As I mentioned last week, i have accepted a job at the biggest outdoor retailer in the universe… “Sports Authority”!! I will be part of the big Labor Day weekend sale they call ‘Sniagrab”.. or ‘Bargains’ selled backward. Seriously, this is a huge ski and snowboard sale held in Denver and Utah primarily. So all this last week I have been busy helping them set up this massive sale.. we basically turned a parking lot into another store with nothing but ski and board gear. This is officially a part-time/temporary position.

I sorted jackets, fleece, skis, boarding boots, bindings, helmets, poles, wax, locks, gloves, socks….. (pant, pant..) oh yeah, pants, warm underwear, “Go Pro” cameras, hand warmers, foot warmers, setting up signs, picking up trash, zipping up coats, more sorting, more cleaning…… exhausting!! I now know why I feared getting a “REAL” job… damn radio, spoiled me.

On the positive side, I love learning, touching and just looking at all the new gear for the season. The skis are awesome this year.. the “rocker” technology is taking over even more than last year. I have to try some of these this year.

I’m starting to think about skiing a lot more.. duh!?!?

Soooo.. that has been taking up a lot of my spare time. This week we transition to selling the gear.. it all starts Thursday and runs pretty much for an entire month…

Yes, I’m still doing the TV show every morning too. Ya know, come to think about it.. I haven’t heard word-one from any of the radio interviews from a couple of weeks ago. Must be a sign… or as i like to say these days.. “second verse same as the first..” (nothing has changed)


I Just finished a book that is amazing. It’s “The Art of War”. Great strategies for business, relationships and other important battles in life. Very interesting parallels.. I suggest this for anyone in business.. especially marketing. I’m now going through it again… too much to digest the first time through.

I also started a book I swore I’d never read (never say never), now I wish I would have at least looked at it sooner. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey… yes the same covey of “Franklin Covey”. Anyway, a great book to take a look inside.. but make a set of goals and strategies to affect change or manage change or recognize change.. good book. I’m not done with this yet, but have learned a few things I already knew, but forgot briefly.

This week has been another self-perspective week I think.. REALLY?!?!? I’ve had many of those over the months of sitting on the beach. I realized this after seeing my Mom this week. She was in town for a funeral. An unexpected funeral for my step-dad’s nephew, who had been battling brain cancer for several years. His passing wasn’t totally unexpected, but still tragic. He passed to the other side still in his mid-30’s, a father and husband. Very sad.. anyway, my Mom asked how things were going and as Mom’s do, seemed to get a sense that this weren’t great in “Dain-land”. She wrote me this touching email after the visit.. I never let on (or so I thought) that anything was wrong. She has always had that ability to read right through my disguises and see the truth.. I have never been able to lie to her, even as a kid, she could see right through me.. actually always freaked me out. I personally think all women have a 7th sense.. I think they’re witches.. good witches if you will. Men don’t see the subtle things that feelings exhibit. Women spend their whole lives reading between the lines of conversation and seeing the not so obvious.. this was the case with me.

My Mom told me about strength, honor, trust and love.. among other things in her email. At least that what I got out of it. So I read between the lines too and saw the lessons of life unfolding before me. Her overall advice was to “keep pushing forward”, not giving up the fight and staying strong. Again, at least this is what I got out of it.

I have been very blessed.. earlier this Summer I spent the day fishing with my Dad and getting some counsel and advice. This last week another dose of the “hang in there” pep-talk from my Mom. I love my parents.. they always have the right things to say at the right time. Anyway.. parents are a great gift. I haven’t been as close to my family emotionally or physically as some.. okay, most.. but I do continue to depend on their thoughts and concern… funny how we never stop being children and then play parents in the same day… and there it is… another circle. I knew it!! My life is a circle!!

Wait, I’ve said this before..

I also got to take in some amazing sunsets this week… check ’em out..

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake.. see the verga??


nice.. viewed from the park we went to on our first date..

These pictures were shot from a park we went to on our first date almost 11 years ago… For the record, Lelani couldn’t keep her hands off of me.. then and now. I know.. I know.. I’m blessed. I know..

One more thing.. Alyssa, our oldest, ran her first half marathon. And finished!!! 13 miles… amazing. She decided to do it and did it!! She’s funny like that…

Oh well, gotta go start thinking about the future and laying my plans to find this new adventure…

Oh and a shout out to my Houston peeps..

Edel.. hang in there (she’s about to have her first baby)!

Christi.. Hang in there.. (she’s in radio)

Bill.. stop hanging it out there.. (we all know what that means)

Johnny.. we all know you were the perfect candidate..

Ok.. bye for now. Today we are rich.. yes!