As I have worked through my journey over the years, I always seem to return to the mountains for balance, spiritual re-energization, solitude and peace. The over sensory experience instantly takes me places from my childhood and reintroduces me to the power of the mountains and it’s healing powers. Now I’m not suggesting that I am considering a new religious path. No I’m not becoming one of those chanting, praying to the season/compass rose/mountains spirit people… no? I have just come to realize how amazing the mountains are and how much I have missed them. Think about it… Moses went into a mountain to talk with God, in fact whenever any religious person from any scripture story from the world religions always has a connection to the mountains in some form or another….

Regardless of the religious tie-in.. I just personally think they’re cool. And what an in credible physical challenge.

Today I needed a physical challenge, so I took Emi on a hike into the mountains. I chose to hike Clayton’s Peak and 10420 (10420 is actually just the altitude of the peak next to Clayton’s.. 10,420 feet msl). Emi wasn’t real happy about it, but I know she’s trying hard to be more agreeable lately because of the volume of boys that seem to have noticed her and are asking her out on dates that we must approve of… you get the picture??
So we headed out, up to Guardsman’s Pass to find the trail head. The hike starts out quite steep with lots of loose rocks. Emi kept up as much as she could, with much less complaining than usual.

This is why I have always joked that GOD must be an acronym for the “great Out-Doors”!!

The smell of the trees, flowers, distant skunks, dirt, pollen.. mountain smells.
The sound of the wind, bees, biting flies, the rocks scraping under your feet, the crunch of the snow, birds, loud kids off in the distance.
The incredible views.. I remember the ski school director telling me last year how little a full time ski instructor made, “but the view from your office is priceless..”

There really is something to the notion of an incredible power that the mountains hold for everyone. I haven’t ever encountered an angry fellow hiker.. and they actually say “hi”.. unlike many people I mentioned in an earlier blog about how nobody responds to greetings here in Utah.. except in a mountain trail.

So.. here are some pictures from my hike today… it was nice. Except for the canyon being closed on the way due to construction.. seriously! It seems we are not the only ones that have found this escape.. the mountains are starting to be loved to death…

Clayton's hike looking toward Park City/Heber area