Have you noticed that as life goes, one of the things that we can always depend on is the continual change? I was once told that the only consistent thing about life is its total inconsistency.  This has never been more true for me, than these last 10 months of “being on the beach”. The ride has been amazing, but completely random and unexpected at times. The last couple of weeks have been a great example of that… interview after interview. One goes cold, one comes out of nowhere.. another goes cold, an old contact emerges with new possibilities.. then they all go cold. The feeling of being ‘jerked’ around over and over again.. promises, advice given freely, planning, time lines discussed, organizational structure.. for what? “We’ll get back to you..”??

This last week I had the opportunity to help with a project at the homeless shelter. I serve on the Board there, so I occasionally get to really help the homeless, not just plan or create ideas for the shelter. This time we got to cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the residents and serve them.. this was awesome! I was so touched by their gratitude. We served just under 600 individuals.. men, women and families.. We were told thank you over and over again by the attendees. Most very friendly and talkative.. asking us questions like, “how are you today”?

Anyway, as I was soaking in this person high from helping the needy, Lelani saw that the traffic cop was looking at the cars along the street were we parked and asked if we should move our car. I thought, ‘nah we’re in the 2 hour parking area’.. but I thought I’d go double-check just to make sure. The traffic cop drove off just as I walked up.. I looked at my phone for the time, it was exactly 6:04 pm… As I got closer to the car.. sure as hell.. a ticket!! What the?!?!? I looked at the sign.. sure enough.. ‘2 hour parking 8am-6pm’ and another sign just below that one that says ‘no parking 6pm-8am’… what? Dammit!! I looked at the ticket and noticed that the time on the ticket was exactly 6 pm on the nose!! So he sat there waiting for the clock to hit 6 and wrote us all tickets.. a $30 ticket!! I was pissed but had to laugh, here I am.. unemployed, feeding the homeless, trying to do good… and the great city of Salt lake is waiting to give me a ticket in front of the homeless shelter?!?! Is this really a huge revenue generator? I would think that these meter-maids would do more good in other parts of town, than in front of a homeless shelter.. unreal. I laughed and shook my head.. walking back to the hamburger line to continue making hamburgers I thought, life is such a series of ironical ironies.. As the night came to a close and all the homeless went back to their places of refuse, filled with a hot meal I was grateful for the experience and the ability to help. I wanted to call the mayors’ office and complain.. but I just paid the ticket and moved on.

That night I ran into a fellow member of the board who just happens to serve on another board in town that operate a radio station… Hmmmm.. we talked about a job possibility.. we’ll see.

From all the excitement I experienced a couple of weeks ago with all the interest and interviews that went south.. including the one that has been dangling ‘the carrot’ for 5 months.. I feel like I’ve started to turn the corner again (not in a bad way.. just detaching a bit). This job search thing is really tough, in more ways than I ever imagined it would be. It does play on my confidence and ability to stay positive.. I’m lucky enough to have people around me to keep me grounded and balanced.. and of course the occasional hike in the mountains.

This last week, I was asked to meet with a new group of stations and another GM possibility in town… we’ll see what happens there.

Over the weekend we went to a Craig reunion.. my Dad’s sisters and their families. It was cool to see everyone again. I haven’t seen some of them for probably 30 years or so. It was good..

Here are some pictures..

My dad and his sisters...


My brother Robyn's family with my Dad and Shauna


Aunt Gloria.. "Goldie" wanted a close-up



Me and my aunt Suzy


Suzy is amazing. She’s 52 years old, has Down’s Syndrome and a great memory. She was so excited to see us all. She remembered just about everyone by name. I haven’t seen her for many years.. always blows me away.. she’s really cool!

I love these guys.. they have always been a huge support throughout my life. Family connections are so easy to lose.. I feel bad that I’ve done a terrible job keeping in touch with them all. I guess I know that there’s work to be done here on my part..


So that’s it for now. BTW.. I have been approached by several of you asking if I have ever thought about writing a book.. you are very nice to suggest that I may have those skills. I have actually fantasized about doing that someday. My problem is the subject matter..

One thing that keeps coming to mind, is all the funky personalities I’ve run into from my radio years AND skiing! Different but all very similar.. complex, simple, warm, narcissistic, insecure… maybe an idea there. maybe just random thoughts of life and rambling…. this of course needs more development.. I’ll keep you posted.


Today I feel Rich… unemployed.. but rich.


Now back to the beach…