As the seasons change, I find myself reflecting on the past year’s events and where I am now as a result. I say past YEAR, because this last week marks exactly one year that my job ended in Houston. I thought that for sure I’d have another radio job in a few weeks, or at least a couple of strong possibilities. As the weekes turned into months I realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. In the middle of it all, we sold our house and moved back to Utah to live in our little condo we had purchased earlier with the thought of renting… now it becomes our saving grace in housing. I have spent many hours hiking, skiing, interviewing and pondering my future.. Here I sit, blogging about what I’ve learned and experienced in the last 12 months.

My emotions are mixed and close to the surface. I am grateful for my health, my family, good friends and the experiences of the last year… I just can’t understand or pinpoint what I’m doing wrong with my job search. Some have said that it’s just the economy, yet others suggest that I’m “over qualified” now that I’ve been to a top-10 market. Either way, it has the same effect.. no full-time job. I’m at a loss, with no positive job leads at the moment.. except for the prospect of teaching skiing for the season again. That’s not a bad thing.. just doesn’t pay very well and there are no benefits. My unemployment has run out and I expect a note from the COBRA people any day telling me my insurance is cut off too. How did I get here???

To be completely honest, there has been some interest in small/medium markets. But their budgets not only don’t pay very much, there is no budget to even move us to their market. So here I sit trying to formulate a new plan and possibly consider that radio may not come back into my life for a while. 25 years of hard work and struggle. “Don’t these people know who I once was..??”

About 7 months ago I approached a company here in Salt Lake City with the idea of creating a new position to help organize their radio properties that have slipped in the last few years. My idea was to work closely with the GM on a daily operational basis. As we talked about the organization, a plan was taking shape with detailed job descriptions and philosophy. At times I was told that these were all formalities and when I was “officially” hired we could move forward. This went on for quite sometime until one of the major players in the station resigned, which prompted an almost emergency level phone call from the GM asking me to come right in and speak with him. This could be it I thought.. he explained their dilemma and wanted me to start putting together my plans to step in.. since we had already developed a plan over the last couple of months.

Long story short, I went through many more rounds of interviews and was then told that we “are close, but he wanted to control my expectations”… What? That was about a month ago.. I have had no contact from this person until this last week. I saw in the trades that they had hired another person from inside the market to do exactly what I had suggested 7+ months ago…. This one stings a bit.

Truth be known, I have moved on.. such is life in “radio-land” these days.

Yup.. 7 months of being jerked around sucks. In a weird way, it instantly transported me to elementary school and being the kid that’s picked last to play kickball or finding out that the girl you really liked actually liked someone else but was using you for some sadistic reason.. yeah it all stings a bit. Just like the situation in Houston, I was involved in the research that lead the station to make a format change.. and in the end I was one of the changes.. REALLY??

This is why I have to ask… “What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do differently?”

In the mean time, I’m feeling great about being involved with the homeless shelter as a board member, doing a TV show every morning, having great health to be able to hikes the mountains I’ve dreamt about for so many years, a family that is supportive and of course my beautiful wife. She has been such a source of strength and positive energy. Thank goodness her business is doing well and growing, or we’d be in a completely different spot now. So that’s why I say, “Today I am rich”… I have much to be grateful for. Even though I took a 97% loss in salary over the last 12 months, that’s hard to swallow, we’re doing okay.

Yesterday I needed to go to the mountains for some peace and strength.. so my hour or two turned into almost 5 hours. I took Emi and she did great.. she didn’t complain once.. the closest she came to “being Emi” was the middle of hour # 2 in the middle of nowhere, she said, “should we just go back they way we came?” I sometimes don’t follow the paths other have taken.. REALLY?!? It’s true.. I realized how often I do this in all aspects of my life.. must be part of my DNA. We saw some really cool stuff and made a grand loop from one canyon to another and back again without retracing our steps.. all at about 10,000 feet. Here are some pictures from the hike..

Fall colors on the big hike about Alta

Twin Lakes

Another shot of Twin Lakes

Yup.. nice

Twin Lakes shore line.. Emi just coming out of the trees

Emi just coming out of the trees… Twin Lakes shore line

Millie Bowl, Scree chutes.. bouldering

More fall colors

Lake Catherine

Another shot of Lake Catherine

Aspens along the way

Dropping into Alta ski resort

On the "Summer road" back to the car.. notice how tall these signs are.. the snow here will be 6+ feet deep mid-season.

Almost 5 hours of hiking.. amazing. Emi did it with an ankle she twisted earlier in the week at Cross Country practice.

Who knows what the next couple of weeks will bring.. guess I’ll find out soon enough right? Then of course I’ll share with “all y’alls”..

“Today I do feel rich..”

Shout outs..

Edel H. — Congrats on your new baby!! It’s about time right?!?

Nick S. — Thanks again for your thoughts, congrats on your anniversary.

Johnny — Thanks for your continued help in making connections.

Friends & Family — Always encouraging words & support.. much appreciated.