Bells Canyon looking East

This week I spent more time hiking. First up Bell’s canyon with Emi.. that was a lesson in patience and more patience.. Later in the week I took Lelani up above Twin Lakes in Big Cottonwood canyon.. the mountains are in full bloom!!

Bells Canyon looking toward the valley


Above Twin Lakes looking toward the saddle


Looking back down at Twins lakes


Wolverine chutes above Twin lakes


Just us.. above Twin lakes.. I know, "nice hats" right?!?


This has been a banner year for hiking and spending time in the mountains. Beautiful right now, with great temperatures.


Now onto the other stuff..

I had two interviews this week, (and finally heard back from another interested station that wants to fill their position in February 2012?!?!? WTH!) one was a radio discussion, one wasn’t…. I’m still waiting to hear back about the radio interview. The other one called me back right away… and they hired me..

I am now officially going to be one of the salesmen at the annual “Sniagrab” (Bargains spelled backward) ski sale at ‘The Sport’s Authority’.. hey, if I can’t get a job doing what I’ve trained for the majority of my life perfecting, I might as well make some money selling products that support my passion.. This is a temporary job that jumps into full gear over Labor Day weekend.. and runs through the end of September. This will be fun…

So I’ll do the TV show first thing in the morning and then head to the “Sniagrab” sale for the rest of the day.

Soooo.. if you need some cool gear for the up coming season, stop by the Murray store and ask for me by name..

It seems that the radio leads are drying up again.. but I haven’t given up hope. I applied for a job in Dubai, Dallas and a couple of  ‘blind boxes’ out of the market. We’ll see..

Oh almost forgot.. I went to breakfast with a couple of my old radio friends and caught up on our lives and the latest gossip in the market. It was really cool to see them again after so many years.. and they haven’t changed. Both still in the business in one way or another.


Anyway, this will be shorter than usual.. I have to head to The Road Home to take a tour with one of the local TV stations. As a board member I get to do this on occasion. I think this is pretty cool. This time I’ll read the parking signs a little closer so I don’t get a parking ticket.