Is it just me, or has Summer flown by! Already the end of July.. Ski season is coming, hehehe!!!

The job hunt continues with more interviews later this week. I told Lelani that if nothing falls into place before September, I’ll plan to teach skiing again full-time. She laughed and said, “well, at least it’s something you know, enjoy and you’re good at it”.. True dat! No money, but a ton of fun. Not to mention the views!
Later this week my high school graduating class is having an unofficial get together. That will be fun.. All in all the Summer has been nice. Hikes, running, old friends, family.. And lots of tome to re-evaluate life and it’s priorities.
My biggest fear? Be careful what you hope for.. You know the saying?? What if I find myself behind a desk getting fat, missing the hikes, man vs. Food marathons, grounding Emi, making my magical brownies, naps… Oh the naps. Yeah, it could be another shock to the system for sure… We shall see.