Colors changing

Fall colors in Little Cottonwood

The temperatures have started to change here in Utah. This is exactly what I craved while in Texas… seasons!!! The colors are just starting to come out. That also starts the beginning of the ski season.. kind of. Baby steps. I also took another hike this week up into Little Cottonwood Canyon. The hike was Red Pine Lake. At first it was mild, easy-going trail. Then the last 1/2 mile got steep and rocky. The leaves were a brilliant green, red and yellow all the way. The 3 hour hike gave me plenty of time to think about my situation.. no kidding, right? I really felt lucky. Lucky to have the strength, ability and time to experience all this beauty. This Summer has been very bitter-sweet to say the least. Lots of changes, new experiences and tons of 3-5 hour hikes around the Wasatch mountains. Here are a few pictures from the hike..

Red Pine hike

Little Cottonwodd looking toward Snowbird

Red Pine hike looking East

Looking back down the canyon toward the valley

A stream along the way

Red Pine Lake

More Red Pine lake


Another mountain stream on the way back down

I also took lelani up to Brighton to hike the Lake Mary trail one night. It was very cool… in temperature too. It dropped 15-20 degrees while we were there. Lake Mary is only a mile hike, but we always see deer, moose or other critters… this time a bunch of deer. Including a little Bambi deer. I took a picture, but it was so dark all we saw on the camera were these glowing eyes…

Glowing eyes of a deer.. look closely.

Earlier this week I also got to meet an Olympic medalist in freestyle moguls. Shannon Burke.. she usually has pink stripes in her hair.. she’s a pretty big deal.

Shannon Burke Silver and Bronze medalist in freestyle moguls

Shannon stopped by the TV station the other day for a quick interview to talk about her new project promoting active women and just plain coolness. So that was pretty damn cool.. The Park City TV gig has been a great opportunity to rub shoulders with some major Olympic athletes. Shannon offered to show me some mogul moves… until I told her I had a crush on her, and then security showed up… Just kidding. Security never showed up.

Ya know? One of the big things I’ve noticed over and over again here in Utah. The people who have the biggest reason to be cocky and arrogant.. aren’t. The athletes, the successful businessmen and women never talk about themselves.. it’s the other group that can’t talk about anything else. This TV job hasn’t pointed me in a career path or made me a ton of money, but I’ve been able see some interesting personality trends here in Utah and Park City that I’ve always suspected. I love talking to the humble, successful group that just wants to make a difference in their own way. Sure I’d love to be successful and popular again, but I would much rather be in the quiet humble group. I hope these subtle lessons stay with me.. Again, the universe is talking/teaching.

Well, the big “Sniagrab” sale is over. Today was the last day. Tomorrow we start to tear up the displays, break down the shelves that held the ski and snowboard boots, package up all the coats, glove and hats.. the send all the skis and boards back the wherever they came from. I made a ton of new friends during this sale. Both employees and customers.. I also learned a valuable lesson about myself. Selling skis and snow gear comes natural to me. It’s actually pretty fun to play in the “toy store” and get paid for it. The funny thing is, several of the employees have been asking about how to get a job at Brighton.. either in ski school or at the resort in general.

I have also learned that retail is just okay. I can do it, I just don’t crave it. Now if I were making a commission on all the things I sold.. that would probably be a different story. But it was a fun experience.. and yes I’d do it again if the opportunity presents itself next Summer. Who knows what I’ll be doing or where we’ll be living next year.  But I’m sure it will be something cool..

Lelani and I decided to go up to Snowbird This afternoon and hangout at the Oktoberfest celebration. This has been a tradition for so many years. Since our move to Texas we haven’t been there. So it was a nice afternoon filled with sauerkraut, Brats, German potato salad, strudel, great polka music live from the stage and of course a ride up the tram and a short hike. We hiked down to one of the lift that was running for the ride back down the mountain. On the way we stopped for pictures and saw 2 big moose in a pond eating. The Fall season is so amazing here.. I have really missed it.

On top of hidden peak.. top of the tram at Snowbird

Quick.. who has the biggest forehead?!?!?

Great week… great day. Change is good, especially when it comes to the seasons. I too feel like a change is coming… the job market isn’t showing any signs of hope, but I have had some contact with a few national companies for some possible opportunities.. we’ll see. Locally, it’s dead. Nothing new.. same old, same old.. which quite frankly IS the problem with Salt lake radio.

So I just keep moving forward, trying to learn from all the stimulus around filing it as I go. I know.. blah, blah, blah…..


BTW, I’ve decided to add another blog. This one will continue to chronicle my experiences as I look for my next job. The next one will be all about the idea I have been sharing for years about the parallels between skiing and life.. don’t snicker.. I’ll publish this less frequently than this one, but I’ve been thinking about doing more writing.. who knows.. maybe there’s a book or two in me… we’ll see. So heads up..


Have a great week… talk to you soon..