This week has been interesting to say the least. I have been selling ski gear all week, but with greatly reduced hours from Labor Day weekend. The crowds have thinned out significantly with fewer buyers, more “tire kickers”. I find myself zipping a lot of coats, reorganizing sizes and hanging dropped coats/pants back up… retail. I have sold a ton of skis, boots and various other items needed for any avid skier or boarder this week.

As I continue to work with the Sports Authority crew on this temporary/part-time basis, I am getting to know several of my co-workers as well. Many have amazing stories.. I will share a few of them.

One of my co-workers opened up and started tell me about her busy schedule the other day. She’s a college student studying Environmental Engineering. She also mentioned that she has a son that she needs to spend more time with. Over the course of the many shifts, I have learned that she has struggled with an eating disorder, alcoholism, a nasty divorce and a violent bike crash that put her in the hospital. To look at her, you’d need guess the darkness that she has come from.

Another of my new friends is married with a child, but her husband is in jail with a brain tumor. The story goes that he was picked up for DUI and was acting erratically which got him in jail. This change in their lives literally bankrupt because of the medical and attorney’s fees. She was living in her car earlier this year and went into The Sports Authority in Bountiful asking for water so she could give it to her child. She was offered a job with that store and has since been living on a friends living room floor (who also works for the Sports Authority). I asked her if she had ever contacted The Road Home for help, she hadn’t heard of them. So I gave her a run down of some of their services and the process suggesting she contact them and start the help process as soon as she could. I asked if she had any other form of help, she told me that earlier she when to her local LDS Ward house to ask the Bishop for help. So tells the story that he told her that because she wasn’t a member (her husband is), that she wasn’t eligible for help from the church. I told her that sounded wrong and that might consider contacting the welfare department directly. She also mentioned that her plans are to get back on her feet and move back to Tennessee were she was from. A product of a broken foster care system. She later asked more questions about The Road Home.

Another co-worker shared a story about watching her brother dying right in front of her on a snowy night after a freak car accident. They skidded off the road and into the medium, her brother got out to start to shovel the snow out from underneath the car so they could be on their way as another car slid off the road in the exact same place and hit them head-on, pinning her brother between the two cars… killing him instantly. BTW, she’s the friend that is letting the other the homeless girl sleep on her living room floor.

I have met people from different countries making a fresh start, attorneys in between jobs, one dude is working at the store to make enough money to pay off a DUI fine and attorney’s fees, one is a cancer survivor with obvious complications, one is a former ski patrolman waiting for her mission papers… and the stories go on and on. And these are the employees!!

I humbly reflect on what my new friends are all dealing with and again realize that my pile of “stuff” seems so small compared to theirs.

So I go on with renewed respect and understanding for my new friends. I am blessed to have what I have, with the things we are blessed with. Good health, steady income (even though it’s substantially less than a year ago.. a lot less), a place to live and good friends and family…… and the mountains of course.

I have also been in deep reflection all day as many of you have been… 9/11 was such a life changing day. I know exactly where I was the moment I heard of the attacks. I was on the air at FM100 with Peggy Ijams. The info was coming in slow and inconsistent. In fact we broke the story before the TV stations did.. the GM was pissed that we went with it before it was confirmed, but we did the right thing in retrospect. The next couple of days after the collapse were filled with a temporary format change and lots of tears and support for our listeners. It was surreal….

Now on the 10th anniversary, many of those emotions came flooding back, with the added reflection of how things have changed in the world, in our country, personally and in the radio industry. Things have changed so much.. not to mention the financial infrastructural of our world. Crazy…

Today is also my Dad’s birthday.. kind a bummer for him to share his day with such a crappy piece of history. We went over to my dad’s house for a little party. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, desserts.. family, kids… great weather. It was nice to spend the afternoon celebrating the birthday of one of my childhood.. and adult hero’s, My Dad. We also celebrated my brother’s birthday too… my younger brother Robyn (Or Biz as he prefers to be called).

On the job front?? Everything has come to a screeching halt again. I have now interviewed with everyone possible in town that might have a possible position in radio or TV… and nothing. So I continue to sit on the beach, sell skis and do that little morning TV show with a little hope and patience.. knowing something will eventually open up for me.

So when I have a week like this one, it’s hard to be to disappointed or down when I realize how much worse it COULD be.

This week I get the test results back on my annual thyroid condition, complete with an ultra sound measuring the nodules/growths on my thyroid… cross your fingers.

I also found out that Leslie Blank will be the new Ski School Director at Brighton. That’s awesome news.. she incredible and we all love her. The passion she has for the industry and the resort are very contagious… this is good.

Sooooo… today, I AM rich….