I got some of the fact wrong.. My Mom wrote this to set the record straight.. pretty interesting.

“..Grandpa Lyman didn’t come across the plains, he was born in Fillmore, Utah January 10 1879. He was just weeks old when he went through Hole In The Rock. His father and future father in law were the leaders of the company of saints who were sent to the four corners area to colonize and secure that part of the state. He lived in Bluff, but later was the first settler of Blanding, going there with his wife and baby daughter, my aunt Cassie, pitching a tent and starting their life there. His father, Platte DeAlton Lyman was born on the banks of the Platte River as his parents, (Amasa Mason Lyman and Lydia Partridge Smith Lyman) were crossing the plains. Amasa was a counselor to Joseph Smith at one time. Lydia Partridge’s father was the first bishop of the church, and Lydia was married and sealed to the prophet Joseph Smith. After he was murdered, she married Amasa, but was never sealed to him, since she was sealed to Joseph. So you do have a rich heritage there, and yes, I think you have a resemblance to Grandpa Lyman, at least the shape of your head, and he pointed that out to me the first time he saw you. He said you looked liked one of his younger brothers.

On the Atkin side, My great grandparents didn’t come across the plains but their parents had. My great grandparents settled Atkinville which is now part of Bloomington. So they too were pioneers in Dixie, but not across the plains. My grandmother Atkin, Lula, has some interesting history. It was her great, or great great grandfather Joseph Knight who lent Joseph Smith his wagon to go and get the plates from the Hill Cumorah and haul them back to his home. So again, you come from a rich heritage or faithful, noble people who were valiant in their testimonies of the gospel. Our ancestors on both the Atkin and Lyman sides were early converts to the church.

If you want to know more about your Lyman and Perkins ancestors read Gerald Lund’s book The Undaunted. It is the story of Hole in The Rock and will give you a better picture of who your progenitors are and what they have sacrificed and accomplished. That is some of the “stuff” you are made of. Probably wouldn’t hurt to learn a little more about them.

Interesting too that my grandpa Lyman was the missionary who taught Cliff’s Bean grandparents the gospel in England, and I think he baptized them. Both sets of our grandparents confirmed this to us when then were alive. Grandpa Lyman remembered the Bean’s in England and told us a little about them. It was your great or great great grandfather John Craig who came with Johnston’s army to take out the Mormons. I don’t think he ever did convert to the church, but he did marry a Mormon, and his temple work has been done, but I don’t think he joined while alive. Interesting stuff..”

There you go.. Sorry Mom.. I guess I remembered those stories a little different from my childhood. Mine was much more simple (like me).

I sit corrected….