormonal 16 year at my side.. headed down another trail to seek fun, fortune and wisdom.. or at least a quick-lunch or something.