It’s true… SNOW!!! Actually only a skiff, but still.. it was snow and it was visible from the valley. I am predicting that we will be skiing right around the 1st of November this year.. write it down. I can just feel it. Brighton, Alta and Snowbird all reported a trace of snow over the weekend… of course it melted by noon. This will also accelerate the leaves changing color in the hills too. This promises to be a super colorful fall here in the land of the “sister wife”…

I actually saw a slight increases in ski sales at the big ski sale this week. I think the temperature drop has inspired other snow lovers to get a jump on the season with new gear. This has always been the case here.. when the temperature changes, so do people’s attitudes. When the snow flies.. it’s officially the “holiday season” and every radio station starts playing Christmas music.. so much that by Thanksgiving you are pretty sick of Christmas music.. BUT, that also means skiing is already underway… pray for snow..

This week also marked a another big time line for me and the “misses”.. 12 years ago we met for a ‘safe’ lunch date for the first time. What had been planned to be a non-committal, quick 30 to 60 minute date, turned into a couple of hours and a marriage proposal one month later.. that was 12 years ago. It was crazy.. crazy good!! So to celebrate, you guessed it… we went back to Red Rock and ordered the same thing and shared our first lunch.. chopped salad and grilled Portobello  mushroom sandwich. So good…


What happened to the Fair??

This weekend we went to the State Fair.. or should I say.. carnival and flea market. What happened?? I remember walking through the barns and looking at the cows, pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens… farm animals! We saw MAYBE 6 or 7 cows total.  A handful of goats, one pig and that was it. Many of the livestock barns were completely empty. So disappointing. I guess I’m a farm boy at heart. i didn’t grow up on a farm, but I did spend most of my childhood in a small northern Utah town hauling hay, moving sprinkler pipe, scraping manure stalls on dairy farms and smelling the sweet aroma of silage in the Winter.. and yes we walked to school in the snow.. it always snowed a ton.

I guess when I go to the Fair, I expect to smell the farm smells and see the my old farm animal buddies.. it always takes me back. Instead, the smell that permeates the air is oil.. deep-frying oil!?! I get the idea of the new “fried everything” craze.. but come on!! Let the farm boys smell the manure!! The other thing that really surprised me was the size of the carnival.. it was HUGE!! Not the rides, just the total number of the same old crappy rides with the same old crappy midway games, with the same old crappy prizes… can you tell I was a bit disappointed??? The booths looked like a really bad flea market or a walk through the world’s largest “dollar store”….

So we embraced it and found some funny things at the fair this year… here are the pictures.


Deep Fried Oreo's


We stood in a line to get these.. which reminded me of the Texas State fair when we stood in line for “deep-fried peaches and cream”… not worth it.. on either account. BUT my lovely wife is a sucker for fried anything… even if it’s just a taste or 5! Emi didn’t hesitate to inhale a couple either… chocolate cookies filled with sugary shortening, dipped in batter and fried in shortening… Mmmmm.. not good.


a Gaggle of geese


These geese were being herded around the Fair Park by a funny looking dude with a long stick. They responded to his voice and commands… it was crazy. Check out their clothes… or are they costumes. Mom I knew you’d like this picture..

We also saw a bunch of cows carved out of butter.. YES BUTTER!!


Cows carved out of butter


more butter cows


Every year the Dairy Council carves a scene out of butter… pretty cool I think. They are encased in a big refrigerator.

As we were leaving I saw this sign… it made me laugh! where else but at the Fair, right!?!


No we didn't try these.... just seems wrong to eat... um... those... just saying..


It was funny explaining what these are to Emi.. who is terrified of any reference to “that place”…

Now if they would just add the farm animals, more manure… I might go back next year. Or not..  BTW it was Demolition Derby night too… This is a Utah/Idaho thing. Get a bunch of old cars in an arena and drive them into each other.. over and over again. The last car running wins… there was a long line forming for the big event as we left… Utah Fairs… not what they used to be.

On the job front.. I have no new news. I was approached with the idea of applying for TV sales position, a Sports Authority position… but no radio. I have started looking outside the market again, there is a possibility in major market and of course…. full-time ski instructor..


Again.. pray for snow!!

And more manure at the fair..